I hit the door at a loss and pulled the pillowcase of the chair, blindfolded the wolf and put it in the trunk.
"Where is the white wolf?" I knew something was wrong when I looked at King Kong Gun.
"Dead" I put my backpack and got into the car. Wen Xiaofeng has been properly put in the back seat by King Kong cannon.
"What the hell?" King Kong cannon packs a backpack and takes out a bandage to help me with the wound.
I tried to control my sadness so that I wouldn’t be too rude in front of the king kong cannon
"who?" Cross-examination of king kong cannon
I am sad at the moment and don’t want to talk. I shook my head and didn’t speak.
"Where are your clothes?" King Kong Gun noticed that my clothes were gone.
"Don’t ask about the car" I closed my eyes.
King Kong Cannon knew that I was in a bad mood and didn’t dare to talk to me. After starting the car and leaving here at high speed, King Kong Cannon flew the car quickly. At noon the next day, they returned to Ziyang View.
"You go and buy me a pair of cow skeletons and come back soon. We’ll go to the hospital later." I carried the little wolf into the back room of the sentry post after the car.
"Pack your things." King Kong cannon changed his jeep and set off.
"Fugui helps me keep an eye on the car." I took a backpack weapon from the car and rushed Fugui to say hello and turned around the mountain.
"Did Xiao Jiu always find it?" Mu Zhuifeng came back to meet me in a hurry.
I nodded and handed her their backpacks, and then Xiaoxue took over our weapons.
"Something happened to the old man?" Mu Zhuifeng saw me look sad and nervous and asked
"Nothing, we’ll take the old cow to the hospital when he comes back from shopping," I said and walked to my room.
"What happened to Xiao Jiu? Tell me quickly." Mu Zhuifeng asked sensitively.
"Six senior sisters …" I choked up and didn’t know. When I saw Mu Zhuifeng, I once again remembered the white wolf’s desire for Zhuifeng and the white wolf’s feelings were also very deep. If she learned the bad news of the white wolf, she would be extremely sad.
"I knew Old Four couldn’t hide it from you. Don’t be angry. Animals are animals. No matter how good you are to them, they won’t say hello." Mu Zhuifeng comforted me angrily.
"Sister?" I don’t understand. I turned to look at Mu Zhuifeng. If it weren’t for the white wolf’s desperate guard Mu Zhuifeng, he would have died. How could the wolf kiss her and say such a thing?
"You are deaf to it, you ungrateful bitch." Mu Zhuifeng gnashed her teeth.
"Sister, what do you mean?" I wonder at mu Zhuifeng.
"Oh, nothing. Tell me what’s wrong with you?" Mu Zhuifeng is alert to the topic.
"Elder martial sister, what are you and Niu Jingang hiding from me?" I anxiously asked them about their previous attitude towards me, which made me suspicious. Through her words today, I was more convinced that they had hidden something very important from me, and it was probably because Bai Jiuyuan had an accident when she helped Bai Jiuyuan resist the natural disaster.
"Nothing. Have you eaten?" Mu Zhuifeng is a little flustered.
"Mu Zhuifeng, tell me the truth." I shouted her name in a hurry.
"That’s all. I can’t deceive you for a while. You will know sooner or later." Mu Zhuifeng sighed and returned to the room for a moment and took out a long tin box.
"What is this?" I looked at her in doubt, and the long iron box blocked Yin and Yang. Naturally, I couldn’t see what was inside, knowing that this iron box was a modern product.
"When Old Four went to Tu Shan to send invitations, that bitch asked him to bring them back," said Mu Zhuifeng.
"What happened to her?" Strong dizziness made me reach out and hold the wall. I knew what was in the box in a flash because the contents in the box were wrapped in white cloth, but my breath was the same. I didn’t ask if I left those two ribs for Bai Jiuyu.
"She married …"
Chapter 255 Closed practice
"When did it happen?" I asked frowning.
"I don’t remember clearly when it’s been a while." Mu Zhuifeng stared at me nervously.
"Uncle Shi went back to the mountain on the th of last month, and today is also the th," Zhang Xiaoxue added lightly.
Xiaoxue said that the sun was reliable. I was delayed from Kunlun Mountain for half a month with King Kong Gun, but the performance of King Kong Gun and Mu Zhuifeng had been abnormal for half a month before departure. Now I finally understand why they are so eager to find Wang Yanpei’s soul. They hope to distract me and give me a spiritual sustenance.
"I see." I reached for the box in Mu Zhuifeng’s hand.
"Xiao Jiu, are you all right?" Mu Zhuifeng asked earnestly that she also knew Bai Jiuyu’s weight in my mind. If I had no affection for her, I wouldn’t help her survive the robbery and help her retreat from the enemy.
"Nothing" I shook my head and turned back to my room.
Stunned to open the box, I found that there were not only two ribs in the box, but also the set of jewelry I gave her that day. Even the old military uniform burned by lightning was repaired and neatly placed, and there was no word in it.
There is no explanation for returning the old things. This has already said that her attitude once vowed to kill the old feelings when it was too late, and the time wasted. For a hopeless result, no one can wait forever.
"I’d rather call heaven and man to bear me, and I will bear heaven and man." I put the box to find another dress, put it on, and turned and walked out of the room.
"Uncle Shi" just left the room and found Zhang Xiaoxue holding a cup of tea outside the Watergate. Because there was no pie ceremony yet, she always called me Uncle Shi.
"Thank you for calling Ram Green Cream." I took the tea and rushed to Xiaoxue Road. Xie turned and went back to the room.
A moment later, there was a knock at the door outside, and Ram Qingshuang came in with my permission.
"Uncle Shi, you wanted to see me?" Ram green cream is not often used. This time, it takes people to come back to help because of the ceremony.
"You help me to go to Tu Shan to send something in the past." I found out that Heisan Chang left me a map and handed it to Ram Green Cream. Those beginners, I don’t worry that Ram Column is also not suitable for this place. I met Ram Green Cream when I thought of the mountain.
"Where are the good things?" Ram Qingshuang is still young and didn’t find my mood abnormal.
I hesitated for a moment, and finally reached out and took the jade comb given by Bai Jiuyu from the bedside and turned to Mu Zhuifeng’s room. I took out the white cassock rosewood box from my backpack and handed it to Ram Green Cream.
"Why are you old?" The cannon that hurried back to King Kong found that the atmosphere in Guanqixuan was abnormal.
"Good brother, can you really hide it?" I looked at the king kong cannon with an expression on my face.
King Kong cannon heard the news and looked at Mu Zhuifeng in panic. The latter nodded slightly at him and motioned for him. I already knew about Bai Jiuyi’s misfortune.
"The white fox with someone else, I’m afraid you feel uncomfortable …" King Kong cannon said half found a light snow and ram green frost field hurriedly stopped and came and dragged me into my room.
"I’m older than you want to have some women." King Kong Bao saw that I didn’t show too much excitement, but I was extraordinarily calm, knowing that I was trying my best to suppress my feelings.
"Is she willing?" I looked up and stared coldly at King Kong Gun. I was still very unhappy about him and Mu Zhuifeng hiding and cheating me.
"It must be. Otherwise, who dares to bully her if I support her?" King Kong cannon said with a cold hum.
"Who is the other person?" I asked.
"Listen to the black fox, he is a very powerful character, as if he had saved their foxes." King Kong cannon is no longer called Black San Chang by his third brother, which proves that King Kong cannon certainly didn’t give Tu Shan clan a good look at that time.
"Have you seen anyone?" I asked callously.
"Without those coquettish foxes decorating the bridal chamber for the wedding, the groom went home to carry the luggage." King Kong cannon’s nose was wrinkled. "Don’t ask. The more you know, the more angry you are. Everyone has gone to the front."
"Make it clear" I waved my hand and didn’t answer the King Kong cannon and handed me the cigarette.

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