Liu Fei has never really seen such a brazen person as Zhou Mo. How dare you say that you are a virtuous person?
Liu Feilian said two words of "good" before staring at Zhou Mo with a sneer. "Then who do you think will own the five nets if I directly kill you in this godforsaken place?"
"Are you threatening me?" Zhou mo frowned eyelid can’t help but jump a pretending to be calm way
"If you really understand me so much, there is nothing I can do …" Liu Fei shrugged his shoulders and smiled thoughtfully.
Lu Fei is really threatening Zhou Mo’s just a five-trap. Lu Fei doesn’t really value the key, but he really can’t swallow the evil spirit.
Always stealing from others, okay? Who are you, M? How dare you rob old things?
"Hum! Don’t you think I can’t be an enemy of Zhou’s family! " Although Zhou Mo was not very real when Lu Fei fought against the ghost fox and ghosts, from the fact that Lu Fei killed two people so quickly, Zhou Mo was more or less afraid of Lu Fei.
Zhou Mo, a repeat of the old trick, moved out of the Zhou family directly behind him, hoping to curb Lu Fei and make him afraid to make a move.
Liu Fei, after all, is the right person. Naturally, it is impossible to be as reckless as the magic brother. Generally, the right person is a noble family’s younger brother or a casual student. When he hears the Zhou family’s title, he still has to be afraid of three points and dare not easily make a sworn enemy with the Zhou family.
Sure enough, Liu Fei frowned after Zhou Mo revealed that he was Zhou Gudi.
"Zhou Jia?" Lu Fei muttered to himself, "This guy is actually a relative?"
"Hum! You just killed those two Mormon brothers, and you’ve got a lot of good things. This one is not much, this one is not much, and this one is not enough. Just get out of here or else-"
See Liu Fei really changed his face. Zhou Mo threatened to have a cold hum and said quickly while the iron is hot.
"Er, Daoyou is really the brother of four families in Yanjing for a week?"
Lu Fei’s attitude seems to be a 360-degree turn, and he asked cautiously and respectfully.
"That is! I’m not just Zhou’s brother, I’m still the master of Zhou’s family! "
Liu Fei’s respectful attitude seems to make Zhou Mo feel greatly influenced by nodded his head and said proudly.
"oh! It turns out that Daoyou is still the master of the Zhou family! Grovel grovel-"
Hearing this, Lu Fei’s attitude is not more respectful, and respect is almost flattering.
"Ha ha is smart!"
Looking at Liu Fei’s attitude, Zhou Mo couldn’t help laughing, and at the same time, his heart was a little thoughtful and not active
Judging from the conversation between Ghost Fox and Ghost Fox, the two of them seem to have continuously ambushed and looted several yogis, and now both of them have been killed by Lu Fei. Except for a five-net in his own hand, the rest of the good things are bound to fall into Lu Fei’s bag, and this Liu Fei is so flattering himself at the moment. Can he get two more from him as a master of Zhou Family?
"Er, Zhou Mo Daoyou, how about this? It’s fate that you and I know each other. Just now, the treasure I got will be divided equally between us, such as 21 plus 5?" Liu Fei, who didn’t wait for Zhou Mokou, was already very considerate.
"really?" Liu Fei’s words made Zhou Mo’s heart so happy and jubilant that he blurted out.
However, Lu Fei’s face is like the weather in March and April, which usually changes. Just now, it is sunny, and the sunshine in Wan Li turns into wind, frost, rain and snow.
Seeing him with a cold face, "What do you think?"
Liu Fei took a hard look at Zhou Mo. The words sound just fell and "pa" was a big ear melon!
Where did Zhou Mo think of Liu Fei’s turning his face and turning his face without any warning?
Suddenly, I heard a crunchy Zhou Mo’s face with five clear fingerprints.
"You-don’t you dare hit me!"
The huge contrast almost made Zhou Mo mad with a face of disbelief. Looking at Liu Fei, Zhou Mo almost stuttered.
"I m playing is you! You are a white-eyed wolf! " Liu Fei snapped while Zhou Mo stupidly slapped him in the face of Zhou Mo again, which was called a crisp and neat one.
"I am fucking!"
Zhou mo was almost crazy, so he pulled out his sword and went to Liu Fei!
"Hum Zhou Gongjian?"
Liu Fei sneered at the golden lightsaber with one handle and one finger, which instantly appeared in his hand. "Swish, swish" took two swordflowers and actually made the same sword as Zhou Mo, so he picked it at Zhou Mo’s sword.
"what! You-how can you make Zhou Gongjian! "
Zhou Mo’s face changed obviously and was shocked by Liu Fei’s shuriken move.
"Hey, I’ll have plenty!"
The words sound just fell and the lightsaber in Lu Fei’s hand danced again, and then he sent out a series of bright sword lights and swept away toward Zhou Mo.
"The sky is like a vault?"
Zhou Gongjian is a masterpiece of the Zhou family from generation to generation. Zhou Mo naturally recognized the sword trick made by Lu Fei at a glance. After a week of cold hum, Mo also quickly waved the sword and drank a "white fog!"
The words sound just fell on his feet and the ground was instantly infiltrated, sending out a series of white fog, which finally merged into a fierce and greeted Liu Fei’s chopping sword light.
A series of sparks flew out of the white fog and the sword light dissipated almost at the same time. The two of them fought evenly! However, it has not yet been lucky that Liu Fei’s sword in Zhou Mo’s hand is getting fierce. Before stepping on a step, the sword sweeps a sword, and on the spot, it is wrapped around Zhou Mo’s waist and pulled him to his face with a gentle pull. Then he gave a good foot to his heart!
Bang flips with disbelief. Zhou Mo should fly backwards, but he hasn’t responded at all. Liu Fei’s feet have stepped on his chest.
"no! How is that possible … Even I didn’t practice wearing a jade belt around my waist. How could you … "
Zhou Mo stared at Lu Fei with a face of disbelief and couldn’t believe that Lu Fei’s accomplishments in Zhou Gongjian were higher than himself.
This is the unique skill of our own family. Is an outsider actually practicing better than himself? And who taught him Zhou Gongjian?

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