Yu Lijun’s face smiled again, and then she got up with her bag. To tell the truth, I’m really glad that you said I was beautiful at the school gate today. I may be too vain. You won’t blame me for seeing you so bravely overthrow Tamia Liu at that time.
It’s really beautiful and I really miss you. If you say you’re my girlfriend, I will definitely admit it.
After saying these words, I felt that my words were a little strange, but saying them was like throwing water. He wanted to regret it now, but he couldn’t come.
Li-jun Yu seems to have put fireworks in her eyes, and the whole thing flickered and she ate the leftovers with saliva. She ignored the numerous customers around her, laughed and kissed her face, and then giggled like a rabbit who stole a laundry list of radishes and left the restaurant door. She kissed her cheek thoughtfully.
In the afternoon, Ma Lu said something in the disco office. He had already hidden the long knife. Now he is leaning comfortably on the sofa and looking at Ma Lu’s figure from the side. After a while, Ma Lu lowered his voice and turned to the left. Zhang Haotian said that the sooner he saw you, the better. He asked you to get together in Junman Building at night and said that he would talk about the interview with you.
The rest promised without thinking, but I have nothing to do late. Just promise him for me.
Ma Lu put the receiver in his ear and said a few words before hanging up.
Seeing that things have been settled, I asked, I have no experience in this kind of wine shop. What should I wear and say at night?
Ma Lu smiled. This is to talk about whether you are really going to interview immediately. Their directors usually dress casually, so you don’t have to be too stiff to dress lightly. But don’t forget that Zhang Haotian is lewd. I’m afraid you will have to go to some pornographic occasions when you get there. Don’t forget to pay the bill.
Why is it so troublesome with a wry smile left? Well, I’m really too lazy to deal with these people if I don’t want to show my face. Let me meet this color director today.
I heard that Wang Ming, who was interviewed by the director of the TV station, was also a little excited. He came back from a distribution den early and said that he would also leave the car for him today. So the photographer allowed him to be a background when he was interviewed. In that case, his king’s name can be regarded as left behind. In the future, he can boast that it has been shown in public. You know, although there are millions of people in this city, several people have been watching this opportunity, and the king’s name will not be given to others.
Nai smiled and agreed with him, so at the beginning of the Hua Deng, the two brothers got into the left BMW and made a fortune.
Chapter ninety-five See color director
In the impression of seeing the color directors, those directors should be short and fat guys with disgusting faces, but in the bag full of people, he just saw this creative and lewd Zhang Hao, but he was stunned.
At present, Zhang Haotian’s height is more than one meter, and his face is generally angular and masculine. His burly body reveals that he has superhuman energy left in his heart, secretly admiring that Zhang Haotian suddenly appeared in front of him and left him without knowing that he is a director. I can really recognize him as a male model.
No wonder he’s lustful. From the bright eyes of Zhang Haotian, his physique is definitely better than that of ordinary people. It’s really a strange thing that a man like this is not surrounded by a large group of beautiful women when he has a smooth career and wants money.
Zhang Haotian faced the leftovers and felt from his heart that the young man was sending out a domineering spirit all over his body. He had been engaged in directing for so many years, which was considered as a number of readers, but he really couldn’t think of what the young man had experienced in front of him, so casually, but he was afraid to stare at him.
The two men met in an instant. appreciate each other felt that after exchanging pleasantries, the two sides were seated. Zhang Haotian opened his mouth and asked what wine was left. At ordinary times, he was accompanied to a disco to have some beer. Now he was asked by Zhang Haotian, and he was tongue-tied. He told the truth. Hehe, I don’t drink much at ordinary times. I don’t have much research on wine. Let’s make up my mind.
Zhang Haotian smiled. He knew from the expression left that what he said was not polite, so he stopped being polite and told the clerk that you should get two bottles of six-year cellar first. If you need me later, the clerk promised to leave happily, while Zhang Haotian turned around and said, Should I call you boss Wu or Mr. Wu or simply call you Wu Tong?
What’s left is the same with a ha ha smile. The name is just a symbol. People don’t scream it any more. I don’t think director Zhang can just call me by my name as soon as he sees it.
Zhang Haotian knew his name before he saw it, but he always felt that it was really indecent to have it left, so he wanted to call his last name, but he didn’t expect it to be left, but he said it frankly and didn’t think it was inappropriate at all.
The rest went on to say that I was in a small mountain village, and my father died early, and my mother is still alive. They are not intellectuals, so they gave me such a name, but since the name was given by my elders, I should cherish it whether it is good or bad.
Zhang Haotian smell speech stare blankly for a while, he clearly felt the filial piety from the words left. Although these words seem a bit old-fashioned to many people now, most people who have really experienced wind and rain can feel the deep red heart from the inside.
It’s rare that you are so straightforward, so I won’t be polite anymore. Then I’ll call you what’s left, which also makes you and I close. But don’t be a director left and a director right. If you think I’m still that good, just call me Brother Zhang.
Left nodded with a smile. At this time, Zhang Haotian asked the two bottles of red wine to come in. After filling the cup, Zhang Haotian gave a speech at the apex to welcome the rest.
The atmosphere of the banquet was extremely harmonious. Zhang Haotian talked very speculatively about the recent interview. When Zhang Haotian spoke, he once asked strangely that the rest was to get funds to start a disco. Although he was full of affection for him, he didn’t dare to tell him the real reason. After making up an explanation, Zhang Haotian didn’t ask again.
Two bottles of red wine were frequently toasted in Zhang Haotian, and they were quickly drunk. At this rate, he would soon get drunk. But when the two bottles of red wine were drunk, he was shocked to find that he felt dizzy after the first glass, but he kept this tipsy feeling from now on.
Zhang Haotian’s capacity for liquor seems to be really great. While smiling heartily, he called the waiter to drag another case of beer, leaving him with a guess that he could still drink with him for a while, so he didn’t object but gulped down the last glass of red wine.
The head of wine makes the two men who have just met seem to have become old friends who have known each other for many years. After the beer was brought in again, the two excited people drank a glass of it.
Wang Ming watched these two people who had become Dionysus secretly shaking their heads in their stomachs. That’s it. People who drink too much don’t feel that they are passing by quickly, but people who don’t touch alcohol next to them feel that time is passing so slowly. Wang Ming has never seen too much. So drinking, he is afraid that his boss will get drunk and make a fool of himself, but it’s hard to stop it, but he shakes his head in secret.
The wine bottles in the room have been filled with the dining table, but no one has touched the chopsticks on the table. Now, looking at these two red-faced guys, I finally have to admit that these two people are really heavy drinkers and they are definitely standard drinkers in this way.
Zhang Haotian stood up, burped, and then his tongue was stiff. I’m really happy today. Let’s go somewhere else later. I’ll introduce you to some just-in-time actors and let them sing with you.
Before there was anything left, Zhang Haotian took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. Then he shouted loudly, Ling, are you okay tonight? Just call your sisters here. I met a good brother. You came here together and got to know each other. Then he jabbered the name and room number of the hotel again. After hanging up, he blinked at the remaining girls and said, those girls are beautiful. The ladies in the nightclub have become the threshold of the temple, and thousands of people have crossed it. These are all different. They have just stepped into the performance business. Today, we are not looking for a store to accompany them.

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