The pterosaur turned around and went back.
Leisheng watched the little black spot disappear from the sky and said to himself, "Let’s go through the water at night."
Just wait until it’s dark, and Leisheng flies like a gust of wind to the bank of the Longhe River and then falls into the water without hesitation.
The Longhe River is not turbid, but it is not easy to see things in the water at night. Fortunately, Lei Sheng has a keen sense of six senses. He swims forward quickly by relying on his perception, just like a fish in the water.
After swimming for nearly 200 meters, Lei Sheng found nothing unusual. It was not until he reached the shore that a group of giant limbs appeared in the water.
Leisheng quietly surfaced and saw that these behemoths were actually a group of plesiosaurs resting in the river.
Leisheng thought, are these plesiosaurs the dragon river guards?
But I can’t feel the danger of these giants, can I?
In fact, Leisheng didn’t know that there were many water overlords Canglong guarding the Dragon River, but the Terrans got food. During the Dragon War, the Canglong in the Dragon River was almost extinct by the Terrans.
It’s been decades since the Terran Dragon Wars, and now these Terrans know little about dragons.
Even though Leisheng has experienced so many counties and countries along the way, he has not been able to find out the detailed information.
Even the nearest Tibetan county doesn’t have a detailed record of the dragon. Without reference materials, Leisheng can cross the river by feeling the stones and learn about the dragon habits step by step by his own personal experience.
But at the moment, he didn’t come to Longshan to understand the situation of the dragon people. He had a more important thing to do, so he also wanted to provoke these plesiosaurs to leave here quickly by hiding.
After swimming horizontally for 100 meters, Lei Sheng emerged from the water and looked around. He saw himself in the middle of the habitat of two plesiosaurs. He no longer swam sideways to the shore.
When he quietly landed, he didn’t find anything unusual, but Leisheng didn’t dare to relax and touch the black to continue walking forward.
The vegetation on the east bank of the Longhe River is dense, and the west bank seems to be a lush grove where two worlds have flowed through a dense water grass field.
Lei Sheng noticed that there were many swallow dragons smaller than pterosaurs living in this small forest, but they didn’t find any trace of Lei Sheng, so he quickly passed through the small forest and saw a vast plain.
There are several grains planted in the plain, and Leisheng tried his best to overlook the quiet and peaceful village in the night by moonlight.
The living environment of the dragon is different from Lei Sheng’s imagination. Before that, his dragon lived in a virgin forest, but now it seems to be mostly plain.
This shows that Longshan is vast.
The map shows that the living area of the dragon is 160 square kilometers.
Their geological strata are in a gentle slope, and the higher the terrain to the east, the more the core class of the dragon lives at an altitude of 3 thousand meters, where there is a magnificent palace.
Terrans’ understanding of dragons is limited to this.
The plain has a wide field of vision. If you walk during the day, it is easy to be found that Lei Sheng pulled out a bottle from his body, then took off his clothes, poured out some gray-green liquid from the bottle and rubbed it on himself.
His skin color immediately became the same as that of the dragon people.
Terrans and dragons actually look the same except for their different skin colors.
After smearing all his body with gray-green liquid and drying it, Leisheng put on his clothes and walked towards a village like this.
There are several huge Triceratops lying cross-legged at the entrance of the village, just like the guards in this village.
Leisheng looked at the moonlight and felt that the night was too deep. He walked in so rashly. In case someone questioned him, he didn’t know what to say, so he just found a straw pile and went in to sleep and rest.
It was not until the sun rose that Leisheng stretched himself out of the straw pile.
A few dragon farmers carrying hoes were walking and talking about something.
Leisheng quietly watched the farmers pass by in front of him by the straw crib. A man turned his head and looked at him without saying anything. He didn’t think he was an alien teenager at all.
LeiSheng twist a head and walked to the village.
A triceratops guard at the entrance of the village made a loud sneeze and looked at Leisheng with sleepy eyes.
Leisheng nodded and smiled at the Triceratops, and the psychological burden continued to move forward.
A round of the triceratops looked at LeiSheng figure suspicious a "who is this? Why haven’t you seen it before? "
But the triceratops thought about it, and then plunged its head into its front legs and went back to sleep.
Leisheng walked in the smoky village generously, and no one cared about the sudden appearance of strangers here.
After walking from village to village until he came to a small town, Lei Sheng suddenly felt that someone was staring at him.
Chapter 11 Exploring the Dragon (for collection)
Leisheng walked casually in the street and looked at the shops on both sides of the street. He went in for a while and looked at this. He went in for a while and looked at that one like a curious child.
If it weren’t for the different skin colors of these dragons and people on the earth, Lei Sheng would really have returned to the earth, when technology was not particularly developed.
I have been observing Lei Sheng’s eyes and I am also full of curiosity. This strange foreign child is the first time to appear in this town.
Because they have been attacked by Terrans, they are closer to Longhe Town and have stepped up their alert in the dark.
Every day in and out of the town, they all know that Lei Sheng, a strange face, suddenly appeared and naturally attracted their attention. All the dragon scouts followed Lei Sheng.
Even if Lei Sheng is a child, they dare not be careless.
"Let’s go. This kid must have been smuggled out by a tutor," said a scout.
"Dabdo, are you sure this child has no energy breath?"

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