Yuanyuan picked up the pen and began to write. It will be very difficult for her junior high school, but it’s okay.
Qin Ran knows that Yao Shangqing is a talented woman, but how can he sometimes have the energy to educate his children after working every day in his hometown for so many years?
I have something to say. Yuanyuan made her debut, and then what happened? Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating nutrient solution angel in the period of 22-12-27 ~ 22-12-31: 6: 22 ~
Thank you for irrigating a bottle of nutrient solution, angel apple;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 74 Model Chen Yougong
But she saw that Yuanyuan had already started to do it, and almost wrote the answer without thinking.
Sheng Jiyuan didn’t feel that there was a problem. It was all right to squint at this exercise silently.
When the bell rang outside, several teachers came back in the office one after another. Now their identities are different, and they are all smiling. However, everyone still knows what Yao Shangqing is doing, and then a wave of attention is ushered in.
Yuanyuan is very calm. She has never seen any scenes before, so she finished writing the questions without moving like a mountain.
I finished writing math in ten minutes, and there were few problems.
Qin Ran went over and picked up the math paper.
Yuanyuan began to write Chinese.
Qin Ran was startled when he looked at this volume. The font is very good. It seems that he has many years of experience. Isn’t this child only nine years old?
"Sheng Shu, why is this so powerful?" She talked to Sheng Jiyuan with a small roll.
Sheng Jiyuan was a little smug, so he said, Yuan Yuan Cong is here.
I have to go to class around the teacher, and some of them are reluctant to go to class. The teacher quietly came over and looked at the test paper in Qin Ran’s hand.
Qin Ran didn’t know what was wrong with Yao’s family. Her brother said that Yao Shangqing should be cut off so that she could stay and promise to marry her. But after all these years, she must regret it. I didn’t expect her daughter to be so good.
The teacher next to him took the paper without holding back.
"Oh, how beautiful this font is! Few students can write so beautifully."
"Yes, yes, and it’s a good question. Good answer, good answer."
There are more and more people praising you.
Qin Ran smiled awkwardly and withdrew the paper, where did everyone go back to their desks?
Yuanyuan has also finished writing Chinese. Pick it up with both hands and hand it over to Qin Ran.
"thank you, teacher"
Qin Ran smiled and well-even though she was dissatisfied with Yao Shangqing, she didn’t talk to the children.
"All right, go home first. I’ll let you know the result in the afternoon and see which class I put you in."
Sheng Jiyuan looked at things as solved and went straight away with people.
"It seems that you are smarter than the teacher imagined."
Yuanyuan didn’t refute and nodded. That’s true
"But teacher, can you teach me now?" She is still keen on learning what she wants to learn.
"Let’s go and follow the teacher to the university laboratory." Sheng Jiyuan took Yuanyuan and two people also took the bus.
It’s only two places from Tsinghua, and it’s very fast.
At present, most of the students in Tsinghua University are college students of workers, peasants and soldiers, or people recommended by various places seldom meet Sheng Jiyuan to say hello.
When Yuanyuan came here for the first time, she felt a different atmosphere that she wanted.
Sheng Jiyuan had his own laboratory when he came back.
"Please come in. This is it."
Yuan Lie came out as soon as he heard the sound.
"Sister, why are you here?" He was surprised when he saw it suddenly, mainly because he had seen it once, but he was good-looking, and he could still recognize it even after several years.
Yuanyuan greeted him.
"After exemptions, please give me more advice."
Yuan Lie hurriedly modest "dare not dare to be a pool".
Sheng Jiyuan has gone inside and put on his white coat. "Yuan Lie gave your junior sister a freshman lesson so that she could watch it sometimes."
This lesson was compiled by Sheng Jiyuan, mainly for freshmen who have not come out yet, and these are just samples sent by the printing house.
Yuanyuan took it and turned over a few pages. It’s all about western medicine, but I can see that it’s basic
"Thank you, teacher. Then I’ll take it home and read it first."
Sheng Jiyuan frowned and thought about what else seemed to have been forgotten, but it would not come to mind.

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