The newcomer to the border crossing is really desperate to escape. The medium-range Jinzhou takes out the detector from time to time to look at it, and then adjusts its position to follow him. It is interesting to him. If the border crossing person can’t destroy himself just to survive, what’s the point of crossing the border?
Buddha also thought about the same problem. Every once in a while, his face will get worse because of Cheng Jinzhou’s purchase.
Even though the two people who still crossed the border were alive in the process.
At noon, a group of four people arrived at 15 kilometers, which was the first stop of the border crossing people in a remote small city.
Jiang Huang looked around and took the initiative to ask Bishop Kant’s abnormal condition, not to mention that Cheng Jinzhou’s riding Lu Xu’s appearance would also cause bad associations among local residents, and he could not ask for directions.
Koalas Cheng Jinzhou’s shoulder moved a mouth to his ear and whispered, "Do you really want to capture that experienced person?"
Cheng Jinzhou nodded slightly, and his curiosity about the sacred cliff was not a packet.
Speaking, Jiang Huang flew in from Fang and said, "Nothing special has been seen by strangers."
He said he was an experienced person. If the latter appeared in such a remote market, it would be discovered.
Cheng Jinzhou shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t expect anything at all, because the people who crossed the border were unfamiliar with the concept, and the experienced people shouldn’t be here before them.
"Do you have any good ideas if the trainees arrive later?" He suddenly asked.
The experienced person has at least a 30% chance to appear here, otherwise he can’t figure out how the former can find the cross-border person.
Jiang Huang looked at Bishop Kant. He snorted and lost his hand and played with the white rhinoceros horn for a long time. "I can control the star line so that everyone can’t fly, but it can only last for one minute. You can see."
"How much star power can be left?" Jiang Huangma asked.
Kant glanced at him sideways and said brightly, "It’s up to you how much talent I can leave Betelgeuse for you."
Cheng Jinzhou gasped, even if he calculated the Betelgeuse link by the law of gravity, it was nothing but a few stars, and even mintaka was only able to make a transition.
It is difficult for Jiang Huang to catch the experienced person alone.
Cheng Jinzhou hesitated a independent trading platform suddenly rang.
"The net intensity level 4 covers an area of 6 square meters and costs 60,000 yuan. The depth anesthetic intensity level 4 costs 20,000 yuan." All conversations on the independent trading platform seem to be emotional.
Although I don’t know what the concept of intensity level 4 is, I still bought it with my teeth after seeing 60 thousand stars.
It’s really hard for Xingmeng to have no money.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Traps
Just go to a shop in the city and exchange the net and anesthetic. Cheng Jinzhou tugged at the koala tail and asked, "Do you think this intensity can handle the trainee?"
"Level 4 strength? There is no problem in catching Jiang Huang. Kant reluctantly said, "Yi Su is very vivid."
The net is installed in a light green cylinder. According to the text, it can be sprayed out to cover the front 6 square meters by pressing a key, but it can be used once.
It’s been a long time since this price of 60 thousand yuan at a time can be eliminated in art museums according to the standards of summer.
Cheng Jinzhou unknowingly thought that hand cylinder disposable is probably the most expensive.
Anesthetic is also packed in a small cylinder, but there is a smooth point at the end.
"Class IV anesthetic is very powerful, and planet creatures should not be able to avoid it."
"Planet creatures …" Cheng Jinzhou said, shaking his head. "It’s enough to turn over the experience."
Then he shoved the koala behind his back. After a period of time, the koala family became obese, and its weight increased sharply by at least 1 kg.
"Lu Xu, let’s go" Cheng Jinzhou patted Lu Xu, who called it flying. His goal was to keep rising and bear the stars. In this respect, the joint star array was beneficial for him to study something, but his interest was weak
If Jiang Huang and others give priority to mathematicians, Lu Xu has to learn to calculate elephants-he is satisfied if he can figure out how many bananas a tree has.
Bishop Kant stayed where he seemed to be studying each other’s money in front of a butcher’s shop. Among the three people in the spiritual star array, Jiang Huang was the most normal one.
"Mr. Jiang Huang, I am ready."
"I have prepared a net, and if I can limit the scope of the trainee, I can catch him." Cheng Jinzhou habitually concealed the anesthetic, which seems more difficult to explain than a solid net.
Cheng Jinzhou has no hope for Bishop Kant, whose point is absolutely beyond ordinary people’s understanding.
Jiang Huang thought for a while, "We can hire some locals to set a trap."
With that, he drifted away
Once a royal warlock, his strategic ability was absolutely difficult for ordinary people, even his communication ability was not as good as that of mathematician Mu Na.
Although he didn’t know the local dialect, Jiang Huang made it clear that he had taken pictures and found the person in charge of the local city-a relative of a small local chief, a man with a big beard.
The whole city was immediately mobilized, and Jiang Huang paid only two or three promises and a handful of broken gold. To say it, he promised something more important, but the golden grassland was greatly devalued
Jiang Huang even got dozens of riding soldiers thinking that they could come to the battlefield after the star line was blocked.
After readjusting the original loose city, most people have moved to the middle-south position. There are dozens of square meters of land without awnings exposed outside, just waiting for the experienced person to ask.
After these, Jiang Huang came to Cheng Jinzhou and said, "When the time comes, put your net in the star line and see if we can catch him."
He shook his head again and said, "Why not just kill?"
"I can’t do it again," Cheng Jinzhou said and sat down in front of the meat stall. "Is it difficult for everyone to buy meat in the vast grassland?"
The stall owner is from Mu Na, and the relatives of Chief Hu came over and said with a smile, "We sell special meat."
"How special?"
"Qian Qian meat money meat butterfly meat …" Dahu man charting …
"It’s donkey whip, pig whip and bull whip …" Bishop Kant explained simply that there was a small dish of cooked meat in front of him to eat with relish.
Chengjinzhou noodles are as white as paper.
"You’re not going to take care of those who cross the border?" There are words on the back of Isucheng Jinzhou.
"He will come back for me." Cheng Jinzhou looked to the north, where the border crossers fled. He should have arrived in this city first and then fled to the north.
Cheng Jinzhou’s hand detector shows that it is not impossible to kill him clearly
However, the Buddha sent people who crossed the border to change their agents instead of reproducing in this life-I’m afraid they don’t have enough time to develop slowly like Lanli.

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