There is not a bit of blood diffuse out.
"This …"
Everyone stood on the spot.
Even King Yun Youwang, King Yan Yangxian, King Jin and others all have incredible eyes with consternation.
Everyone can see clearly that Su Mo was slapped’ dead’ by the patriarch of the hospital, but by disappearing, let alone leaving a trace of blood on the body!
"Two places at once?"
Yan Yang Xian Wang frowned.
"How is it possible!"
Watching Su Mo’s SIRS Xianwang escape under their eyelids, Yun Youwang Gen couldn’t stand shouting.
"It’s really two places at once."
Courtyard patriarch sink said stand palm.
See the courtyard patriarch lying in the palm of a roll of blue jade book.
"Jade Qing Jade Book Yuan Shen?"
Qingyang xianwang blurted out
Courtyard patriarch looks pale and sink a way: "Yes, it’s not true, but it’s his Li Yuqing jade book that condenses out Yuan Shen."
The king of Jin still accepted this matter and said coldly, "This practice is just a true fairy. Even if he condensed Yuan Shen with the help of Jade Qing and Jade Book, it would be impossible to deceive me!"
Yan Yang Xian Wang and Qing Yang Xian Wang all nodded their heads.
If blazing with anger, the strong fairy king, is just busy, they can definitely see the flaw.
Six fairy kings and strong men look at each other, and you can hide the sky from the sea with one busy person?
The patriarch of the court said nothing with a sullen face.
Yuehua Sword Fairy stood on the spot and accepted it at the moment.
He was also looking forward to witnessing the scene of Su Mo’s death, but he didn’t expect Su Mo to disappear in front of the six fairy kings.
With a busy six fairy king strong played again!
"Where is he?"
Cloud you Wang looked at the courtyard patriarch some worry way "he is just a true fairy xiu certainly can’t escape far".
"Be calm, everyone. I’m deducing the calculation."
Yuan Zongshen said, "Even if he can hide for a while, he can’t escape my calculation."
Courtyard patriarch waved his hands and squeezed out a series of mysterious methods, and many strange runes were constantly deduced in front of him.
His eyes seemed to pass through the vast Milky Way and the deep ocean, and the world of mortals was rolling mysterious and distant.
A little backyard patriarch’s eyes just recovered, and he breathed a long breath.
"How about it?"
Cloud you Wang, Yan Yang Xian Wang and others hurriedly asked.
Courtyard patriarch looks pale and says nothing.
"You can’t figure it out?"
Cloud king staring at the courtyard patriarch asked some doubts.
The patriarch slowly shook his head and said, "I don’t know if this body is shrouded in a layer of fog."
"I see."
At this time, the dean suddenly mused, "I have seen an ancient book".
"It is said that some treasures will be derived from the growth of Chenghua Violet to a high level, including a mysterious scripture."
"It is said that this scripture may come from the world, and the mystery of heaven and earth contains great principles. Even the three swords are derived from this scripture."
The patriarch said, "That makes sense."
"He realized something after he stepped into the real world and got this scripture, and it was only by relying on this scripture secretarial method that he could deceive us with a busy body!"
"It is because of this scripture that I figured out his position."

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