"Touch …"
Chang Sheng just saw Zhuge Jun’s appearance. Suddenly, a black figure suddenly jumped out of the door of the fairy house. Even through the eye surgery, he observed the present situation, but Chang Sheng could clearly feel this sudden black figure. I’m afraid the breath is at least immortal!
As soon as the black figure jumped out of the fairy mansion gate, it rushed to Qin Zhang, who seemed to be trying to kill the intruder.
"Hum …"
Qin Qin’s face was black with the breath of eternal fate, but her face was cold without any fear. She suddenly grabbed a token and raised her hand in front of her.
Seeing the black figure of this token turned out to be an instantaneous stop and burst into a kneeling position.
Chang Sheng instantly froze this woman. She not only knew what this fairy house knew, but also rushed out of this seemingly guardian immortal shadow in the fairy house. After seeing the token in Qin’s hand, she actually knelt down to this woman. She is so mysterious. How many secrets does she have?
Chang Sheng looked at Zhang Qin again, kneeling in front of him and standing in a black figure. Because of his body, he was covered with a black cloak. This black shadow looks very good. Whether this black shadow is a person Chang Sheng can’t see clearly.
Qin Qin took a look at the shadow but looked down. Zhuge Jun stepped into the fairy house and the shadow behind him followed closely and went in.
As Qin Qin walked into the fairy house, the whole fairy house suddenly shook, and then the whole fairy house virtual shadow loomed out …
"This virtual shadow … that is fairy house! It turns out that Xianfu is in that position! " Xishan is slaying the zombie, Hector even off leg lifts. A heavy shock immediately caused hundreds of zombies around him to fly out. Hector even off one hand grabbed the axe and lifted his leg towards the fairy house.
"Fairy House went this time, and the academy sent us to a big place, which is to find this fairy house. Now Fairy House has appeared, and I went there at the same speed." A Confucian scholar with a folding fan sank to his side and several Confucian scholars greeted him.
"Fairy House …" Step east ya overlooking the fairy house virtual shadow swept forward rapidly.
All the people in the whole Xishan saw the Xishan image, and all the people talked about the strength and strength, and the body flew away to the place where Xianfu was located.
"Fairy House Fairy House has appeared again" Fang Yuanfu looked at the sudden appearance of a huge fairy house virtual shadow and his face moved.
"I wonder if the appearance of this fairy house is a good thing or a bad thing for the Daqi dynasty."
Chang Sheng was surprised to find that as Qin entered the fairy house, his eye surgery suddenly continued to follow Qin all the way to track down that he could know Qin was still in the fairy house.
Eye surgery can be observed in Fiona Fang for five hundred miles. Obviously, Fairy House is isolated from eye surgery observation.
Chang Shengfa continued to observe that Zhang Qin could display Zhuge Jun’s body with his eye surgery.
Looking at Zhuge Jun’s pale and bloodless face, Chang Sheng’s secret passage was a fluke. Fortunately, I believed Yue Yichen’s words before and I didn’t rush to ambush the zombie king and the British marquis.
If you really want to ambush them, it’s impossible to think of an ambush from the outside. In this way, you can ambush the other side and it’s still in the depths of the ban. But just now, when Zhang Qin lifted the ban, the situation …
Chang Sheng thought of a drop of cold sweat on his forehead. When he came to see Zhuge Jun, he knew that if a few people were banned from the depths before, he would die even if he was swept by that horrible breath. I am afraid he would lose half his life and even be attacked by that horrible shadow with immortal breath.
A few of us don’t have tokens like Qin Qin, which can make the shadow kneel and Qin Qin should not save a few of us.
Fortunately, there was a Yue Yichen around him who listened to him himself.
Chang Sheng dark sigh a lucky eye surgery since Qin Qin has entered the fairy house, several of his own people should also enter the fairy house quickly.
This mysterious Xishan is full of zombies, and there is indeed a fairy house. If you want to enter it, you should take a look.
Fairy House, which is the abode of fairies after the ancient immortals ascended.
How many precious toes can soar to stay in the abode of fairies and immortals? But before entering the fairy mansion, it is necessary to find out what this mysteriously long corridor is.
Changsheng four people walked all the way for a long time and finally came from a strange light in front.
Changsheng finally reached the end of the corridor, but as soon as he reached the end of the corridor, he was surprised to find that there was a palace in front of him.
Someone has successfully built a palace!
"Knock, knock!"
Just when Chang Sheng four people saw the palace, suddenly three heavy stereos and three huge figures rushed out of the palace and stopped the four of them.
"hmm? Why them? Didn’t Wang kill them himself? Why are they still alive? " A zombie saw Chang Cheng four people suddenly one leng some soliloquize and like to ask the other two zombies around.
Chang Sheng heard this zombie’s words, but it was instantly determined that the zombie king was directly directed at them, and the three zombies also knew the curtain.
When Chang Sheng was thinking in his heart, the zombie in the middle of the three opposite zombies also rang in a low voice. "Don’t worry so much. The three of them will have to die if they enter here. Just when the king wants to kill them, let’s do it."

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