A small jade bottle was taken out from the waist bag in autumn, and a drop of liquid was poured into the mouth as soon as it was poured into the mouth after the jade bottle was hit.
This small jade bottle is filled with stalactite, and the age is not low, even for the monks in Yuan infant period, it is not easy to recover the exhausted mana.
In the past, it took a lot of money to break the ban several times in autumn. Although it has not dried up, it is not much better.
After crossing the crack here, you will enter the middle of Wanxiu Hall. What will be dangerous then? You can’t be sure that you have to fill up your mana first.
A drop of stalactite liquid enters the chest and abdomen along the esophagus, and immediately accompanied by a series of dizziness and roaring in the brain, a spirit of earth but warmth explodes in the body, and it needs a little guidance in autumn, all of which is attributed to purple mansion mana.
Zhong Ru Ling Liquid, especially Wannian Zhong Ru Ling Liquid, is a kind of spirit liquid with very gentle temperament. Friars don’t have to worry about the injury of spirit liquid explosion in the back root.
In autumn’s hands, this stalactite liquid has been cultivated for years by the magic medicine garden, but it has reached nearly 20 thousand years, and its spiritual power is quite vigorous.
Just a drop of stalactite consumes a lot of mana in the late autumn, which not only restores the spiritual strength, but also fills the whole body and feels refreshed.
It’s like drinking a large glass of cold water when the hot sun shines violently in the dog days, and that kind of frankness bursts out from the bottom of my heart
Turning his hand over the autumn, he put away the jade bottle filled with stalactite. He waited quietly for a moment until the specific time came and his body rushed directly into the crack.
The force is urging the light to escape, and the autumn body rushes into the crack, and from time to time, it turns seven corners to avoid many dangers and goes opposite.
It was fast enough, and there was no accident on the way. When it was less than ten breath, it crossed more than a hundred feet in autumn and came across the crack.
After crossing the crack area, it is officially set foot on Wanxiu Hall. The central area is not far ahead, and there are many temples.
The architectural planning of Wanxiu Hall is quite obvious, which can be said to be divided into one level and one level.
At the outermost periphery of Wanxiu Temple, that is, near the delivery area, there are some outer temple buildings. There are no treasures or valuable things in them, and they have entered several temples in autumn, but in the end they are all harvested.
From this, he rummaged through every corner of several temples, even without a lingshi, a low-order instrument and a jade slip, and he gave up now and went to see some other palaces when he stopped surfing.
The central part of Wanxiu Temple can be very different from the periphery. This is also an important area. In autumn, there should be some good things in some temples.
The hall of instruments, the hall of elixir, the hall of elixir, the hall of array, the hall of ofuda, the hall of puppet, the hall of spirit beast, and the palace of disciples …
The powerful consciousness exploded in autumn, but the palace dense areas in the middle of the Wan Xiu Hall are now clearly classified and accurate.
These secret palaces are also divided into some different areas, and there are special resources for cultivating immortals. The named palaces are divided into various treasures and resources for cultivating immortals. There are also many palaces that have been visited by the younger brothers. It seems that the name of the palace is a place for the younger brothers to live and practice. There are also places where my brother practices magic learning techniques and so on.
After seeing the names of these palaces, Qiu immediately realized that the ancient monk site here should be the remains of a large ancient gate.
There is a record in the records of cultivating immortals and different records that the recent ancient times were divided about 10 thousand years ago, and the regional medieval times lasted about 100 thousand years, while the ancient times had a very long history, which was millions of years old, and there were ancient times in it
In ancient times, it has not been heard that the Sect of cultivating immortals can flow to autumn. Even if the history is relatively long, the five sects of Taidao, Monty, Haoran Academy, Dinghui Buddhism and Wanyao Valley are only less than 100,000 years old.
Ancient sects failed to inherit, but sectarian sites flowed. Although this situation is rare, it is not uncommon to see it in some xiuxian wild Wenqiu.
I thought that this Wanxiu Temple may be a site of an ancient Zongmen, and my first thought was that I could find many precious treasures.
There will naturally be no shortage of treasures in the ruins of the ancient monks, and Qiu never doubted that some treasures can be obtained in this ten thousand-repair hall, but the ruins are also different. Obviously, the site of Zongmen, an ancient monk, is worth looking forward to in autumn, and there may be more treasures.
With this idea, the autumn movement is faster, and the figure appears in a temple to seek treasures.
As the saying goes, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. In autumn, I searched for a temple and found some broken halls.
The outside of the temple is quite glamorous. Although it is very old due to its long history, it not only makes the temple lose its color, but also gives people a sense of history and vicissitudes.
The appearance of the temple is relatively complete, and it was only in autumn that some expectations were generated. Unexpectedly, when I stepped into it, I saw that some of the temples had been destroyed, and there was generally nothing valuable left on the periphery of Wanxiu Temple.
It is not that there are no treasures in the central plains of the temple, but that the treasures have been taken away first. Many palaces have traces of remnants and prohibitions, and the points have been broken and all the valuable things have been taken away.
In this general range, the damage to a large number of parts of the temple seems to be the same and the treasure is left; Part of the temple was badly damaged and almost completely banned. It must have been visited in advance.
"Ha ha is also expected."

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