Several of his seals have raised eyebrows and some people have asked.
"Do you know the origin of Shenhuang Island?"
Sword seal counter-question 1
A seal man frowned and said, "Shenhuang Island used to be a famous island overseas. It is said that it was a long time ago when fire and rain fell in the sky and a pure blood Shenhuang body fell into this famous island."
"After that, this island was called Shenhuang Island."
Speaking of this, the seal man suddenly stopped and seemed to think of something. He was surprised and asked hesitantly, "You mean …"
"It’s too long ago to say that it’s all about wandering the streets. Some people in the secular world say that people can’t make things up, can they?" Another printer didn’t believe it.
Phoenix clan, that’s absolutely true. God’s strength is comparable to that of a true fairy!
There has never been an exact record in the field of fixing the true, and there has been a trace of the phoenix and the phoenix in the wild mainland.
No one has seen the pure blood phoenix and left some words saying
Before this, if someone told everyone that there is a pure-blooded creature in this world whose strength is comparable to that of a true fairy, they would never believe it
But now a few seals are silent.
The seal of Bawang Temple suddenly said, "I remember in the ancient books of Magic Gate that the Phoenix clan said that it is said that the Phoenix is a powerful race comparable to the Dragon, and the most terrifying and powerful flame can burn everything and refine all beings!"
"In the phoenix family, the male phoenix and the female phoenix are pure blood gods, also known as the undead phoenix. Every time they burn their nirvana, they will become stronger!"
"Whether the theory of the desolate mainland is a true world or a secular world, there is a word called phoenix nirvana and rebirth."
"This word is about the ability of Shen Feng and Shen Huang."
Another printer asked, "What’s the difference?"
The seal of Bawang Temple said, "It is recorded in ancient books that every time the Phoenix clan is reborn from nirvana, it will leave one thing. If the phoenix does not die, it will leave a drop of Shenfeng Jingxue; If you don’t die, the bath fire will leave a sacred bone! "
When I heard that, everyone was shocked.
Here, from Shenhuang Island, there is a terrible flame burning on the palm of the blood-red bone. The truth is coming out!
"You mean this right hand is actually a sacred bone!"
A printer exclaimed.
If this speculation is true, then this sacred bone will be a desolate continent, and it is the top treasure in the whole field of repairing the true.
In this way, it is natural to explain that all the cracks will devour this bone, and the virtual turbulence will destroy it!
It’s never too much for a god to burn bones and call them fairy things.
I’m afraid the great bodhi old zu will be moved when he sees it!
Shua shua shua!
A lot of seal people’s tacit eyes stared at Su Mo’s right hand at the same time, and greed could not be concealed.
They are all Shou Yuan’s dying, and the real people are already dying.
Nowadays, following the Zongmen into the ancient battlefield is to protect the Zongmen and play a deterrent role.
On the other hand, they tried not to find some chances, some ancient treasures increased themselves, and Shou Yuan continued to practice and break through to Yuanying!
After all, god burns bones without death, but it’s impossible to burn, bathe, burn, burn, and leave things. It’s speculated that once you get divine power, you may really be able to continue your life!

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