Russell can easily delete the monkey-faced eagle if he wants the deer head image, and if the monkey-faced eagle dares to touch the data in Russell’s chip, the deer head image will immediately react and kill it.
I’m worried that the monkey-faced eagle can’t help but turn over Russell’s chip and play with this baby virus that is hard to get into my brain … Russell directly announced the answer.
"But I’m not interested in selling it. I’ll tell you directly … when I realized that the dust gap didn’t resist’ death’, I confirmed that you hid it in the program for me. You probably disguised as the executive ministry and sent him a fake email to manipulate him. For example, he and his company set up a relay to hijack both parties to send messages and send them to him. You want him to see that information can replicate itself through this line.
"And what can I guess is" suicide "?I know you’re looking at me … that’s because I know how you escaped from the hands of Chairman Siron.
"Mr. Monkey-faced Eagle-after you finished the research sent to you by Siron, you thought about yourself before you were killed.
"How dare you put your own technical test and dare not put yourself together?
"When I learned that Dust Gap was going to be killed through some kind of information, I came here in the previous step. I first digitized his thinking and then killed him. He took his’ soul’-or’ uniqueness’ before he died, and then completely killed him and destroyed his brain.
"This should be to ensure that the’ dust gap’ will not be two at the same time, right?"
Russell said calmly and confidently
After a short silence, the monkey-faced eagle said, "Do you know what I would do?"
He does not deny that Russell’s speculation is also a kind of default.
But it’s a pity that Luo Su won’t even give him this force.
Because of this answer, Russell knows that it is not much later than him.
"It’s because of spiritual affinity, right?"
Russell sink a way "without spiritual protection … but will go crazy.
"-even if the memory can be copied in many copies, the spiritual relatives have one copy, that is, to determine the root of’ consciousness uniqueness’"
"… what do you know? !”
Even the monkey-faced eagle’s tone is dull and it is difficult to suppress the shock in mechanical synthesis. "What else do you know?"
If he had his own body, Russell would have seen him "gasp" in the same place until the ball warmed up.
But it’s a coincidence that Russell knows that things just stop here, not much at all.
But he didn’t say that directly, but he gave a mysterious smile.
Russell relaxed and carefree. "I don’t know everything. I know what I know."
-and it is.
The more he knows, the more he doesn’t know.
"So let’s talk. Let’s talk sincerely."
Russell looked at the mirror with his hand behind his back. "Trust me, you don’t suffer."
He looked at the artifact of Sinochem godfather right behind him and gave him a thumbs-up with a bright smile.
"… good"
After a long silence, the monkey-faced eagle finally recognized the cowardice.
Chapter 56 I am most proud of my son
Let’s talk it over, he said.
Such wild talk has got the promise in the brain.
But it’s not too impolite to just talk in a program and a separate conversation.
The monkey eagle gave Russell a specific address-presumably it would be difficult for them to leave if Russell changed hands to inform the executive department.
This can be said to be a kind of sincerity given in advance.
On the other hand, if Russell is willing to go there alone, it can be said that it is more sincere. This second level of sincere response is that the monkey-faced eagle readily agrees that Russell can go with Lin Ling, the "bodyguard".
That is to say, after Russell took the initiative to "meet and talk", the monkey-faced eagle took two steps back instead.
It is at this time that Russell can realize that he has really become a big shot … To enable him to do some dangerous things, others must pay more risks in advance to "deposit" or "bait"
After the monkey-faced eagle was joined, the "dust gap" body lost its value.
The original is also interested in analyzing the bullet marks. Russell will immediately throw and leave the dust gap room.
Before leaving, Russell thought about it and took a pen from the dust gap office desk.
He hit the pen cap and looked at the tip. There was no trace of ink drying. Obviously, the owner cherished the pen and often used it.
Then Russell drew a straight line on the desktop.
It drew a straight line without breaking. Seeing this, Russell hit the pen ink bag again to check the amount of ink and the degree of solidification inside.

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