Generally, if you refine the true-grain elixir according to the three-grain elixir, if the effect is good, you can achieve the three-turn elixir. If the technique is a little worse, it is possible to refine the two-turn elixir. Of course, if it is worse, it will be scrapped directly.
Some so-called alchemists can refine the three-grain magic weapon with colorful spirit and materials, just like genkai Xianzhou Magic Spirit Daozong, but they can’t refine the three-grain magic weapon with colorful spirit and spirit because of the lack of alchemy skills-Yufeng Yulu Dan can be described as a sudden death.
Master Gao Dandao, a real alchemist, can forge a seven-grain magic pill if he has a prescription in his hand, and he can also pound out a six-grain magic pill if he is unlucky.
"really?" Fire shine stunned to see Liang Yi covered with purple flame and couldn’t help beating a refined body, a kind of water and seven turns to Dan. That’s beyond imagination. You know, on the eve of Du Jie, monks dare not add magic pills at will, otherwise it will lead to Armageddon, but refined body Dan medicine has no such concerns.
Fire shine bathed in real fire from childhood, and the cultivation of the flesh has also been improved in a subtle way. It has undergone the transformation of the fitness period and the refinement of the body for two times. The degree of solidification of the flesh is stronger than that of Liang Yi. Many physical strengths can be compared with that of Du Jie’s peak monk in the early days. If there is such a water-saving seven-turn Dan belly, then her flesh will have an earth-shaking change.
"Nature is true" Liang Yi touched his nose and heart. Am I a liar? Why so many questions?
"I want one after Dan Cheng," said Huo Linger. "I’ll give you my share."
"Forget it," Liang Yi smiled. "Consider it a friendship sponsorship. I’ll give you this water bottle."
"Fine, but your alchemy skills are so superb. I think you can refine all these things into Dan." Fire Shiner smiled. "I will give you the reward for your alchemy."
"How do I feel that I’ve been cheated?" Liang Yi didn’t good the spirit way. "You are bossing me around for nothing."
"Ha ha, fat water doesn’t flow out of the field. Is there any justice if you are a master of Dandao?" Fire shine is in a good mood and it’s rare to have a little joke.
"Well, I’m out of luck, and I’ll stand you." Liang Yi shook his head slightly and looked at his indecision. Gong Nanyan said, "Don’t worry, I’ll send you one."
Gong Nanyan heard a slight Zheng and then solemnly said, "Well, since Brother Liang treats me as a friend, I’m not melodramatic. Today’s grace will be rewarded."
"That’s right. Check the leftovers quickly. We have to continue on our way." Liang Yilian said.
Then three people will be left with more than two hundred seal box checked again, in addition to find a strain of refined Du E purple then tricolor Lingxia treasure again didn’t let three people shine at the moment.
Two-thirds of the more than 300 boxes are common elixirs, and most of them are fairy things. Obviously, the pseudo-fairy world is still rich in fairy things. In addition, there are 23 kinds of real things, among which there are five flavors of Xuanyuan, except for the colorful Lingxia-class true water crystal. Another kind of refined Du E purple elixir tricolor real thing is the most eye-catching. Although there are many other real things that can be refined to improve repair, heal and quickly replenish mana, it seems that there are no precious things for Huo Linger and others except refining into Dan medicine for Yuan Lingshi.
Of course, for Liang Yi, nearly 100 kinds of fairy medicines are also promising. With these things, Lin Jiacheng and his wife, the two scattered fairy elders, Chengxian Road, seem to have more thoughts.
"These guys are really big sheep. I really don’t know how much they have harmed before entering the Xuanwu spirit realm." Fire shine is not angry. "I think we might as well find another chance to do it a few times and maybe get several kinds of refined materials from Du E Zijin Dan."
"Yes, these people must have refined Du E Zijindan baby" Gong Nanyan also chimed in.
"No, you can’t do this now." Liang Yi shook his head slightly. "You don’t know that those almighty people will definitely let their brothers merge their forces after they have suffered a loss. It is almost impossible for us to deal with them like this again."
"Wait until I refine the seven-turn-for-water Dan, and then go to them." Liang Yi smiled. "But it’s only a few years after refining the seven-turn-for-Dan, and I don’t know if these people can stay in this secret place for so long."
"Do you want to refine Qi Zhuan Dan now? Do you also have other auxiliary medicines?" At Liang Yi fire shine strange.
"Just ready" Liang Yi nods.
"I really don’t understand you more and more." Fire shine raised eyebrows and said, "People who dare to stir up the Three Realms really can’t guess it by common sense."
"Well, hurry to lead the way. Many things will be told to you in the future if you have an organic conversation." Liang Yi said with a smile and waved his hand to close the forbidden flags in the valley.
"Well, I’m waiting for this day." Fire Shine chuckled, and the whole person seemed to be lighter. Soon, three people rose and went to the core of the forbidden area thousands of miles away.
The three of them just escaped from the valley and habitually read the gods, only to find that there is a familiar smell hovering hundreds of miles away.
"It’s the evil dragon," said Gong Nanyan, a poisonous widow. "Do you want to kill him first?"
This person has just escaped from the mouth of three wild beasts of the flame leopard, and the leader of the Longteng demon world, the Lei Long demon, got rid of the wild beasts and Liang Yi and others, and there are still no other teams to meet.
"You can’t let it go if you touch it." Liang Yi smiled. "Don’t wait for his big army to meet before you kill it?"
Say that finish mind move will be a little monster Shu Shu from the blue spirit day, please come out.
"Why, master?" The little monster even asked
"Let’s go after the enemy when we get bigger." Liang Yi confessed that this little guy was supported by all his strength after eating, and his figure became smaller but bigger but not affected.
"I am a god beast, both of them?" Shu Shu has some reluctance to say
"They are friends" Liang Yi grunted coldly.
"Oh, I understand that there are more friends, masters and women." Shu Shu smiled and suddenly became twice as big.
Liang’s anecdote, qi and blood stagnate and glare at the little guy, but he turns a blind eye and still smiles
"Are you so bad to your master?" Liang Yi nu way "you give me wait" say that finish floating body attached to this Lao back fire shine and palace Southern Yan strange glanced at Liang Yi, also floating body Shu Shu back Shu Shu speed they are seen with this mount ride nature can’t let go.
It’s a pity that the fire shine habitually forgot to take back the body and bathe in the purple demon fire. As soon as the demon fire touched Shu Shu, the little guy rushed out in front.
"Damn you, put away that unlucky flame." Shu Shu even shook off his white fur with long cries.
"I’m sorry" Fire Shiner apologized for putting the purple flame away, but when she looked at the little guy again with his white fur still bright and clean, her face showed a shocked expression. "What kind of monster is this guy? It has no means to resist my real fire but doesn’t even have the slightest damage to the fur." Fire Shiner’s heart andao wants to know that her demon fire can make her shed a layer of skin even if it is pulled to a thick scale. Shu Shu can easily resist this fire without any means.
"Pay attention to the second time" Shu Shu was very angry, but he gave Liang Yi a heavy knock on his head. "Cut the crap and go after that man."
Shu Shu smell speech but dare not say more about what force to cast dun technique to recover towards the evil dragon.
The Lei Long demon had already reacted when Liang Yi and others appeared. While notifying the channel through special means, he did not hesitate to flee to the distance.
"Come on, don’t dawdle" Liang Yilian drink a way.
"Well," Shu Shu reluctantly returned to a direct display of self-destructive repair and evasion, and the speed suddenly soared
Fire shine and palace Southern Yan see Shu Shu has soared by seventy percent. They are all amazed and look at Liang Yi with a little more awe and curiosity.
"The owner is a monster, and the spirit beast is also a monster." Fire Shine muttered in his heart.
The demon who struggled to escape from Lei Long in front saw that Liang Yi and others were getting closer and closer, and the speed was beyond imagination. At that time, they were in despair.

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