"Cheer up for me and guard the gate. We have such an export thief in his warehouse that we must leave here!"
An iron wall school shouted, "beware that thieves may pretend to be one of us. Everyone who approaches the gate should carefully verify his identity."
"And no one can leave from this moment until the alarm is lifted."
"Listen to the warning twice and once verbally. If you don’t listen, shoot your limbs directly. If you resist, shoot!"
The school dispatched two three-dimensional armed forces to the vicinity, and there were already twenty officers at the rank of officer.
At this moment, a soldier suddenly felt something on the soles of his feet. As soon as he got up, he suddenly shot up a black shadow from the soles of his feet.
The soldier hurried back to see that it was a big tree that jumped up from the ground!
Black is twisted like a tree in the inverse boundary.
And it is not a case.
There are trees near the gate, so the trees rise from the ground at a very fast speed. They separate the soldiers in front of the gate to disperse them.
"Hell, how can trees grow in the warehouse?"
"Be careful, these things may be weird."
When these trees grow out, the trees, branches and leaves release a faint black fog. They are filled with trees, and in a blink of an eye, soldiers near the gate seem to be in the deep forest. Their sense of direction is disturbed by these trees and fog.
This is the "Jyukai maze" released by the "Hessian Crown". Those fogs are not lethal, but they will interfere with perception, so that people in the tree sea can spin around and never get out.
Releasing this ability, Yang immediately rushed into the crown owner in Jyukai the day after tomorrow, and he was naturally unaffected.
He rushed straight to the gate to prepare for the violent door.
But at this moment there was a man standing in front of him.
It’s the iron wall school
He was shining all over. It turned out that quarrelling covered him to form an’ armor’, but it was also the school. Compared with Wei Chengzhou, it is obvious that the strength of this school is far from perfect.
Although his quarrelling is brilliant, it is far from Wei Chengzhou’s profoundness. Like that school, it makes quarrelling condense into concrete outline Guanghua armor.
This school is simply taking advantage of its own quarrelling. Although it is a rank, its strength is too low, even the young and old are not as good as at the beginning.
Tianyang quickly judged the strength of the other side and reached a conclusion, but he still blew the’ screaming copper whistle’
At once, the school’s ears rang with layers of unreality, like the howling of thousands of souls. He had intended to intercept Tianyang’s sudden whistle and his body froze.
Even the idea stopped.
Tianyang passed by him and kicked him away. In front of him was the armor that covered the gate.
Black thunder leaps
Whether Tianyang Hei quickly released a thunderstorm, the dark light blew up the armor layer, and the deep light didn’t go to see the result. Tianyang connected to release the thunderstorm.
The original furnace of Obsidian can make Tianyang pour many thunderstorms for a short time even if it is not continuously replenished in the grave.
Tianyang was released seven times in total.
It hasn’t stopped near Leidamen.
Wait until the last thunderstorm is released and then look ahead. Even the armored door has been blown out of a gap by Tianyang!
I didn’t wait for Tianyang’s action to fall suddenly, and the beautiful dream snowflake quickly spread out of the crystal clear ice near the gap.
The ice quickly closed and the gap was blocked in the blink of an eye.
At the same time, Tianyang’s feet appear erythema and there is a surge of hot air, which is no stranger to Tianyang.
Before the fire in the erythema on the ground was released, he had already left his place, and then several trees around him quickly deformed into the same number of black wooden dragons and rushed at two elements with low ranks.
This is the’ Wooden Dragon Array’!
After being formed, these wooden dragons will always wander around here and attack all creatures trying to enter this area except Tianyang. Wooden dragons have many characteristics and abilities, and they have strong interference.
Limulong dealt with Tianyang, an officer close to the iron wall, waving black whether or not to cut the ice just when a Zhan Ji poked in outside the ice.
It turns out that an ambush has been arranged outside the warehouse gate!
According to the attacker’s idea, Tianyang could retreat at this time, so that he would fall into the encirclement of his own personnel. But he didn’t expect Tianyang to retreat. He lay on his side and crossed his chest by Ji Feng, so he took the opportunity to rush forward and cross himself.
When the attacker saw the black light blooming in the corner of his eye, he flooded his field of vision.
When he came to his senses, he found that he was lying on the ground, and the sun was merciful and didn’t kill him. Otherwise, he would make up another thunderstorm to keep this iron wall major a hero’s sacrifice.
Tianyang rushed out of the gate and released the thunder python road, which washed the iron wall arrangement to pieces.
He crossed the street to throw himself into the opposite park. If he wanted to go into the dark, he could leave the door.
A vigorous gas field appeared, which Tianyang felt in the former warehouse.
Then there was an unreal wall rising in front of his eyes. Although it was not a real wall, it gave people a feeling that it was difficult to penetrate. Like this, the walls kept rising one after another, and in a blink of an eye, four walls were built around the sun.
Tianyang was trapped in the center of four city walls, and then a high wall in front sounded a familiar voice, "Who are you to steal into the material warehouse? It’s bold."
Cao Gang!
The commander of the iron wall finally arrived, and he was high above the wall, cold and commanding, overlooking Tianyang.
It seems that the thief has escaped from the door like a turtle in a jar.
Tianyang was surprised. He didn’t expect to hit Cao Gang tonight.
But he didn’t panic. When the Jyukai maze rose again, he had already activated the fog ghost amulet to cover the ancient armor again. At this moment, he was covered by a ghost mask. Cao Ganggen didn’t recognize him.
Tianyang deliberately changed the line and said, "It doesn’t matter who I am. You have to know that I represent the shadow."
"We can’t be trapped by just a few walls."
Cao Gang obviously knows this organization. "You mice are not good at hiding in the water channel and dare to parade around the city and even steal to the material warehouse!"
"I miss you for killing people at the end of the whole process. That’s good. I promise you’ll be fine. You’re good at it. If you die like this, it’s a pity that it’s even more waves in the shady organization."
"How are you interested in joining our iron wall?"
I cann’t believe you recruited me. Is Cao Gang so precious?
Tianyang watched him make a sound from the mask, "Joke that our shadow will not die, let alone be your running dog."
"Are you? Then "
Suddenly Cao Gang roared around and became slightly distorted. At this moment, behind him, there was a star bomb aimed at the back of his head, which was trying to drill through the distortion to the supreme commander of Iron Wall.
Chapter 42 Grade 7 Materials
It seems as if the star stopped at this moment, and it squeezed into the’ wall’ inch by inch like a close-fitting wall.
Around Caogang, Huo Ran, a layer of "star barrier" appeared in Guanghua, which was released from the fortress of rank 7. The barrier was so thick that Cao Gang could not be seen.
And the bullet was stuck because it couldn’t penetrate the barrier, but then the second and third shots came and the Guanghua barrier of Xing Yun exploded, which blew out a gap.
This allowed the fourth round of star bombs to finally break through the barrier and hit Cao Gang.
However, the barrier Cao Gang has been buffered from turning around and wearing an’ immortal armor’ rank 7 immortal armor, which is almost as khaki as Wei Chengzhou’s fighting armor. The armor protects every part of Cao Gang’s body, and the star aggregates hit his chest, which also pushed him out of the barrier and broke off a small piece of chest armor.
And Cao Gang was unscathed.
Cao Gang’s imaginary wall was built by himself, but before it reached the ground, flowers and dark trees rose around him, blocking the view.
He can’t see the sun again
When the commander-in-chief fell to the ground and looked up, he saw dozens of big trees covering his head with rapidly growing branches and leaves, and built a’ prison cell’ to seal him off.
But what cell in this giant castle can hold a rank 7?
Fang Youteng swam to Cao Gang like a python without looking, raised his hand and struck forward.
Outside the tree prison, several silver beams were transmitted from the tree body of a big tree, and these beams quickly converged in one place. Suddenly, the tree body twisted and broke as if it were drilled through by an invisible drill.
A spiral silver ripple broke through the tree and smashed the surrounding trees. Then Cao Gang strode out of the tree prison.
Look around where there is that suspicious ghost figure.
The commander-in-chief waved his hand without saying a word, and the illusory walls around the body armor disappeared. After he removed the four high walls, the officers outside the iron wall had to enter to be at his disposal

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