There are laws and regulations at home, and he has a thorough understanding of Qin Tianjian’s rules before he can decide to take a step. It is just an episode before he acts, and the real highlight is yet to come. He has never forgotten it.
But Chen Shaobai forgot a word-it is better to offend the gentleman than to offend the villain
Xihuan is a complete villain.
"Woo-hoo … Sister Mi, you must let me be the master!"
I don’t know how much truth and hypocrisy she gave Chen Shaobai a bitter look. Tears flowed out like spring water, and the big tears of beans slipped down to the ground. A delicate and touching look made people feel sad.
Qin Tianjian is very broad, although there have been some movements before, but the real note is that after all, there are a few idle people, and most monks don’t know the ins and outs.
These attracted attention spirit force slightly swept through the female cultivate one’s morality and captured the Chen Shaobai breath fluctuation, and God Se looked at the two parties strangely.
Many male Godsworn Xing looked at Chen Shaobai with a look of admiration from God Se.
"Dude, a saint dares to flirt with her. Your old man is really awesome!"
Although they have never said it, similar meanings are slowly flowing in the crowd.
Miqilin Qin Tianzong’s new generation idol power faction, who was asked for help by her school sister by name, naturally could not sit idly by. She apologized to several people who were talking, smiled slightly and came to the front of Xihuan with a flicker of her body. "What’s the matter?"
Even if she cultivates the Xuan J and jīng God, it is impossible to be distracted all the time, and every teacher and sister don’t know much about the former things.
Xihuan Pear Blossom wipes her face with a pretty face and points to Chen Shaobai with resentment. "This person is an apprentice and wants to be light on me. If Brother Wang didn’t help me, I would …"
I have to say that her acting skills for bitterness are really excellent. This statement is ambiguous and more and more people are looking at Chen Shaobai.
And cheng noted the development of a few monks who will not idle chat to uphold justice and ask for unhappiness.
"Hum! Are you stronger than Miss Mi? Wait to die! "
West Ring looked at Chen Shaobai’s eyes and flashed a subtle Y and N malicious Se. Looking back, I put on a delicate and pitiful appearance and once again embellished it. "The teacher elder sister Mi brazenly insulted me. Qin Tianzong people are full of deceivers …"
"Lying in the trough … this guy is so bold!"
In an instant, Chen Shaobai gained nearly a thousand attention.
Of course, sympathy is greater than admiration.
Most of the monks who can make it into a quenching gas realm are not stupid people. Many monks see that the West Ring is deliberately blacking out Chen Shaobai, but because of the face of Zongmen, Mickey Lin is going to punish him.
Thousands of eyes were fixed on Michelin’s heart, and she never showed any rudeness.
She tilted her head and looked back at Chen Shaobai and Xihuan. "Is this true?"
Although I know that my lies may be exposed after a while, Xihuan thinks that it is also a core figure. I don’t want to eat my eyes and bite my teeth. "It’s true!"
Miqilin raised her hand to round a pen.
Five clearly visible red marks appeared on the white and beautiful face of the West Ring Road.
"Although I don’t know what happened, I still believe that there are fewer white people."
Although Mi Qilin’s tone is indifferent and peaceful, she has an unconcerned taste. "I don’t need you here. Go back to Zongmen and get punished."
A fine word is like a heavenly word, and the words will not change.
As soon as this was said, all Qin Tianjian’s masters looked at Xihuan and their eyes became cold.
Suddenly, I shuddered at the change of attitude of my classmates around me, and she finally realized that the word "Mi Qilin" carried weight in Qin Tianzong.
"Teacher … the teacher elder sister I was wrong I admit it! I apologize to him. I … "
Looking to Chen Shaobai for help in the West Ring Road is beyond words.
"Heaven can still suffer from self-immorality!"
Chen Shaobai gave her a cold cross and said nothing.
"Don’t let her make a fool of herself here. Take him home and tell her that this disciple of Master Xing needs more discipline."
Mi Qilin’s last sentence cut off all the future of the Western Ring Road. Since then, all the benefits, opportunities and elders of Qin Tianzong have been on the edge of the Western Ring Road.
"Gee … miss meters ferocity unabated yesterday ri …"
Chen Shaobai has been looking on coldly and watching Mickey Lin deal with many things before she smashed her lips in her spare time.

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