But it seems that he is very respectful to Wang Xuan. What happened?
He didn’t know that it was Wang Xuan who helped Tusu a lot to save a surname Fan.
Tu Su’s younger generation is fiercely competitive. If you train the elite of the border army hard, Tu Su will not be punished. Plus the previous rescue, En Tu Su has a good impression on Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan pondered a "Hongyuan reality has five thunder altars, a captain of Tu Su has the help of the border army, and the strength of the earth is only temporarily damaged because of the sneak attack of demons in the mountains in the dark."
Hongyuan reality and Tu Su both look a little slow and think Wang a captain is quite talkative.
They don’t know that Wang Xuan is a two-person practice strategist, and the so-called will take first.
Tu Su’s aristocratic brother Hongyuan’s real status is even more respected. Of course, if you want to make the two obedient, you must first give a radish.
Wang Xuan saw that the two men shook their heads slightly. "Now the first thing is to find out if the demons in Chushan are still in a fog … they can’t fight this battle."
"A captain Wang said yes."
Hongyuan real sink a way: "The demon in Sanxian Temple has robbed people in bloody clothes, and turned crazy Tai Zi into a monster to hide. Now there must be something to do. It’s better to be original."
"Being original, it’s called several high-ranking officials from Fucheng to help Tu Su. A captain can also ask the family to send some more masters …"
"Not right!"
When Tu Su heard this, he quickly stopped, "It will take three or five days at the earliest to send someone here. What if the demon has been alarmed?"
"And if our three families get together, they will lose face if they are not afraid!"
Hongyuan reality light glance "will really lose face but Tu Su a captain is so worried that it’s not just a matter of face …"
Wang Xuan looked at two people bickering silence.
He could see that neither side wanted to ask for help.
Is it true that Hongyuan sees that Tu Su has concealed and deliberately used words to provoke each other, or is it old ginger?
Tu Su remained aphasia hesitated to shake his head. "It’s over. I dare not hide this. I’m here to look for Marshal Heliancheng’s cache …"
Wang Xuanlai was surprised that the Taiyin Gate and the Thief Gate were also looking for Liancheng’s cache, but Tu Su was startled by the words he received.
Great Chu immortals Liu Changan, Jing Shenjun, Bai Hu Bing Sheng Li Yuan …
I didn’t expect Kanyuan Mountain to hide so many secrets.
Will be finished after Tu Su sink a way: "The three immortals temple, which is important to my Tusu family, is the clue. If you help me find the location of Heliancheng Yin Temple, the remaining secrets will be distributed by you."
"If there is a treasure in it, there will be a good report!"
Wang Xuan suddenly realized that he shook his head secretly.
He finally saw that the precious Taiyin alchemy and Jing Lian Xing alchemy were illusory clues, which led to a desperate attempt by they nest’s aristocratic brother in Taiyin Gate.
It seems that you should keep a low profile in the future, or you will get into trouble if you come up with many occult techniques one after another.
"Jing Shenjun?"
The real Hongyuan mused, "Being original has also heard of this person who joined forces with the Imperial Family of Taiyi Sect to inquire about the foot of the traditional God and learned that it was this person Xuantiandao who killed the seal of the traditional God."
When he said this, he shook his head and said, "Duke Tu Su has made some waves. It is said that the gods must be immortals, and even the traditional gods need to be suppressed. Is the situation worse?"
"If the old man didn’t guess wrong, He Liancheng entered the Kanyuan Mountains and set up a Yin Temple to suppress the remains of the King of God."
Tu Su’s eyes flashed clean. "Does the real person mean that the Yin Temple is actually a magic cave?"
"That’s right"
The real Hongyuan looks solemn. "According to Wang’s captain, the demons in Sanxian Temple have acquired a different kind of true immortal inheritance, and what they hide is even that they have detected the magic cave they want to break!"
The two sides exchanged information and connected the clues.
Li reinforcements killed the master Jing Shenjun and sent his younger brother He Liancheng to suppress him.
The demon in Sanxian Temple got the sacred statue of the nether world, inherited the demon Dan Gui Dan method, and raised the crazy Tai Sui monster, which is good at traveling through the earth veins. Obviously, it was prepared for unsealing the magic cave.
However, Wang Xuan’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and he always feels that something is wrong …
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Wang Xuan dial the fog intrigue and infighting.
What is wrong?
Wang Xuan carefully recalled a series of events after entering the mountain.
On the night of entering the mountain, he was attacked by a sneak attack to break the ghost cave and behead Liu Xianggong, and then he built an outpost to save the Longfeng government army, Taiyi, and taught everyone to come …
Suddenly a flash of light flashed through his mind.
"Two, this matter may be more complicated!"
Tu Su and Hongyuan reality are discussing, such as breaking, and they suddenly looked at each other when they heard Wang Xuan’s appearance.

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