Elder Zhong spat, "Your Great Jinxian Kingdom and the ten peak fairies of Feixianmen have joined hands, and now you have been killed by a courtyard fairy and suffered heavy losses. How can you have the face to bark like this!"
"The face of the Great Jinxian Kingdom has made you lose your face!"
Elder, also laugh.
The king of Yuanzuo County was scolded, and his face was red with blood. He hated, "I’ll just see how long he can last!"
Although several elders in Gankunyuan scolded happily, there was still a bit of worry in the depths of their eyes.
Sewon-suke, the king of the county, is right.
Of course, the supernatural powers can be released when the realm of Yuan God is cultivated to the fairy level.
However, the realm of the Yuan God is the first-order fairy, the second-order fairy, the primary level, and the supernatural power is too heavy for the Yuan God!
The same is to release the peerless avatar, but the situation of Taihua immortal and Sumo is completely different
Immortal Taihua has been saving his energy for a long time before he started work, and his state is at its peak.
And Su Mo has released many powerful occult arts one after another because of seizing the treasures of the quadruple sky, which consumes a lot.
Now, just before the first world war, many magical secrets broke out, and they are very unique.
Even if the realm of Yuan God is the first-order fairy power, it has already been exhausted.
And the Great Jinxian Kingdom is left with Tiehan Feixianmen and Taihua Immortal plus four Feixianmen Peak Immortals!
The situation in Su Mo will be even more difficult and run out.
Su Mo’s situation is better than expected by several elders in the hospital.
It is because his Yuan God is too special, but the product after the fusion of Qinglian Yuan Shenlong Huang Yuan God is extremely concise and pure.
And after the release of the six-tooth divine power, the Yuan divine power soared.
Although he is still a first-order fairy, his strength has reached the second-order fairy level!
Su Mo came all the way to seize the four treasures of heaven and released many secret methods such as five ignorance, fire, heaven, killing shock wave and so on.
Just before the first world war, many cards broke out, and the divine power was extremely consumed.
Even so, he Yuan Shen still maintains less fighting power and can release a Yuan Shen hermetic!
"He’s a spent force, so you don’t have to be afraid."
Immortal Taihua sank, "It is doubtful to join hands to attack this!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Su Mo laughed and looked at the immortal Taihua not far away. His face was full of sarcasm and mockery. "Do you want to see me off by this means?"
"Brother Feixianmen, listen!"
Sumo suddenly said, "Go back and tell Mengyao that she wants to send me Sumo Road and let her come in person!"
"I don’t mind letting her accompany me when I hear that she plays the piano well!"
The group is in uproar!
This is a blatant blasphemy against Qin Xian Meng Yao!
Meng Yaoxian invited the reincarnated immortal to come out of the mountain this time and joined forces with the Great Jinxian Kingdom to encircle Su Mo. Anyone can understand the resentment in his heart.
But even if you have a grudge against Qin Xian, who dares to openly oppose Qin Xian?
The four immortals are too famous, even if they are gods, some immortals in mainland China are somewhat afraid of Qin Xian Meng Yao.
Qin Xian, in the eyes of many monks, is not to profane Gao Xian.
Now Su Mo has let Qin Xian and Fu Qin accompany her to the grave!
"Know the younger generation!"
White sea fairy is furious
This time, even the true fairy Schelling is secretly staggering.
His status also dare not say these words to Qin Xian Meng Yao.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Yun Ting laughed brazenly. "Su Mo, you are so bold. I really like it more and more!"
"I have long looked down on that Rauschen fairy, and she is also worthy of my sister’s name!"
Chapter two thousand two hundred and twenty Exhaustion
"Sumo, you really don’t know how to live or die!"
Immortal Taihua looks cold
Although he is reincarnated as a true fairy, Qin Xian Meng Yao is not blasphemous in his heart!
Even if he saw Qin Xian Meng Yao in his previous life, he would respectfully dare not neglect him.
At least half of the monks in Feixianmen fell in love with Mengyao Fairy.
But not many people dare to show it.

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