The enchanted God King knows Qin Chu’s thoughts. "You can enter that place in the Crystal Wall Ruins Department to meditate and realize, but I will temporarily fall into a deep sleep here. If you realize successfully, I will naturally wake up and don’t need to worry."
Qin Chu nodded. He knew that the charm of the King of God was definitely not aimed at him.
"Although you haven’t reached my realm now, it’s enough to ensure that you won’t crack if you enter it, but it’s because your soul cultivation is not strong enough. After you enter it, you should never be greedy step by step, or you will still be traumatized." The charming king continued to exhort.
Qin Chu nodded and said after silence, "I’ll help you get revenge when you get out."
After a moment’s silence, the charming god king said, "I, Hastings, have a complicated affair, and I will get back the debt for his kindness."
When Qin Chu browsed a lot of memories of the charm king, he also learned many of them, including the charm king Wang Haiting. The former charm king Wang Haiting was ambiguous. Hastings said that he liked the charm king, but he didn’t say anything, but he didn’t say that he didn’t like the charm king. The two were ambiguous. Hastings invited the charm king to come to the ruins of the crystal wall to explore the mystery of the crystal wall. Two masters with strong fields cooperated with each other here, and the roots of storms and frost storms could not hurt them.
However, after going deep into the Ministry, Hastings accidentally put himself in danger, and he was about to lose his mind. The Charming King saved Hastings at great risk, but he didn’t expect that when Hastings was saved, he abandoned the Charming King himself and fled straight out. Therefore, the Charming King lost his body, and he kept his soul floating in the ruins of the crystal wall, and then he accidentally bumped into the ruins of the crystal wall to see the source place, so there was hope for the Charming King. After the repair of her soul from here, she can realize the power of the crystal wall to reshape the flesh. However, I didn’t expect that many celestial experts would come to explore the crystal wall shenhuo, and then I entered here to avoid trouble, only to find that I could never get out again, even though I knew the origin of the crystal wall ruins, but I also went there, and later I found that the crystal wall shenhuo had somehow lost its charm. The only thing I could do every day was to fall into a deep sleep or constantly reflect on my past, even though I was interested in my soul. The understanding is more profound, but the soul force is constantly consuming. Just when the charm king himself will eventually fall, Hastings came here and found the charm king. To the surprise of the charm king, Hastings saw that the charm king was in a desperate situation, instead of saving him, he threatened to inquire about things here.
The charm king is disheartened, but she is not a desperate person. A voice in her heart tells her to wait for the chance, so Hastings will make a false pretense. However, she left an extra mind not to tell Hastings about the origin of the ruins of the crystal wall. However, in order to keep her soul immortal, the charm king needs a certain amount of soul power, and he will not easily tell others that he is here. All Hastings will enter here, and naturally he will be able to give the charm king a certain amount of soul power to exchange himself.
This is also the reason why Hastings is the king of light but knows how to charm the king of god.
Now that Qin Chu knows what’s going on here, he is even more resentful of Hastings.
"Your soul realm rises so fast into the Ministry, and you must suppress your strength after you realize the power of the crystal wall. Don’t worry about rising the realm. You must wait until you realize the true meaning of the crystal wall law before rising to repair the realm yourself. Otherwise, if you rise the realm too fast, it will limit your potential range, which is not good for you." The charming god king told him.
Qin Chu knows this truth. He laughs. "Don’t worry, I know all these things."
A faint smile appeared on the beautiful face of Charming God King. She looked at Qin Chu with a strange feeling in her eyes. When Qin Chu saw this, he couldn’t help hitching, and a mysterious feeling rose in his heart. Because Charming God King has a soul bridge, he knows that no one in the world knows Charming God King better than he does. Naturally, he also has a strange feeling about Charming God King, but he doesn’t know what this strange feeling should be attributed to.
"Then you can go."
Qin Chu nodded, but strangely, he didn’t remember the origin of the crystal wall ruins and the situation there. All this had to rely on the charismatic king to give directions himself
The enchanted God King knew what Qin Chu was thinking. She said faintly, "I have sealed all the things that originated from the ruins of the crystal wall and many important things in my own memory. This is a last resort to prevent the sea tinsley soul search method from forcibly reading my soul. These memory seals can only be played by myself for a while. When you enter them, I can tell you if you leave directly through our induction."
I don’t know that Qin Chu suddenly felt a surge of anger in his heart. He sank, "Haitians will kill me." After all this, Qin Chu turned and flew to the outside. The charming king of God watched Qin Chu leave behind him, but he was silent. His beautiful eyes were shining with extraordinary splendour, waiting for Qin Chu to leave, and her flame moved in a trance. "Haitians, we should have an end."
After Qin Chu flew out of the virtual black hole, she followed her detection route to the most remote place in the ruins of the crystal wall and galloped all the way, but she saw many dangerous scenes. However, because of the charm, the king of God had already detected here. Although some things around here are constantly changing, it is nothing serious. Qin Chu can also be said to be unimpeded all the way
Qin Chu finally stopped at a colorful entrance.
"Go in, it is the core part of the crystal wall ruins. You can see the most authentic crystal wall in it, but … to understand the true meaning of the crystal wall, you still have to rely on your own ability. I hope you won’t let me down. I will wait for your good news there." Charming God King calmly said.
Qin Chu looked at a colorful light curtain wall in front of him. I don’t know where it extends, and I don’t know where it extends. It’s not overbearing, but it’s calm. But when Qin Chu saw the colorful color, he felt a twinge of intimacy and knew that he really saw the crystal wall this time
"When I come out," Qin Chu also doesn’t talk nonsense. He resolutely turned around and slowly flew to the colorful screen wall. As soon as he touched the colorful crystal wall, a continuous suction suddenly passed from the surface. The long wings behind Qin Chu instantly dissipated. Qin Chu didn’t react and was directly wrapped in the colorful light and then absorbed.
When Qin Chu reacted, he found himself in a marginal world, surrounded by flowing colorful forces, which were more pure than those in Qin Chu. Qin Chu tried to absorb them, only to find that the colorful forces didn’t listen to his own command, but he felt like a minister when he faced these colorful forces.
"Is the order force in my body still a low-level force relative to these forces?" Qin Chu flashed this idea in my heart.
There is no such broad atmosphere in it as the charming God King said. Qin Chu feels like he is at home in it. He lifted his eyes and looked at it. There are no other colors and nothing around the world. The scenery is colorful.
Qin Chu thought for a moment, and then he walked in. As soon as he walked, he found that the colorful forces around him moved, and then he felt that his body was pushed forward from behind by a force, which made Qin Chu move forward uncontrollably.
"What is this?" The idea rose in Qin Chu’s heart. He was very curious but not afraid. He felt that the power behind him was not malicious to himself, as if he were taking himself somewhere.
"If you don’t know the direction in it, I’m afraid you’ll get lost when you walk." Qin Chu looked at the colorful colors around him and thought that the colorful colors dissipated like fog before him and appeared in front of Qin Chu as a colorful platform.
Qin Chu looked at the tower body suddenly a shock.
"This high platform is made of crystal walls." When Qin Chu found the high platform building materials, he couldn’t help but stay. He looked at this huge high platform, and its volume was many times larger than that he had previously obtained.
"If so many crystals are absorbed by our department …" Qin Chu flashed this idea in his heart. The colorful colors in the four directions of this high platform slowly flowed with solemn breath from the surface.
This tower is like an altar. Qin Chu suddenly thought that he suddenly felt something calling for his own body order, and Qin Chu went into the tower with a horizontal heart. The tower was raised like half a step, and Qin Chu slowly walked from the step.
"Why is there a piece missing here?" When I reached the top of the high platform, Qin Chu suddenly found that a crystal was just missing in the middle of the high platform, which made a depression there. "This shape absorbed that one with me … but it was exactly the same." Qin Chu remembered that he absorbed that crystal, and he suddenly felt that everything he had experienced seemed to be arranged by the law of crystal wall.
Qin Chu wanted to ask the enchanted God King if she knew anything about it here, but only then did he find himself completely lost in the outside world. I don’t know whether it was because the enchanted God King fell into a deep sleep or because he entered the ruins of the crystal wall.
"Is it a blessing? Is it a curse?" Qin Chu knows that he has no way out at the moment. Since he has entered here, there is always a mystery in front of things, and Xuanlian Qin Chu no longer looks back and forth and walks to the defective place.
Qin Chu’s body has just landed on that surface.
The colors of the colorful platform suddenly danced and surged, and the colorful colors combined with everything became moving images, in which there were sun, moon, stars, rivers and lakes, antelopes running, babies born, tides and ebbs, plants withered … and all kinds of people appeared in them.
"This … what is this?" Qin Chu didn’t react when he suddenly noticed that the height platform suddenly handed me vast images, which were more numerous and detailed than those memories of the charming God King.
Qin Chu’s mind was absorbed by the image. He was like a traveler in the wilderness, in the grass and in the mountains. He experienced a lot of knowledge along the way. I don’t know how long it took Qin Chu to forget himself. When he forgot, he forgot his love, hate and hatred. His mind was integrated into all the scenery
The high platform turned into a series of fog-like forces injected into the body from Qin Chu.
I don’t know how many times Qin Chu felt that he had touched something mysterious, which was a feeling that rose in his heart after watching all the images.
Qin Chu’s height platform was finally absorbed.
At the moment, Qin Chu’s eyes suddenly opened, and thousands of images flashed in his pupil at a crazy speed. A mysterious and mysterious breath emanated from Qin Chu’s body. The breath was like a mighty river, in which images rose and fell around Qin Chu, and the process of cracking and healing continued in an instant.
This process is not repeated once, and Qin Chu’s breath becomes strong. Finally, the breath is strong enough to make people close to stare.
"It turns out that the true meaning of the crystal wall law is time."
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Chapter 27
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The darkness suddenly tore apart, and a huge figure with bright luster suddenly appeared outside, followed by several masters, including Poseidon, Light God and Dragon God. As soon as they came out, they immediately fell from the emptiness and fell to the black ground.
That huge figure is the dragon Hu Defu.
"Who is it? Force pulled me out of the shuttle? " Hu Defu this surprised but serious.
Now I don’t say that the body law department has recovered and successfully promoted the strength of the realm of God King. The top master of Jackie Chan has been able to arrive in an instant when he wants to shuttle from the dragon god to the natural god, but now he is easily pulled out of the shuttle, but he didn’t notice anything before. This shows that the other party’s mana is much stronger than himself and was pulled out of the shuttle. Hu Defu immediately landed on a planet and saw that the planet had no soil at its roots, but all its parts were a dark iron color, cold feet on the ground and felt a biting chill coming out from the depths of the planet.
"What is this? Why is it so weird?"

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