"Master, this is you? Since this island has rules-"Yi Mark’s heart is slightly uneasy. He always feels that it is not good to be so ostentatious.
"Rules, hum, that’s just rules for the weak. You don’t need rules in front of the strong!"
Cut day responded very arrogant and said
Easy mark a shock in my heart and immediately thought that this is indeed the case. It seems that I am not experienced enough!
Just sigh in my heart, suddenly there are three cyan streamers flying from a distance, and at the moment, they have already come to the front of Yi Mark.
These three people are angry and obviously come to singling out, but they are afraid to get up after seeing the three people’s momentum at the same time.
Yi Mark’s strength is low, but it’s not small. Yi Mark already has many ways to see through a monk’s general strength by means of the secret map.
Yi Xun guessed slightly that the three people sent by Haitian Island in this sea area should all be monks in Yuan infant period.
Similarly, because two monks in the Dan period are almost colleagues who died tragically, no matter how stupid they are, they also know that their opponents will be strong enough to kill two monks in the Dan period in an instant, so it is a baby period to repair less!
It is this way of thinking, then Haitian Island will send someone to pick it up, and it must be at least a baby repair!
It is these three people who are suitable for being angry. When they see the beheading days, they are all alert. None of them can see through the beheading days!
That’s why three people dare not have the slightest carelessness. That kind of anger and red luo murder also unconsciously disappeared.
"This Taoist friend doesn’t know whether I, Haitian Island, have made enemies with Taoist friends, so that Taoist friends can get such a hard hand!"
One of the three monks, a monk in a yellow brocade robe, said rudely that his brow was deeply wrinkled and he was obviously extremely dissatisfied with this matter.
"Hum, I’ve been walking in the sea for three thousand years, and no one has ever said that I want to die. In that case, I’ll send them both to experience the taste of dying!" Cut the sky cold and say
The three people were furious with the monk in brocade robe and immediately said, "My Haitian Island rule is-"
Three people haven’t say that finish chop day suddenly released a blockbuster momentum immediately this momentum a three yuan baby brother was at the same time carry not to face big change at the same time, at the same time, by directly kneeling on the ground.
The huge gap between the realms and the imposing pressure makes the three mountains as heavy as carrying a mountain at the same time. They don’t even have breathing power!
Three people suddenly pale!
"You three young players don’t talk nonsense rules that is for people who have no strength! If I want to, it’s easy to have rules and no rules in this Haitian island!
I’m here for something to discuss with you Haitian Island Owners. Be conscious if you don’t want to die! "
Cut auditions cold feeling, overbearing said
Say that finish will momentum a closed.
The three people immediately like mud body moments have been soaked with sweat.
They were completely scared this time. After that, the three men had been fighting with themselves to repair their arrogance in the middle and early stages of Yuan Ying. Since the whole sea area, people have stronger strength than their three guards, so it can be said that they are domineering.
This time, I learned that if the news is made, the three people will search everywhere. If there is a monk who has a good baby, the three people will snatch it and send it to me. If they struggle not to give it, they will directly let the other party die. It can be described as biting!
At the moment, when the momentum of heaven and earth is cut, I can’t help but be deeply afraid.
"Big white, please don’t take it for granted that the younger generations have offended before-"
"Good to lead the way! If you linger, you will be destroyed directly! " Cut the sky cold way
The talking brocade robe Han seems to be the highest among the three people. He shivered and turned pale. He immediately said, "Yes, please come here."
Cut the day nodded slightly and continued to fly the royal sword.
At this time, the brocade robe Han looked at Yi Mark and seemed to have something to say, but looking at the chop day, it seemed that his face was not very good, and he immediately oppressed this impulse.
The other side is not easy to mess with. The Brocade Friar has his own discretion in his heart, so he dare not offend anyone.
It’s against the rules to bring outsiders into the Shuitian Pavilion on Haitian Island. Even the three guards can’t do this. How dare they have opinions in front of the sky!
The Brocade Friar gave a wry smile, and then carefully served Yi Mark. They took two people to Shuitiange, Haitian Island.
Brother Brocade felt a sweat in his heart all the way. I don’t know if this day will change his attitude on the way, but his heart can’t help but tighten up.
But fortunately, all the way went smoothly, and I didn’t ask him to start work. Friar Brocade was finally relieved.
Although Haitian Island is very big, it is not difficult but not easy to enter Shuitiange, a large and important place.
Three guards came to Shuitiange with easy marks, and then they were a little uneasy. They sent someone to entertain them first, and then they went to Shuitiange to inform them.
Of course, two of the three went to tell the news, and one of them was here with great care.
I feel that I have learned a lot when I see the attitude of cutting the sky. When I look crazy, I must be crazy, and when I should show my enemy weakness, I naturally need to show my enemy weakness.
Easy mark suddenly want to understand, if chop day is not so high-profile and arrogant, then this time it is to see Haitian Island, and even the island owner will not be so easy to negotiate the terms.
It didn’t take long for the two of them to wait, but suddenly they came from a distance and laughed.
"Ha, ha, ha, it turned out that you were too confused when your predecessors came to Tianchi. Why didn’t you tell me earlier if you neglected your guests?" An old voice said
"The island owner is ignorant this time. He will definitely correct it and will not be confused again!" It’s called Brother Tianchi, and it’s also the monk who leads the way to Yuanying’s mid-brocade robe.
Chapter 214 Ruling [3]
Chapter 214 Ruling [3]
"Well, you can go and do things carefully!" The Haitian island Lord Shirley said
After that, his figure flashed and he appeared in front of the beheading day, and then he leaned down slightly and said, "The younger generation of Haitian Island, the island owner, has seen his predecessors."
At the end of the Haitian island, the Lord Sang Gong said that his face was full of respect.
Although he is guessing before, it is still necessary for Haitian Island owners to pay attention to the movement around them at all times.
In the center of Haitian Island, there is a mixed bag of fish and dragons here, and mulberry will always be distracted and pay attention to the situation here
This time, just when the two monks of Jiedan period were instantly obliterated, at the end of this time, Sang had already felt the powerful momentum!
The stronger the momentum, the deeper the feeling. Just from the end of this momentum, Sang knew that he would be far from being better than that man.
However, at the end of the day, he still had a calculation in his heart and sent three guards to try it. Of course, his heart was also to kill them. At the end of the day, the Haitian island owner had his own calculation in his heart.
The more powerful the other party is, the more naturally it won’t be easy to shoot those young players whose eyes are higher than the top of their mouths. The vicious language naturally dies, but the three guards are the monks in Yuan infant period. Although they are bossy, they also know the weight. After all, this is their own territory to kill a few knots. It doesn’t matter, but it’s hard for both sides to move the monks in Yuan infant period.
Haitian Island owner has such an idea in his heart, so he asked the three guards to test it out and see if these three people reacted and then came out to avoid the war at the most critical time. First, he felt that the momentum pressure was true and false, and second, he naturally tried to see if he had made a mistake.
In this way, when the three guards were instantly intimidated, the owner of Haitian Island, Mao Sang, completely affirmed that the strength of the people in front of him must be strong and terrible!
"Well, you are at the end of the Haitian island master Guo mulberry? It’s good to have the peak strength of Yuan Ying in the later period, but it’s a pity that your age doesn’t seem to be good, and you still have less than 500 years of life unless you have an opportunity! "
Cut the day at the end of the Haitian island at random Guo mulberry indifference said
However, this glance is nothing less than a kind of thunder for the owner of Haitian Island, Mo Sang!
This thunder bombarded his heart and made him shudder.
At this time, at the end of Haitian Island, the main mulberry was immediately stunned and almost instantly bowed down to the sky. The body trembled for a good half-day before it calmed down.

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