Chapter five hundred and forty Guardian God beast
Girls’ literature
Looking at Zhao-yang Qin lightly after Sunday’s remarks, he couldn’t help but admire Zhao-yang Qin’s calculation. He must have known that there was a crystallization in this hole, but he just didn’t say that the purpose was to make a fool of their party, which would probably get rid of an arch-rival, so that Zhao-yang Qin could carry it out.
From Qin Chaoyang’s acquaintance to now when he was in Fengcheng County, he quietly accumulated strength beside Liu Ji, the county party secretary, and later came to Whitestorm, which made a turning point in his life. After absorbing Whitestorm’s repair and vitality, his comprehensive strength became stronger and stronger, and his power was constantly expanding, which eventually made him a generation of monty. It can be said that Qin Chaoyang’s life as a girl literature was full of struggles and intrigues.
Zhao-yang Qin simply couldn’t tell the imposing manner of the whole person there. He laughed coldly and said, "Now that you have seen through the crystallization of the cave, you can crack this crystallization. Don’t expect me. I am responsible for taking you here, but there is no such thing as cracking this crystallization."
On Sunday, eyebrows a wrinkly saw that kind of schadenfreude from Zhao-yang Qin’s smile. This hole crystallized Zhao-yang Qin’s ability to crack this crystallization. What does he have to wait for him to do if he doesn’t make moves?
Glancing at Han Shuo lightly, I saw that he looked very urgent to know that he was trying to save Han Yu. He sighed with a sigh. Things have come to this point, and the roots will be turned back. In this case, let’s look at what Qin Chaoyang’s last card is and slowly say, "Brother Han Shuo asked me to come to this crystallization. Only the strong with heaven level can have this ability to crack."
Han Shuo nodded and said, "Xiaofeng has worked hard for you."
Sunday gave a wry smile, "I’m willing to help Han Yu do more things if I have nothing to do." Say that finish, I will shoot a milky gas out of his abdomen with my mind, and the girls’ literature will update that milky gas at the first time. When I get to the mouth of the cave, I will turn it into a sword with a firm but gentle sword like a high-speed rotating cone-shaped sword. "Wow" I will directly smash the crystallization of the hole.
Zhao-yang Qin glanced at the mouth of the cave lightly. Hehe laughed. "Sunday is not the kui. It was a shocking day. I have a relatively long distance compared with you." There was a faint loneliness in the tone. The voice just landed and slowly walked to the mouth of the cave, and soon it disappeared.
Sunday and Han Shuo looked at each other, and they also used their posture to closely follow Zhao-yang Qin behind them.
Walking slowly towards the cave, I don’t know how long it took. Suddenly, three people’s eyes lit up and suddenly saw a spacious place in front of them.
There is a very lush lotus growing in that place, and there is a blood-red core hovering quietly on the lotus surface.
Zhao-yang Qin said simply, "That is to say, the blood-red core on the Chinese core surface can dissolve the magic gas of Han Yu’s body and make him return to the right path. I have shown you how to do it. It depends on you."
Looking at Zhao-yang Qin coldly on Sunday, "Zhao-yang Qin, what exactly do you want me to play games?"
Zhao-yang Qin said simply, "You will understand why you are afraid of my intrigues. Haha, it’s not like your character on Sunday, and you can’t be afraid of me." Words are full of disdain and seem to appreciate the struggle and contradiction that Sunday shows in such a situation.
It’s a pity that Zhao-yang Qin was disappointed. He didn’t seem to hear him on Sunday, but he still said calmly and indifferently, "Zhao-yang Qin, you don’t have to take words to shock me. Do you think I will be taken in? You don’t want to see how I will struggle to suffer in this situation."
Zhao-yang Qin was told what he was thinking on Sunday, and he didn’t mind saying, "If you can’t see it, you can’t watch it." People slowly sat on one side of a prominent rock and quietly watched what Sunday and his party would do next.
Han Shuo has come to this place. Naturally, people can’t wait to show their skills. Suddenly, they rushed in, but as soon as they got close to the Huaxia core, there was a huge rebound. Then they saw four huge bodies in the east, west, north and south. Take a closer look at them. They look like the top ten beasts in ancient times, such as Bai Ze, Kui, and Yan.
On Sunday, as soon as the world of gods was tight, it immediately came to the fire phoenix and exclaimed, "The last four beasts were actually hiding here. Haha, the top ten beasts in ancient times have already arrived. It seems that it is really a doom."
On Sunday, the consciousness entered the world of gods and looked at the fire phoenix. "Is the fire phoenix really finished gathering the top ten beasts?"
The fire phoenix nodded. "It’s good that the seal in Shanya’s body is gluttonous, that in Lan Xin’s body is Bi Fang Sun Zhenhao’s seal is a bird with a heavy name, that in Wang Xing’s body is Qinglong Fu Yajing’s seal is roar, and that in your body is my fire phoenix, so the top ten ancient beasts are not gathered. Do you want the six of you to really exert the power of the beasts, then your ancient memory will be restored?"
Zhou Tianxin never thought that the people in the isolated island had been found by him. The last four beasts did not know whether the result was a comedy or a tragedy. After half a meditation, he slowly asked, "Fire Phoenix, do you find that there is a different feeling here?"
The fire phoenix nodded and said, "Yes, the seal here is an evil breath with great power. Once released, the whole day will be disrupted. You should consider clearly that this is not a joke. Maybe many people will die if you decide today."
Sunday sighed, "Is there no other way?"
Fire Phoenix said, "You can also see that these four beasts are guarding this Huaxia core, and this Huaxia core is an important treasure to seal the evil spirit breath. If you seize the Huaxia core, you will break the seal power source. With the evil spirit breath power, you can completely break away from the seal power."
On Sunday, after hearing the words of Fire Phoenix, I already had an idea in my heart and said slowly, "I can’t be selfish and ignore the safety of the whole world. This Chinese core doesn’t matter about girls’ literature."
The Fire Phoenix gave a wry smile: "It’s too late for stinky little. The crystallization of the cave mouth echoes the seal technique. Once the crystallization is broken, it will shake the seal force. It won’t be long before the evil spirit can break away from the seal technique according to its own strength, and this evil aura has left here. If you feel the evil spirit, you will come here desperately, so that everything will become more serious."
"Today, you took Huaxia Core to rescue a few people. Maybe you can add a powerful force. Things have come to this step and there is no turning back. Then go forward and don’t turn back. I believe that the gathering of the top ten beasts must be an act of God. Maybe in the end, it will be the end of heaven and earth."
On Sunday, after a half-meditation, the confused look will gradually become firm, saying, "Well, since this is the case, it will be borne by me on Sunday, and I will never let this evil spirit go anywhere." I made up my mind to be confused again and suddenly returned to the real world.
Qin Chaoyang was slightly surprised to see Sunday’s eyes glow with poor fighting spirit again, and said simply, "Oh, have you decided on Sunday?"
Sunday sneered, "Zhao-yang Qin, isn’t this what you want to see? You deliberately led us here, I bet, just to borrow my hand to lift the seal here and release the evil spirit here."
Zhao-yang Qin was stupefied. How did you know everything on Sunday? He sighed, "You really are a very complicated person. You can guess even my deepest secret. It’s good. I brought you here just to borrow your hand to remove the seal here and release the evil spirit here. Since you already know everything, what will you do on Sunday? I am full of expectations." There were two cold lights in my eyes and I looked at Sunday motionless.
Sunday sighed with a wry smile. "It’s already a turning point in this matter. I cracked the crystal at the mouth of the cave. Even if I don’t understand and remove the seal, I’m afraid the virtual shadow man will come here to integrate his body with evil spirits. In that case, we can’t save Han Yu, but we will add a magic power."
Zhao-yang Qin chattered and laughed. "Oh, this game is so fun. You didn’t expect it on Sunday, did you? It’s really surprising that my brilliant generation will be counted by me at the end?"
"You’re crazy." On Sunday, I clenched my fist and stared at Zhao-yang Qin coldly, and suddenly a strong milky white flame came out from the depths of the eye pupil.
Chapter five hundred and forty-one Han Shuo fall
Girls’ literature
"Do you want to kill me?" Zhao-yang Qin looked at Sunday with a cool smile. "I advise you not to start work. Your strength is really higher than mine, but I really want to start work. In a short time, I will support it. By that time, I will destroy Huaxia Core. All your hopes will be ruined. How about Sunday? Do you still want to start work? I am looking forward to your start work."
There is nothing wrong with Zhao-yang Qin’s speech on Sunday. It is not wise to start work at this time. He said to Han Shuo, "Han Shuo, eldest brother, we are going to take Huaxia core, and I will cover you. That lotus flower can just reshape the three souls and seven souls for Feng Feng so that she can be reborn." The tone was full of tragic performance for the first time, so that no matter how hard he experienced from debut to now, he could influence his mind, but this time he felt a deep sadness and made him slightly shaken than his firm mind.
Han Shuo’s knowledge of the world of gods can be sensed in the tragic mood on Sunday, and then he is associated with the fact that Qin Chaoyang’s dialogue just now has been in vain. The price of getting Huaxia Core is so great that he can’t help but hesitate to say, "Do we really want to do this on Sunday? So the whole world will fall into a catastrophe?" His eyes also show deep pain. Han Yu couldn’t bear to save him, but the thought of saving Han Yu from the magic road and the price of updating girls’ literature for the first time is so great that he can’t help but struggle with contradictions.
Sunday said coldly, "We didn’t choose all this. It’s already a foregone conclusion. Since we promised Zhao-yang Qin, everything has become an act of God. Even if we don’t take Huaxia Core and let the virtual shadow people find it here some day, we can’t keep Huaxia Core. In that case, let’s do something meaningful for Huaxia Core, or we will fight back and prepare for effective strength."
Han Shuo said with a sigh on Sunday that "it’s really a big price to make a big mess in order to save Han Yu." He gently put Han Yu in the center of the earth and made up his mind to say softly, "Han Yu, if one day his brother is not with you, I hope you can take good care of yourself and maintain the world with Sunday. We owe too much to this world and it’s time for us to return." I got up and shouted at Sunday, "I’m ready now."
Zhou Tianshen read together and suddenly burst into a strong milky white flame, constantly releasing the fire phoenix breath in his consciousness, which eventually led to the change of the four great beasts. Bai Ze’s beasts slowly opened their eyes and two of them passed away, saying simply, "Oh, it’s the fire phoenix breath. I didn’t expect that hundreds of thousands of us big beasts could still get together."

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