They are very careful in their movements. They usually pretend to be chaotic people who leave because of the war and go to Beijing to vote for relatives. They usually take mountain trails and find that the army or officials immediately hide in the back wall of the tree and try their best to find trouble.
However, the conflict still happened, not because they were discovered by the Qin people, but because they found a team of Qin Jun.
Hundreds of Qin Jun yelled and screamed, and hundreds of women and children fled in the horseshoe.
This kind of thing is very common, too common. Qin people always come to train for fun, but it’s just a common thing.
However, on that day, a group of them had a good trip, and they heard miserably. When they looked down, Wei Guchen’s eyes turned red.
Then a pair of hands pressed tightly on his shoulder. The Qin general, Zhao Min, was a Qin wounded account. He was a brave general with a long spear, which combined tens of thousands of troops and killed me. You are leading him now, but the Qin people are brave. It is not for you and me to deal with this hundred Qin Jun attacks and defenses.
That sound is very evaluated, trying to calm his mood, but he smiled coldly, still young but no longer immature. Uncle Yu, you are right, but why are you shaking your hands?
He bowed his head and looked down at the child. The mother tried to pull the child up and continue running without expectation, but the person covered the child. Then the horseshoe just stepped over and the blood screamed. Death was too tragic, too direct, too cold and too frequent. Did you forget contact, shock and anger? Can you remember that it is a matter of life and death?
People around him are short of breath. Several guards bite their teeth and clench their fists. He knows that if they weren’t responsible for the guards, he might have rushed to do something hard. After all, he can’t sit back and know that he can’t be righteous. Even though he is dead, he will be so persistent. It is these lonely ministers who will never change their ambition.
The young child smiled coldly, then shook his shoulders with a force, and he struggled hard, and Boping was caught off guard by him.
The little figure leaped over the rocks and took off the sword with its sheath and his sword was in the middle of the sheath.
He’s not stupid enough to make a hullabaloo about and give his name. It’s a silent and sudden blow.
The fourth chapter the first curtain of life
The fourth chapter the first curtain of life
Zhao Min just put a gun in Ma Xin’s hand behind an old man who was struggling to run. He picked such a big old man around your gun and waved it in a circle. Qin Jun didn’t call for help. In the laughter, the sad cry of the old man was covered by crashing.
The small figure in the middle jump could see the old man’s whining, pale and trembling, and the blood quickly overflowed in his eyes.
Because Qin Jun raised his head and looked at the provoked old man, the Lord cheered heroically, and he was clearly seen as a sneak attack.
In the soldier’s exclamation, Zhao Min looked up and saw a tiny figure flying in. I couldn’t believe it. It’s not the first time that Qin Jiang was attacked by Wulin people, but the sniper was so small that it was also
Is there really no one left in the old goose? It’s boring to fight with a child.
He snorted viciously and waved violently, intending to use the old man’s body as a weapon to see the child scrambling to deal with it, and then he was chopped up by his army when he landed.
Wei Guchen flew in the middle of the night and saw people staring at him in the blink of an eye. The only chance of sneak attack was to be brave and brave, and the enemy would be in groups. He was strangely not flustered in his heart, but his eyes flashed with strange light. Do you dare to take my sword?
Zhao Min came to the heart to deal with a child, but this drink gave him a fierce look in his eyes. What a reckless guy who dared to provoke me face to face and not let you know what is strong?
He shook the old man’s body with a gun and waved it violently with one hand.
At this time, the little child attached to the sword in his hand has already flown to the front of the horse.
There is no help in the mountains. Yu Boping is already a bad face.
He knows that his temple is a martial arts wizard, but he is still a child. Even if he is clever and clever, he will still avoid genius. He will still be a weak child before he is finished. A stronger opponent will kill him.
He is still so small, even if he can do the most exquisite moves, he doesn’t have deep strength to support them. Others in other mountains have tried hard, and everyone has tried hard. He is just facing the enemy than the moves, and he is a strong and fierce opponent. The other party is sitting in Ma Yi’s room, taking advantage of his convenience, but attacking the place can take advantage of high strength to make a judgment.
The gun and the sword broke blood, and when Wei Guchen hit the sword in his palm, he broke it into two pieces. His swordsman was already in the jaws of death, and at the same time, his chest was full of blood and gas, and he was shocked by such great power.
Around the Qin Jun have this gun and drink together.
Zhao Min grinned as if he had lost the enemy several times before. However, the child was strangely not shaken to the ground. His left hand took a gun and plunged straight into Zhao Min’s arms. broken arrow stabbed like a disease
Everything is incredibly fast. One moment, the gun and sword hit each other, and the next moment, the little child has fallen into Zhao Min’s arms. The interval is so short that people don’t even blink.
His sword is broken, but broken arrow is still a sword. He is too young, smarter and faster.
Zhao Min is definitely an expert. He is too contemptuous of a child’s one-handed spear, and his lance is the most taboo to be bullied. His martial arts is crazy and fierce. A gun can sweep people in close quarters, but he can’t think of a child attacking a sword and folding the front, but he can take advantage of the situation. When he suddenly shocked the lance, the lance was too long to protect him. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was not broken. The cold front of broken arrow had sunk into his throat. Until then, Qin Jun called and just sounded around, and the sergeants were still trying their best.
This defeat is too wrong for him. This defeat cost him his life and the possibility of pulling the trigger.

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