Two Yin gods. He cultivated two Yin gods. Neither of them sent thunderbolt. He did it.
Wenxuan sat quietly in front of his eyes, and the teenager stayed for another time. He was like a mystery.
Without the fetters of the flesh, Yang Tian’s two Yin gods came to the end of the passage lightly, without bringing up any wind, and slowly attached themselves to the stone wall to explore a little idea.
Thirteen students, many of whom were lying in a coma in the middle of the hall, saw that the Yin God had been trapped and all of them were tied with black ropes.
The hall actually has two entrances, ten Moro brothers, five people guarding this side and five people guarding the other side.
Fortunately, these younger brothers are not vigilant and are laughing at each other.
Well, it seems that it is necessary to block both sides at the same time, which is troublesome.
Yang Tian just thought about leaving the white ghost, but the two Yin gods infiltrated the stone wall and wore it across the street.
Although Yin Shen can go through the wall, the speed is much slower and the consumption of mind is much greater.
Moments later, the two Yin gods finally dived into the opposite stone wall, but ten steps away from the five Mo Luo brothers here to attack the position.
One purple, one black, and two beams of light quietly condense in the stone wall, which are two pieces of armor with yuan pole to lock the gods and monty to kill the gods. When the spell is formed, the attack is launched instantly.
First of all, across the sword, there was a flash of light, and suddenly a huge shock wave from Xuan Bing enveloped the five people across the street.
Suddenly, the other party was covered with a layer of frost without even coming to the bone blade, and the action immediately became stiff
Bai Ming didn’t stop the first firm but gentle hair immediately crazy cut and bone fracture sound sounded one after another.
Just here, five people were surprised by the opposite change. When they hurriedly put the bone blade to fly to aid, two groups of light suddenly flashed and merged into two people respectively.
At the same time, the big fork in the hands of the hag Yin God and the pike in the hands of the child are also inserted into the head of a younger brother.
By the time the last brother turned around in horror, it seemed that two Yin Shen weapons had been inserted into his brain at the same time.
After winning the Yuanji Lock Skill and the Monty Killing Skill, two younger brothers lost their breath in an instant, but the three younger brothers were not immediately stunned by Yang Tianyin’s attack. The Yin God was hit hard and immediately tried to recall the bone blade and struggled to escape.
Yang Tian had expected that he would fight with the spirit protector to fight with two bone blades to attack one side, fork one side and stab one side, and attack crazily.
Finally, the five people here completely rest in peace, and we can see that three of them have drifted away.
Due to the serious distraction just now, Bai Ming’s attack slowed down a lot, but none of the five people were able to escape in Xuan Bing’s firm but gentle freezing.
It’s much easier to pick it up. Bai Ming cut ten people in a row, and the flesh instantly broke into pieces.
Once again, it was confirmed that the Yin God flew back to the flesh after the ten people were stunned, and then in Wen Xuan’s incredible eyes, he read the ten people’s mind
Make a fortune
This is Yang Tian’s first thought after he was busy.
Chapter 52 Fish in troubled waters
There are some stone chambers around the hall, but Yang Tian’s eyes are immediately attracted by the closed stone door.
Yang Tian, it’s not advisable to stay here long. Let’s wake these other disciples quickly.
Wen Xuan called Yi and ran to those unconscious classmates to try to wake them up.
Wait a minute
Yang Tian stopped Wen Xuan.
Ah, Yang Tian, what’s wrong?
Wen Xuan smell speech immediately retracted stretched out his hand some nervous way
Hehe, nothing. I just want them to sleep a little longer.
Yang Tian smiled and walked over with his hands empty, grabbing thirteen students, and was immediately taken up by Ling and sent to a cave of stone chambers.

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