These big earthworms can be up to ten meters long, but they are really insignificant bugs compared with prison cattle.
Lin momo was curious and led a crew to a place with soft soil in Montenegro. After a few hours, he got his wish and caught ten fat and tender earthworms.
Actually, Lin momo didn’t just want to take these earthworms, but carried them to the newly-built ecological park of the Furong along with the surrounding environment department, just in time to finally find a tenant.
Although there is some trouble in moving the earth cube and plants, it is difficult to beat the fact that the Phantom of the Star Age released a magnetic field to locate and index, and soon intercepted the unique environment of Montenegro to the Furong.
The Tianzhu fleet went to a black mountain and found that the scene was almost the same as the first black mountain, including those big earthworms who were busy in and out.
Lin momo, who is partial to evil, specially selected mountains with strong blue radiation to explore, but still failed to harvest. These black mountains seem to be carved out of a mold, and the mountains seem to be almost the same, and the roots are exhausted, so it is better to harvest more than the barren hills outside the mountains.
During the seven days when the Tianzhu fleet was stranded in the thirteenth plate, Lin momo found a strange phenomenon. Maybe those insects and plants in Montenegro will be restricted by radiation, but the fat earthworms are not. There are also big earthworms outside the defense circle in Montenegro, but they become very slow to swallow dust carefully.
"Oh, my God, isn’t there anything on the thirteenth floor of this ghost mark except earthworm-like creatures?" Lin momo felt that he had given up after exploring dozens of Montenegro.
"Sisso, come and have a look at these fat earthworms. It’s not normal. They are killing each other." Payne called out that a bloody scene was playing in the Fluoron Ecological Park.
"Bang, bang, bang" Nine earthworms hit the slimmest earthworm, and then the smaller earthworm was covered with pus. When the pus flowed to the ground, the other nine earthworms scrambled to devour the discolored soil.
Lin momo sent it directly to the Furong ship. He is the leader of the fleet and naturally owns six ships. He can send it to one ship quickly.
"The same kind of food? These creatures are very special and need to keep eating and bring up the recent observation records for me. At the same time, I will return the observation records to the Phantom of the Opera, and I will let the incarnate son analyze them. "Lin momo looked at nine bloated light blue earthworms in the ecological park and frowned slightly.
The color of these earthworms is not constant. Sometimes they appear black and sometimes they are white. The most common color is light blue.
About an hour and a half later, there was another fratricidal scene in the ecological park of Fulong. Earthworms surrounded the smallest earthworm and then they ate the same food.
At this moment, the Phantom of the Phantom’s master control room is holding a light screen and preaching, "The spectral analysis shows that these earthworms need to devour radioactive particles in a hidden dust, and these radioactive particles are like the rain in the thirteenth floor plate. The earthworms contain radioactive particles once in a while, and those soils in the ecological park have been swallowed by them for a long time, so it is impossible for them to dilute the radioactive particles, so they will kill their peers and look for food from their peers. In addition, these earthworms, like prison cows, will devour metal elements passively."
"The world is strange. I wonder if these earthworms have no natural enemies. There is no danger in the thirteenth floor of the ghost mark. Will those other plate creatures really give up here? Although the barren land and lack of resources here is on the one hand, I have a hunch that these earthworms are not alone. "Lin momo habitually picked up his shoulders and thought that if these earthworms are the top of the thirteenth floor plate, it is unbelievable.
When the fleet wanted to dive into the 14th floor plate, Lin momo ordered the incarnate son to evacuate, and something flew from the 14th floor.
The fleet just hid behind a distant mountain and saw white shadows spewing out from the cracks in the plate. These white shadows floated to the middle of the foot for dozens of kilometers, and then the white shadows rotated and moved.
Lin momo has been zooming in on the screen. From the screen, you can see that Baiying is a kind of long and narrow beetle with a sharp mouth. They are somewhat like mosquitoes or hummingbirds and are about 15 meters long.
"With Shiro, I want to see what they do when they come to the 13th floor plate." Lin momo waved and ordered the incarnate son.
Baiying flies very fast. They flock to a black mountain and skillfully drill into the blue radiation. Then they put their slender mouths into the soil, take out the fat earthworms from the soil and swallow them up.
"No wonder these earthworms are so weak that they can live in the depths. They just keep the fish in the pond. When the fish are fat and tender, the breeder will snare them." Lin momo’s face is rain or shine, and no one knows what he is thinking.
"Harley, I ask you to take the crew to attack these white shadows tentatively. They should be more difficult than prison cows, but their number is not too large. Maybe we can kill them." Lin momo suddenly said.
Since the captain spoke to Harley, he immediately entered the state, and the nine Li gunners turned the muzzle around and aimed at Baiying.
"Bang" a cannon light pours out from a long distance, then the cannon light splashes like rain, and then all the cannons hit the target accurately.
He saw the flagship fire on several ships, so why are you polite to Baiying? Most of the indigenous life in the ghost mark evolved from the zerg, and the whole ghost mark is like the zerg evolution accelerator, so there is no need to show mercy.
The reaction speed and ferocity of the white shadow far exceeded Lin momo’s imagination, and the white light was shot at the mountain where the Tianzhu fleet was hiding, followed by the big white frost in central Lei Yin.
When the cold energy is derived to the extreme, it will form a kind of material collapse reaction, and the freezing frost gas condenses together and then becomes a strange flash. The flash turns out to be white, and the energy shield of the star cruise ship suddenly gives birth to a piece of white frost.
"Strong cold gamma-ray bombs increase the temperature. It is faster to form a loop-shaped war by the main attack of compound qualitative bombs." Lin momo saw that this war was not good and he immediately took corresponding measures.
The fleet huddled together to run, and the cannon light broke out in a more violent form. Not to mention all kinds of missiles created barrage, dazzling light suddenly appeared on the dark earth, which made fat earthworms tremble in the distance.
Baiying saw the single charge method approaching the enemy. At this time, they were resolutely entangled and saw the twisted "white clouds" shrouded. The six ships of the Tianzhu fleet were very small compared with the white clouds. These Baiying insects were different.
Connor’s side has just received an order to use the ship’s lighter to reach Damon’s side, and the antimatter clouds are rolling and the blade’s death beam is shooting at the sky.
Lin momo let Connor and Damon start together because these white shadows are too severe. Several rounds of white flashes to the Phantom of the Opera, the energy shield almost cracked.
Although most of Baiying’s attacks are connected by Phantom of the Opera, this kind of intensity attack is terrible. If Baiying continues to wreak havoc, then the Tianzhu fleet will have no chance to get out of the muzzle.
Lin momo took the initiative to provoke the white shadow, which is to test the fourteenth floor strength of the ghost mark from the side. If the fleet even destroys these white shadows, then it is early to dispel the idea of continuing to sneak into the fourteenth floor. Maybe he has a chance to sneak into the fourteenth floor alone. Relatively speaking, the target of the star cruise ship is too big. Once it is found, there is no hope of survival.
"Boom …" The explosion resounded in all directions, and the antimatter cloud of Langqi blocked a part of the white film and television line, which slowed down the rotation speed of "Baiyun", while the death ray of Blade wiped out more than 10,000 white shadows, and most of them evaporated and disappeared on the spot.
The attack continues. The evil spirit’s son has analyzed the phase data through the battle scene. The strength of these white shadows is almost five times that of the gall bladder worm.
A comprehensive comparative analysis shows that Bai Ying has about 30 to 40 names on the list of strange insects, which is already a very high ranking.
The zerg included in the list of strange bugs are those who like to live in groups, but they are not mutant zergs. However, even if ordinary zergs live in the shadow for thousands of years, they may become blue-line zombies through their own evolution.
Lin momo doesn’t want to meet the blue line resin worm again. It’s purely a nightmare of a star cruise ship. If it’s not good, it’s wiped out. Even the core cabin constant wave tree people can escape bad luck
There are millions of white shadows. When Langqi and Blade broke out in ship fighting, the number of white shadows dropped sharply to one million.
If Phantom of the Opera was the first time to come to the out-of-bounds galaxy, Phantom of the Opera had escaped in the face of so many white shadows, but now Phantom of the Opera has changed more than before, and ships such as Zeus have assisted millions of white shadows just to undertake the scope of the fleet. Even if it is difficult to eliminate the white shadow department, I believe it will not be difficult to defeat Lin momo.
Volume 12 War! Star rolling Chapter 661 Alone
At the moment, the Tianzhu fleet is fighting fiercely at the Million White Film Festival on the 13th floor of the Ghost Mark. These white shadows come from the 14th floor of the Ghost Mark, and their strength is about 40 on the list of strange insects.
"From the scorpion meteor shower! Please let us remember your fleeting charm, please let our enemies remember the moment of the universe. The class B ship of Fanghua Zeus broke out, and the punisher was struck by a light explosion. "Roderick muttered to himself, when his spirit wave Zeus was reconciled, Zeus suddenly released a bright beam of light.
The ship’s lighter is the energy of the Star Cruises Department and stimulates the peak of the universe’s own potential. Perhaps those low-level star cruises have returned to the battlefield to achieve mass destruction. However, Zeus has been promoted to a B-class star cruise ship for some time, and Roderick is the first captain in the fleet to issue a B-class ship lighter.
The white shadow tangled together and tried to devour it like a hedgehog burst into a cannon light. At this critical moment, the Zeus ship’s lighter was stabbed to the middle by wait for a while, and the explosion was heart-rending.
The sky seems to be sunken into a piece of white shadow, and the martial arts of Zeus brought a serious threat to the white shadow group, which made the white shadow realize that the enemy was strong and even more fierce.
"The five-star blood ban may be a semi-god-based phantom of the Red Lotus Phantom, and the super C-class ship’s fighting skill broke out!" Lin momo’s difficult and gloomy phantom of the opera bloomed a purple light cloud in the center.
In an interesting scene, a lot of white shadows appeared, twisted like a blender, and the purple magnetic energy released by Phantom of the Opera was like a giant hand. Two kinds of heavy brilliance touched together, and the thirteenth floor suddenly flashed with amazing light explosions.
From a distance, a small light suddenly surged on the horizon, and then this light exploded and a layer of purple swept quickly. Any mountain rock with a ground higher than 10 meters would be impacted.
"Hissing!" There was chaos in the wave frequency, and it was impossible to tell whether it was people talking or noise. The six ships of the fleet could no longer huddle together, and each ship lost contact, and the screen was in chaos.
The Phantom of the Opera has already withdrawn to a kilometer. Just now, when Lin Sisuo launched the ship’s lighter, the white shadow and the cold can hit the frozen flash tip and hit the two powerful fists of Maimang in a head-on way.
When the battlefield light cloud dissipates, Lin momo takes a sigh of relief. In the end, the Phantom of the Opera is better. The Baiying community has been disintegrated by God’s limited magnetic killing.
"It’s a good thing to hurry up and sort out the fleet. We can’t disperse it, too." Lin Sisoli communicated with the spirit’s son, and the Phantom of the Opera immediately released a beacon to guide him in the dark.
After that, the battle became easier. Many white shadows were defeated and the fleet needed to be killed behind, but there were still a few white shadows left. These guys were too timid to choose to escape.
After the battle, Lin momo quickly salvaged the bodies of the white shadows for research. These white shadows are cold and they are easy to melt in high temperature. It is necessary to maintain an ultra-low temperature environment to barely maintain their original appearance, otherwise they will rot quickly.
Lin momo, who poisoned the prison cow, realized that pharmacists should fight in a broader way. The most important means is to develop specific antidote or toxin according to the new environment so as to gain an advantage in the battlefield.
Lin momo’s research this time may be faster and worthwhile for Christine’s thugs to explore together. First, although Baiying was fifteen meters tall when she was alive, her body function disappeared after her death, even if she was going to the ultra-low temperature environment, her body size would gradually shrink in a certain proportion. This phenomenon is very strange
A white shadow creature was dissected by Lin Sisuo and Christine, and they finally discovered it through unremitting research.
It turns out that the white shadow is the thirteenth layer of the liming mark. Those earthworm radiation particles attract cold energy and the resident body therefore radiation particles are extremely important to them.
Lin momo’s eyes flashed after getting this answer, so the white shadow flying from the 14th floor plate will soon be extinct.
The Tianzhu fleet is divided into two parts: Phantom of the Opera, Langqi, Furong. Stay where you are, Zeus, Blood Reward and Blade. Let’s explore the fourteenth floor of the ghost mark first.
Lin momo has a saying that Roderick is not needed first, and they take the risk that the Blood Reward will be invisible and far away to detect a white shadow living environment.
Three ships, Zeus, set out soon, while Lin Sisuo left the ship, Christine, to study poison, and he was ready to do the same thing again after he had benefited from the prison cow.
At lunch the next day, Roderick led a team back to the 14th floor of the ghost mark, which was even more monotonous than the 13th floor. I don’t know the year and month. There were many acidic liquids and a lot of methane and carbon dioxide piled up on the 14th floor of the ghost mark. These acids and waste gas were frozen together in a low temperature environment to form a world of ice and snow.
Those white shadows live in cold ice peaks, and their nests are made of alkaline saliva. Lilith even collected a nest marker, which can feel a trace of cold lingering around the marker.
Lin momo hurried to study the nest mark and was surprised to find that these white shadows were very sensitive to some unique acidic reactions in the universe when they were alive. This seems to be an important direction for concocting poison.
A few days later, the fleet was busy, and the crew became keepers. They managed to get to the vicinity of Montenegro and then secretly fed earthworms. Why sneak around? These guys became wary after the fleet destroyed hundreds of thousands of white shadows, and often teams of white shadows crossed the patrol site.
However, Baiying doesn’t understand human beings. They regard star cruises as huge creatures in other plates, such as "small insects" like crew members. Baiying doesn’t look high.
Lin momo, the whole thirteen-floor plate earthworms create a big meal, which will give off a very unique smell and make those earthworms flock to it.

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