The so-called loss will gain, although there are no advantages of those who create the Tao, but these monks who practice the inherent avenue of heaven and earth also have their advantages
At the very least, the speed of practice is usually guaranteed, and compared with them, it is still very sufficient. After all, all kinds of things that create a strong Taoist body must be worked hard by themselves.
From this, I have enough time, but now I am armed to my teeth.
Playing on the Avenue of Nature is its creativity!
Different people practice the same avenue, and the result is different. Even the same realm can form a gap between heaven and earth!
And Nu Wa Yi is one of the best.
She not only limited her advantages to strengthen the incomparable resilience and defense, but was directly pushed to a new level by physical tempering, which created all kinds of magical powers to cooperate. If it weren’t for killing in an instant, she would be able to recover in an instant and still be in the peak dzogchen state!
Want to instantly kill a monk who is a great practitioner of nature?
If it’s the peak of the road, dzogchen, the Almighty of Nature, even the ancestors must consider it carefully!
That’s right, the Avenue of Nature is so abnormal. This is the reason why Nu Wa can compete with those peak ubers just by practicing the Avenue of Nature.
What is more, Nuwa has made an in-depth study on her own weakness-attack power. After all, playing on the Avenue of Nature is creativity. If you really think that the Road of Nature can’t make a difference in attack, you will lose.
After all, the Avenue of Nature is one of those very special avenues that can compete with time and fate. How is it possible that the Avenue has such obvious weaknesses?
Maybe there are many ways to make up for it, but Nu Wa chose one of them. According to her idea, since she can’t attack physically, what about external forces?
Lingbao has entered the vision of Nu Wa, which has a unique advantage in refining Lingbao. However, if it is too time-consuming to refine Lingbao the day after tomorrow, it will be slightly modified by Nu Wa, so the Milo Regulations came out.
Milo is all-encompassing, God is wild!
The idea of Nu Wa is that since one treasure is in hand, when I have a top-level spiritual treasure and need to spend a lot, what about those disposable ones?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of top-level Lingbao one-time explosive power?
Milo’s law is to integrate all kinds of things and magical powers into a small law, and then you can release the magical powers prepared in advance at any time and place to the enemy. Think about it. How terrible is it to release several magical powers in an instant?
Even Nuwa can ask other Taoist friends to help seal all kinds of magical powers into it, such as Fuxi Gua Tian Di?
In fact, at this time, Les tasted the feeling of scalp numbness. It was fine before. Nu Wa only relied on the characteristics of the Tao of Nature to form the effect of all kinds of invulnerability. Everything relied on her own extremely poor mana and inexhaustible mana to defend against poverty, and she beat Les hard against the road of earth power.
Although the face is not very good-looking, but at least I am worried about my life, but at this time, after Les released a big move, Nu Wa finally made efforts!
"Hum! Swallow the sky? Still destroy the land? "
I feel that Shengwei Nu Wa feels the unique coercion that belongs to the mixed power, and her face slightly changes and she sighs. This goddess bathed in poverty has finally started to kill her heart!
Being able to enter the great power of the Tao of Nature is actually difficult to start the real killing heart, because it doesn’t fit the sacred heart of the Avenue of Nature. If you struggle, it is also the Avenue of Nature.
Now I can’t keep my hand when I see this magic Nuwa, who is different from the magic road in the wild. After all, it’s her this time. What if this heretical strong is facing other wild creatures? Even Fuxi can be dangerous, and this group of monks who don’t come from shows that they have some bad intentions towards the wild!
The star that have been filled with peaceful color have finally converged, and this dignified and elegant goddess has finally brought out Milo’s laws that she has been concise for years. This is a semi-magic weapon and semi-magical book filled with natural texture!
"The five elements are forbidden!"
This is Kirin’s magical power, which is the first celestial fiend with a great position in the central government. Even without the almost brotherly feelings of the three northern people, it is definitely not bad. What’s worse, in this central land, the three ghosts and gods seem to have inherited Zhou Shan’s vast mind, Kirin’s heavy and peaceful mind, Fuxi’s natural and unrestrained wisdom and Nuwa’s kindness, which are very famous for each other. Naturally, it is very good.
I think that after Nu Wa created Milo’s laws and regulations, including Kirin, there were many powerful gods and demons, and many people believed that their magical powers were profound and powerful enough, but they all took the initiative to help Nu Wa improve this trick. This is a very cost-effective thing for Nu Wa to be loved on the one hand and sell a super magical power on the other.
The abnormal part of this trick is to enter the avatar, and its power can be directly raised to the level of Nuwa!
A simple avatar is naturally insufficient for the mixed series, but in Les’s horrified eyes, Nu Wa actually spilled a hundred directly in one breath!
You know, if you want to enter the magical power into it, you can directly consume your own mana to limit the release of fighting mana with a creature.
Enough to make the scalp numb!
In Les’s grief and indignation, this closet magic has not yet begun to show its power, and it has been overwhelmed by this avatar!
"Heaven and earth!"
When she didn’t give the other party a response, Nu Wa threw out a divination again, and directly locked her opponent’s destructive power, which was a prelude to the skyrocketing!
Although the flexibility of these magical theories controlled by Nu Wa is far from that of the original owner, if it is just an explosion, it is not inferior at all!
"hey! Give me a break! "
The whole body is strengthened by this super (after all, even Fuxi, the creator, can’t instantly recruit a divinatory world to form a divinatory formation! ) Suppressing a series of air machines belonging to the world power avenue makes Les stand upright and that destructive power flashes wildly in his heart!
It’s just a moment to attack and defend the translocation. Les’s mind is shocked, but the powerful quality of his body makes him return to his senses in an instant. It’s time for him to work hard in vain!
Recruit his own protective magic weapon, which is what he has refined in his poor years, and it is equivalent to proving the truth in the wild world!
A huge pike with an air of poverty and slaughter seems to be shivering, and there are several spirits wrapped around it. This is what he once killed the strong, and there are even three mixed series in it.
Les roared a little and broke his face. He wanted to fight for a way out. He knew that if he waited for that horrible aborigine to continue to attack, he would be very unlucky!
Only when you have the opportunity to break this trick can you hope to survive.
"Want to run? Nice try! "
Now that I have killed my heart, I naturally won’t leave my hand distracted and manipulate the super hexagram array. Nuwa will continue to unite this Milo law to prepare for a wave of offensive. After all, this hexagram world is Fuxi’s proud avatar, and it is impossible to throw out a hundred in one breath like Kirin’s five elements.
Nuwa’s stamina was actually a sigh of relief at the moment!
Les, on the other hand, saw this point, and it was natural that everything would be fine if she wanted to get out in a short time.
"Well, that’s it?"
At this time, a great statue hundreds of millions of miles away from Fuxi Nuwa saw through the emptiness when crossing, and then his feet kept getting into the emptiness.
This figure is moving quickly through the ripples, and the speed is fast, but there is no time to move when it crosses in an instant!
At this time, the removal method can only come out if you are proficient!
Yes, this is our great glorious Lord-Yuan Heng.
Yuan Heng, who is far away on the edge of Zhoushan Mountains, came here before the arrival of the first heavenly fiend in Kirin and other places after discovering the previous huge blasting!
Although Yuan Heng was able to Kirin at the same time because of the glorious position, it was really shocking to arrive in such a short time.
After all, Kirin and others are not weak, and they are still practicing in Zhoushan, and the distance is still very close.
This shows how great the progress of Yuanheng Avenue is, especially in the eternal environment!
It’s still Yuan Heng’s past, but it hasn’t condensed out yet. If it condenses out, it will be a qualitative change!
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Chapter seventy-five Face suppression
Alas, how many powerful goddesses are there among the Taoist goddesses?
Now, I have reserved a few statues, and I am going to shape a few powerful goddesses.
So besides Nu Wa, Hou Tu, Tai Yuan, Xuan Gui and Wang Shu, how many powerful goddesses are there?

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