And he is one of the witnesses of the soaring rise of Chen Xiang’s adult in mainland China.
Dragon boat array has been submerged in thunder and fire.
The huge body of the black dragon is rapidly advancing into the Baiyun Jinlong Banner.
The body is huge and needs to retreat at one point.
Of course, Baiyun Jinlong Banner is just a temporary passage. The black dragon just goes back to his place to sleep through Baiyun Jinlong Banner.
While withdrawing the black dragon, he stared at Sun Hao ruthlessly.
I was ruined by this human being.
Remember, remember, remember, this human will meet again one day, and one day he will skin and cramp, and today he will be avenged by bad things.
Sun Haolang stared unblinkingly at the black dragon.
The black dragon’s resentful expression fell into his eyes.
Sun Hao knows that Liang answered.
But now that you have answered Liang Sunhao, you don’t mind going deeper.
Sun Hao waited for the thunder to fall.
The thunder thundered and the silver thunder kept bombarding
The black dragon hides the white clouds with the help of the white clouds. The defensive body is strong and strong. It is not harmful to get a little thunder and withdraw quickly.
Of course, if this stay is really scattered by thunder, it will be really bad if the white clouds are really exposed to the thunder in the border heaven.
If you don’t die, you have to peel off your skin
Like a friar’s Dan test
The thunder of heaven is getting more and more urgent and fierce
Of course, the black dragon has experienced this for a long time, and sometimes the thunder really hurts himself and gets away.
But that’s normal.
Sometimes there are some special situations.
The black dragon met a special situation now.
Fuck his mother. Thunder has eyes.
The trick is close to the point
Try to split at his weakness.
Heaven thunder and white clouds cover up, although it can’t be completely blocked, but it’s really no choice to land on the black dragon thunder, but it’s just swept over.
But with Sun Hao at the scene, things are a little different.
Sun Hao has thunder spirit.
Leipo is ancient Lei Shou.
Taikoo Lei Shou can practice lightning protection.
Sun Hao also practiced lightning protection for many years.
Although the manipulation of thunder, especially the manipulation of heaven, can’t be done.
However, Sun Hao, who knows the performance of the thunder, can guide the thunder well. It is possible to guide the thunder to fall through the lightning protection technique.
Heaven thunder doesn’t know the black dragon’s key weakness. Sun Hao does.
Sun Haoxing’s eyes are bright, his mind is bright, and the thunder guides Heaven, and the thunder keeps thundering and bombarding the Black Dragon. That piece is still glittering and scaly.
Black dragon than depressed to find.
Heaven thunder can turn a corner.
Did you turn the corner and hit him?
Have to dodge left and right, have to slow down the retreat
It’s not fun to get a few thunder in the lamella.
However, after thousands of precautions, it is still impossible to prevent it.
Just hiding from the side to split the thunder, the strong body blocked the thunder.
Niang unexpectedly thundered from the square to dodge and missed the lamella.
This thunder is a little less powerful, as if it were not as fierce as a divine thunder, but there is a strange power in this thunder that makes the black dragon feel uncomfortable.
Dark scold a damn heaven hanging high, there will be thunder from the side?
The black dragon resisted discomfort and accelerated his retreat.
Today’s mood is weird. Maybe you will capsize in the gutter if you are not careful. It’s better to leave early.
Boom and a thunder eyeing lamella split up from it.
The black dragon rolled to avoid the key and at the same time got into the Baiyun Jinlong Banner for a few minutes.
But never die.
Another thunder broke from his body.
A bang hit him in the face.
The body rolled over and the black dragon was very uncomfortable.
A pair of dragon eyes showed an incredible expression.
One lightning strike may be accidental, and two consecutive lightning strikes are really a ghost.

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