Confused, I looked slightly confused and said, I can’t. Many fourteen-year-old sisters in the neighborhood have already married people. What can’t I do? Where can I not do them?
When Khan heard Maya’s words, Ye Tian was sweating profusely. The little girl was not twenty years old but only fourteen years old. It seems that his judgment is correct, but the little girl is so young. Ye Tian doesn’t seem to be such a beast.
In the face of Maya, I can’t say a word. Maya has always been a band baby. Everyone loves her very much and takes care of her. I can’t bear to hurt her. But Maya has said that it is not too strange to get married at the age of 14, although it is not big.
Seeing a slight silence, I turned my head to Maya and looked forward to looking at Ye Tiandao. I admire you so much. Oh, please help me write a song. Big sisters can do it, and so can I. Oh, I can’t say no when I look at Maya and ask Ye Tian for this lovely little girl. But this song choice must be considered. Love songs are too bad to be animals.
Ye Tian finally made a decision after pondering for a long time. beyn’s song True Love You is his last choice. Look at Maya Ye Tian Judo. Well, since you want it so much, I will give you a song True Love You.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Maya held the guitar tightly and looked forward to watching Ye Tian, and so did other girls. Of course, everyone should look forward to Ye Tianchuang’s songs, because they never dreamed of beautiful music.
Looking at Ye Tian expectantly, I turned to Jill and said, Don’t be idle to cooperate with me. You should be able to play the second set of drums as I taught you.
Well, Jill nodded excitedly when she heard Ye Tian’s words. The second set of drums is not complicated, but it can be simple. She is very excited to be able to join hands with Ye Tian and Jill.
Looking around for a week, Ye Tian took the guitar in Maya’s hand and put his fingers in front of him, then nodded at Jill. The unrestrained music suddenly rang with a melodious music, and Ye Tian’s penetrating song rang melodiously.
A pair of hands can be decorated with warmth behind their backs forever
I don’t know how to cherish it.
Indulge in scales, she did not appreciate her mother’s love but never gave in.
Determined to struggle in the heart, kindness can always be rewarded.
The spring breeze melts the rain and warms my heart, and I give it to you with care all my life.
It was your warm eyes that taught me to keep my eyes on the road ahead.
Telling me not to give up when I fall can’t explain how to repay my kindness.
Love is limited. I really love you.
Accompanied by Ye Tiancang’s energetic and emotional songs, the girl is out of control and shakes her body with the beat of the music.
No one screams, but everyone has been immersed in the ocean of At this moment, Ye Tian is no longer an ordinary person. In the girl’s eyes, Ye Tian is like the emperor who stands at the altar and spreads the gospel.
Although the name of this song also carries the word love, everyone can hear that this kind of love is still deep, but it is not love, but deep and eternal.
Finally, the song slowly stopped, and the warm applause rang like a flood. The girls all looked at Ye Tian with tears in their eyes and dreams. At this moment, everyone present was shocked by Ye Tiange’s style. At this moment, everyone became Ye Tian’s most loyal idol.
Looking at the girls’ crazy expressions, Ye Tian couldn’t help sighing. In those days, beyn band probably faced such a scene several times, and at that time, what they faced was far bigger than it is now, and the fans’ shouting and clapping would fall apart.
At this moment, Ye Tian suddenly wondered what they felt when they faced such a scene. What was on their minds? Was it silence or excitement?
Thinking about Ye Tian, he gently solved the guitar and handed it to a frantic face. Maya smiled and said, All right, let’s continue training. Yu Maya, come with me and I’ll teach you how to play the guitar.
It’s okay for others to hear Ye Tian’s words, but the girl in the Tian Orchestra is instantly red, especially Jill’s face is red and she wants to write.
Jill didn’t hide what happened yesterday from her sisters. We all grew up together, and everything will be secret, and it is also very important. After all, everyone in the orchestra is in contact with the future development of the orchestra, and Jill dare not hide it.
Shy and low-headed, Maya held a guitar that was huge relative to her body, followed Ye Tian closely and walked towards the stairs. While walking, Maya thought about Jill’s sister, and quietly took care of everyone today.
Just now, when Maya asked for the song, she promised that other big sisters could do it. Now it’s probably time to cash it.
When Heidi Lenny returned to her bedroom after a day’s training, she found Ye Tian lying on her back in bed, staring blankly at the roof.
Seeing Ye Tian in this state, Heidi Lenny was startled and went to Ye Tian to ask what happened to Ye Tian. How did he look like this?
Hearing two girls’ voices, Ye Tian finally came to his senses and looked complicated. Nothing happened. I was thinking about whether I was an animal or not.
Yeah, Heidi Lenny looked puzzled when she heard Ye Tian’s words. Why did he suddenly have such an idea?
Looking at the two girls puzzled, Ye Tian sighed and hugged the two girls to bed. Ye Tian didn’t fight in the middle of the night as before, but soon fell into a deep sleep and rushed directly to the hospital management office. After twenty days of training, the war trampling has been mastered, and now the difference is experience. This is not something that can only be explored in the training hall.
After completing the promotion formalities in the management office, Tin Shing Yip became a seventh-order earth warrior and rushed to the new training hall under the leadership of the receptionist.
Ye Tian’s choice is still a five-person training hall, but this time Ye Tian has no other disciples. After all, there are too few seventh-order earth warriors, especially in such a top-level courtyard, no one is doing any earth warriors.
It has already been said that the earth warrior root has no future at most, but it is just cannon fodder. But how can a woman who can come to this hospital be either Princess Wang or super-rich choose cannon fodder?
The training hall of Jicong Seventh-order Hospital is just a decoration. Even if there are a few students occasionally, it is still in a state where people can teach. This training hall is actually a superficial construction of the hospital.
Ye Tianxin’s tutor is a man named Lalu Terrace Earth Warrior. The two tutors in front are as old-fashioned and very serious.
Looking at a face of serious Ye Tianla sink a way, let’s master the first meaningful attack lighter. Although an iron sword is cut in front of it, the fact is that it is only to increase the sharpness of weapons. It should be classified into auxiliary lighter as attack lighter.
The seventh-order earth warrior can finally be the first attack fighter. His name is "fighting gas", which means firing an air blade from a weapon to harm the enemy.
It is called fighting spirit because this kind of attack is the basic weapon. The better the weapon, the sharper the fighting spirit. Moreover, because the weapons of the earth warrior are complex and changeable, they are collectively called fighting spirit.
Swordsman can launch a firm but gentle sword with this fighting gas. However, it is a sword gas, and the gas emission varies with different weapons.
The power of fighting gas is determined by weapons. The stronger the metal is, the stronger the fighting gas is. The sharper the weapon is, the sharper the fighting gas is. It can be said that the fighting gas is powerful and the material of the weapon is finished.

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