You know, I can’t live forever, but I met you again. You gave me a flame, and my body was full of vitality again.
Life must be immortal. I’ve got the chance to live forever, but you’re like a god. You’re a joke in your eyes. I can’t stand it. Eventually, my life will die. You have a flame again to save my life for thousands of years, but my life has been sealed by you. I’m waiting for you to appear here. After thousands of years, my life will come to an end. My empire is occupied by you. Now I have lost everything. I need to do my best. Shou Yuan, tell me … Tell me! ! ! ! "
Roar is like a repressed roar.
A generation of emperors did their best to be so vicissitudes and so desolate.
Imperial heaven holds the sword of JIU ge in his hand, and there is a faint light in it.
Imperial heaven took the opportunity to hear the tenor of the heavenly sword.
Tell yourself something from the future!
"So that’s it. Qin Shiyue is really interesting. It’s a good thing you just told me this. Wouldn’t it be meaningless to tell me everything left?"
Imperial day gently smiled and looked at the hands of JIU ge.
The old voice reappeared, "How do you know everything?"
The sound of the dragon chair came slowly, expecting an eager immortality.
There is a flame in the hands of the Imperial Heaven, which is very charming and with a faint vitality.
"What a charming flame! It is this kind of flame that gives me all my life. I look forward to it! Give me give me … "
The urgency of the sound is even more with expectation.
"It’s interesting that the Emperor of Qin is still like a thousand years ago. Before I was a little disappointed, I regarded you as an opponent, but I didn’t think that the opponent is so vicissitudes. Now you are just an immortal slave."
Imperial heaven shook his head and stared at the vicissitudes of life in front of him.
The old man is none other than the Chinese emperor.
Qin Huang unified the six countries but was trapped in the front hall.
The flame in the hands of the Imperial Heaven flies out with all his life.
Mu Yan is full of vitality.
The so-called phlogistic only has the effect of healing and recovery, and there is no means to prolong life.
The flame devoured by the Imperial Heaven can devour life, and even more, it can devour all vitality, which can increase people’s lives when it is put into wood inflammation.
Life extension has the possibility of immortality.
Many dissenting Confucian was excited and burned by this green flame, and then he was excited.
The flame burned and a hot breath emerged.
Many dissenters seem to have recovered their general vicissitudes of life, and their bodies have recovered their youth.
As time went by, a lean young man emerged as majestic as a young man’s knife, but there was a threat all around him
The majesty ratio of one emperor through the ages
At this moment, many dissenting Confucian laughed and laughed, "Ha ha … ha ha … I’m back, I’m back, and I’m here again. Even you will be here!"
"Ha ha ha ….."
Many dissenting Confucian laughed with great joy.
Many dissenting Confucian stares at the imperial heaven in front of them. During the Qin Dynasty, you were powerful, and hundreds of thousands of troops took you and humiliated me. However, all your signs are absolutely broken from other worlds, but it’s a pity that all your arrangements expose your origin. That world is definitely the future world. I have burned Confucianism and killed not only Confucianism, but also buried martial arts classics.
In today’s world, there are only people who have reached the great master’s realm, but the great master has not recorded half of them. These things have been collected and buried by me. If you know that everything is today, you will get everything today.
Now there is no great master’s realm, and you are like three emperors and five emperors. Haha … Your strength is still calculated by me, and I will give you a position of one person and ten thousand people. "
Qin Huang’s aloof and majestic eyes stared at the Imperial Heaven.
Imperial day shook his head sneer disdain stare at many dissenting Confucian.
"Hum …" Qin Huang snorted coldly. "Are you still showing such eyes at such a time? Are you more confident than me? I have learned from ten sources for thousands of years, and I am now recovering my strength and restoring the five emperors’ cultivation. You are not my opponent!"
Many dissenting Confucian indifference is like looking at a dead man.
Suddenly, a black dragon spirit appeared in the body of many dissenting Confucian!
The black dragon is like a vast ancient beast.
Qin Huang’s right hand slowly stroked the black dragon.
The black dragon surrounds the Emperor of Qin.
Many dissenting Confucian sneer at "is very familiar with this but you give me achievement method! Jiuding dragon emperor decided to gather Kyushu dragon gas. I occupied Kyushu and slaughtered the royal families of the six countries. Now the dragon gas of the Qin Dynasty is gathered in me. If I don’t die, the Qin Dynasty will not die. "
Many dissenting Confucian is very proud, but also has a kind of excitement, as if the day has been mastered.
The Imperial Heaven shook his head and said indifferently, "You really have a chance of winning. Although I don’t know what will happen in the future, I will really be so kind as to restore your life directly! Haha … You are just my nourishment. I have some white now. I will keep you in the future! "
Chapter 37 Huang calculation
"Ha-ha ….. Minister, you only have a great master’s condition. Even if thousands of years have worn away most of my skills, I still have five emperors to cultivate me. You will be a minister to me!"
The emperor’s morbid right hand pointed to the imperial majesty with a little excitement.
As the emperor said, he will completely benefit the emperor in the future. Now he has the ability to resist, and the emperor finally releases his heart.
At this moment, Qin Huang stared at the royal sky with his fists clenched. "Show me the thunder!"
"Bang … Kazhi …"
Thunder sounded and the magnificent roof slowly cracked a crack.

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