The old tree king in Wang Ting, a forest of beasts, looked surprised, but then’ dew’ showed the’ color’ of worrying God.
In his face, three figures appeared, "What happened to Shu Wang’s predecessors? How can there be no thunder robbery?"
"One possibility is that Thor has left or been killed," murmured the old tree king.
"Who is Raytheon Raytheon?" The question is the blood wolf. The two people around him are naturally Zhong and Li Xue. They are both practicing in Wang Ting and are awakened by the deafening cheers outside.
"Raytheon is the one who controls all the Leijie gods in the Dragon Magic Mainland. Of course, he said that he is a god and flattered him. In fact, Xiu and I are almost now estimated to be divorced." The old tree king did not explain too much. After all, some things are not blood wolves. Several people can know.
Seeing the old tree king doesn’t want to say much about his appearance, the blood wolves no longer ask. During the three years of practicing in the Beasts Forest, their repair department has been promoted. After all, there are not only outstanding forces here, but also many taxiing monsters with the same strength to practice actual combat experience. How can they leave?
"Let’s go and continue to practice. The three of us are now practicing to the bottleneck and strive for an early breakthrough, which can help Xiang Ye, the little one." After the blood wolf said a word, he left the clock behind him and Betty followed him.
After the three people left, the face’ color’ of the old tree king finally changed. "I feel that it was that small act or that it was too impulsive to kill the incarnation of Raytheon. Nothing is bound to attract those people’s attention. It is estimated that the day after tomorrow you will have a hard time. I wonder if you have cultivated to the sky-breaking realm."
At this time, the figure that appeared in the old tree king’s heart was naturally Xiang Ye, and besides him, the old tree king couldn’t think of anyone who could do such a great thing.
At this moment, it was already singing and dancing in the beast imperial city, and all the taxiing monsters cheered, for all the monsters felt that they had been restricted all the time. When Lei Jie disappeared for a day today, I didn’t know how many taxiing monsters appeared in the lost wilderness.
The Beast Emperor is sitting in a high chair with a smile on his face, and he is in a good mood. He has not yet reached the level of the old tree king, and he doesn’t know much. He knows some Raytheon information roughly. Now that it is a good thing for the monster beast, he doesn’t think much.
"It’s been several years, and I don’t know what’s going on in Xiang Ye now. This guy always keeps us from seeing him." Bing Mei looked at the two women around her and said, "The color is the same."
"Hum, he’d better never come to us …" It was the wooden city that spoke.
However, the other one said softly, "Hehe, brother Xiang Ye will definitely come back after he has achieved his goal. I believe him."
"Hey, silly girl, I don’t know what kind of’ fan’ soul soup that smelly little Xiang Ye gave you, so’ fan’ loves him."
At this time, it was the Beast Emperor Bing Mei. At this time, all three of them stayed in the Beast Emperor City and practiced here. In fact, the speed was not slow and very safe, so they all had a big increase.
"It seems that the weather is going to change. Be careful not to go out casually after the three of you. Xiang Ye gave you to me. If something happens to you, I can’t give it to you." The animal emperor said with a wry smile.
I don’t know why, but he always has a hunch that the mainland will not be calm soon, and now it will be calm before the storm comes.
"I have a hunch that Ye Xiang will come here soon." Bing Mei suddenly uttered this sentence to surprise the other two’ women’.
"I also feel that I don’t know what’s wrong with this little one." The Beast Emperor still faintly felt that something happened today and Ye Xiangyou.
Now, Xiang Ye, the central soldier’s field, fell to his seat after saying these words. He didn’t expect the monster beast in the whole mainland to be crazy because of his trip just now.
At this time, although he was tired, he suddenly felt a familiar smell when he was about to go back. His eyes scanned for a week and locked on a ragged body outside the point soldier field. This is a middle-aged monk’s appearance. Is it only a third-level realm now, or is it because he just gave it to him?
After seeing this person, God’s color has always been calm. The instantaneous change of Xiang Ye’s face color is a kind of deep surprise. I can’t believe that I am at a loss. Now Xiang Ye’s face has changed in various expressions
Xiang Ye dragon flying around and those monks minister naturally found Xiang Ye strange when facing thor just now, this kind of expression change didn’t appear. How did it appear now?
They followed Xiang Ye’s eyes and found that Xiang Ye’s eyes were on a monk in rags. There was nothing strange about it when they were suspicious.
"Brother Wang Qiang, long time no see"
A trembling voice slowly spit it out from Xiang Ye’s mouth, and then Ye Xiang slowly got up and said to the monk outside the point soldier field, although the distance is far away, this sound passed through and fell directly into the middle-aged man’s ear.
When the middle-aged monk heard this, the fierce man looked up and found that the highly anticipated man in the middle of the point field was looking at himself now.
His body was shaking violently, but he immediately returned to normal for a moment, turned towards the outside and ran into the crowd
However, Xiang Ye, the center of the point soldier field, has disappeared in the same place and reappeared just beside the middle-aged monk and stopped his way.
Seeing this situation, thousands of monks in the whole place looked curious and looked at the guy who was called Wang Qiang’s eldest brother by Xiang Ye. They couldn’t believe it. They could hardly imagine that a third-level monk like this beggar would be a eldest brother who even God could slaughter people.
"Brother Wang Qiang, I know you recognize me. Don’t run away. Although we haven’t met for a long time, I don’t believe you will forget me." Ye Xiang said again.
At this time, the beggar-like middle-aged monk has raised his head with a scar on his face without a trace of Wang Qiang’s original appearance. He seems to know this, too. "The elder mistook me for a small one, which is not what Wang Qiang is, or else how can I let go with the elder?"
After that, he went straight to the outside, but now many monks have come out to stop this rude guy from giving Xiang Ye a face. How can they stand it?
Looking at this person’s decisive appearance, Xiang Ye has no face and no expression, but his heart seems to have a big hand tightening hard, which makes him feel suffocated.
"Let him go …"
There, Xiang Ye said to the monks around. When I heard this, the monks around made way.
"Thank you, Xiang Ye, Xiang Ye, for your extraordinary strength to protect us." The middle-aged man in front left here after saying such a sentence again.
After hearing this, Xiang Ye almost fell to the ground. He finally knew why Wang Qiang pretended not to know himself.
From Wang Qiang’s eyes, he saw two expressions, one of which was guilt and the other was disappointment.
I want to feel guilty because my mother didn’t protect him well. The reason for disappointment is that he didn’t protect Qingyuan Village well, especially after seeing his earth-shattering strength now.
"Wang Qiang eldest brother, I’m sorry I didn’t keep Qingyuan Village well. It’s my fault …" Xiang Ye secretly thought at this moment.
He can see the despair and God in Wang Qiang’s eyes now. He is like a lifeless dead man, and he is living in a muddle.
He doesn’t know what happened in Wang Qiang and how he came here. After all, there is a long distance from Ji’ an Town and how he became a monk.
Chapter six hundred and fifty Wang Qiang
All this has not been calm in Xiang Ye’s mind for a long time, which has made his face complicated.
At that moment, a gentle voice appeared in his ear, and then he felt a pair of small hands on his shoulder patting him twice.
"I’ll help you understand this person’s situation one day. Now go home first. You’ve spent a lot today."
It was Princess Qingyang who spoke. At this moment, she looked at this unruly youth who was not afraid of everything just now beside Xiang Ye. At this time, there was some help.
After hearing Princess Qingyang’s words, Xiang Ye suddenly got up physically. Now that things have come to this, Wang Qiang is unwilling to forgive himself, and the only thing that should make him glad is that he knows the news of Wang Qiang.
At that time, Xiang Ye didn’t find the breath of Wang Qiang. That’s because Wang Qiangxiu was weak and his breath was not very obvious. After Xiang Ye gave it to Nature, he was upgraded to a higher level, which was just discovered by Xiang Ye. Now Xiang Ye thinks about it. In fact, some things are really coincidental.
"Let’s go and rest. The monks here seem to have gained a lot. I hope I made the right choice this time." Xiang Ye said to Princess Qingyang around him as if talking to himself.
Xiang Ye’s figure soon left here accompanied by Princess Qingyang, but thousands of monks around him remembered the figure of God who slaughtered in the middle. This figure greatly stung their heart of seeking Tao and made these people become strong.
Of course, I was very concerned about these dragons flying in the sky, and then he said a few words before dismissing the monks in the military field. This year’s event was the most meaningful one in so many years, and everything was brought by Xiang Ye. He has made up his mind to help him even if he offended the Dragon Magic Holy Mountain.
Half a month passed quickly. The room where Xiang Ye was located has been quiet for more than ten days. Occasionally, some powerful monks can feel that the house is almost like a room.
On this day, the people inside finally opened their eyes, and there was a flash of "essence" in their eyes, and then they slowly recovered their calm.
"Good to restore the strength of the Ministry"
Xiang Ye got up and moved his hands and feet and said
At this moment, he felt that there was also a sound "Xiang Ye, have you finished practicing?"
"Uh-huh, I can come in," Xiang Ye replied
It is Princess Qingyang who comes in at this time. She comes here almost every day and ignores whether Xiang Ye is practicing or not. She always comes in casually. There is no way for Xiang Ye to come in and out with her.
"It seems that the recovery is good. Let’s go to the palace hall and introduce you to the magic holy mountain in Yi Long, otherwise you will really suffer a lot when you enter it." Princess Qingyang said to Xiang Ye with no expression.
These days, two people in Xiang Ye are used to each other’s’ sex’ case, and they always talk in such a tone, just like two strangers.

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