But who’s that one? Ah Hao won’t stay with Mo Yifan and immediately turn his finger to Mo Yifan. A Dai’s expression behind him became extremely cold in an instant.
Mo Yifan felt a slight cold in his heart and knew that Ah Hao could not miss this opportunity after all. It seems that this matter is far from being so easy to solve, so he snorted and said that he is my apprentice. What’s the problem?
Mo Yifan considered that he was his friend without saying that he was staying for two hours, but he said that he was a disciple because he had been invited. However, it is unreasonable to bring a friend to someone’s house casually at night, but it is a good explanation to say that Master works here with his disciples. However, no one can say anything about this.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Dungeon
Come on, he’s your apprentice. Haha
When Ah Hao heard Mo Yifan’s words, he suddenly burst into laughter, then pointed to the idiot and shouted savagely that he was the murderer of my cousin and an escaped prisoner. Since you are his master, I doubt that you were involved in the murder of my cousin. Somebody arrest them for me. If they dare to resist, they will kill Hector.
Mo Yifan’s head suddenly buzzed when he heard this, and he knew that he had fallen into this guy’s trap. Ah Hao deliberately left aside his identity as a fool and didn’t know him until he said that he would stay for two days before revealing the kindness of the foolish Chen government, just to get himself around, so that he would probably not blame him too much even if he killed himself.
Around dozens of people heard immediately roar loud blunt come over, draw more than ten people each with a gun at the two key god alert don’t allow two people to move slightly.
If you want to arrest me, Dr. Mo, I have nothing to do with Zhang Shihao. Come at me if you want. Don’t fucking Rorizo.
Er Dai couldn’t bear to bring trouble to Mo Yifan. He was so busy shouting that he wanted to take Mo Yifan off, but apparently no one took his words seriously. Then Ah Hao waved his hand to him and told him to cuff them.
In the face of dozens of people and guns, Mo Yifan’s bosom friend is hard to escape even if he enters the mechanical state. How can he escape first when Xia Wei is still in the Chen family?
After being handcuffed, the two men were put in a basement, where a few broken meadows were thrown casually. The walls were all made of stones, and an iron gate was built half a foot thick. See, this is the specialized dungeon in Chenzhai.
The two of them sat back to back in the meadow and sighed lightly, saying sorry. I didn’t expect to bring trouble to you after all. Alas, that Zhang Shihao seems to hate you. He is more excited about you than me.
Mo Yifan sneered at a little man, and sooner or later I will make him pay for his stupidity today.
The idiot said with a wry smile that he was afraid he wouldn’t give you this chance. Hum, this guy’s personality. I know it’s a good thing you didn’t resist just now, otherwise he could have shot you at that time. It’s impossible to delay us here for too long now. Probably, we will find a chance to get rid of us tonight.
Mo Yifan shook his head and said that if you want to live with me, I’m afraid he hasn’t done it yet.
As he spoke, he listened, knowing that the dungeon guards were playing poker outside, so he said to the idiot, do me a favor, put a needle in my belt and pull one out and put it in my hand.
Both hands were handcuffed backwards behind their backs, and Mo Yifan’s belt needle was used to being inserted in front. It was difficult for him to draw the needle and turn to the idiot for help.
When you smell it, you shine at the moment. Hehe, smile and say that you still have that thing on you. That’s great. Handcuffs are the most convenient thing.
He turned his back on Mo Yifan as he spoke, and stretched out his hand in Mo Yifan’s belt and groped for a moment. He smoked a slender needle and didn’t pass it to Mo Yifan, so he was encouraged by his handcuffs.
It’s only ten seconds before and after that, but it’s already taken off the handcuffs as soon as you stay for two seconds. It’s not the first time for him to do this business, but the technique is so skillful.
Mo Yifan was dumbfounded and thought that this arrival saved him a lot of effort.
Mo Yifan is also planning to handcuff him with a fine needle, but he doesn’t know how to lock the handcuffs, but he is stupid enough to ask him to enter the mechanical state and infiltrate his consciousness into the 10-meter object in Fiona Fang. In that case, although he has experience in locking the handcuffs, it is not difficult to call the handcuffs in consciousness control.
However, the cost of entering the mechanical state is not low, and it will take a long time to handcuff two people. In that case, when he is handcuffed, he will be too tired to take off his strength.
Unexpectedly, it was a master locksmith who got the needle in his hand, which was better than putting the key in it. After he finished handcuffing himself, he got Mo Yifan’s handcuffs behind his back and jumped up and threw himself at the iron gate of the dungeon.
But when he groped around the iron gate, he suddenly became blindsided.
Mom, this iron gate can only be beaten outside, and no one will give us the door, then we are dead.
Mo Yifan studied the iron gate with his head down for a moment after he came to the second stay, and then frowned and said, maybe I can beat the door lock, but it’s not difficult. Well, you’d better teach me two tricks about your lock first, so it may be easier.
Come on, you, you really have a way
Two gawkers looked at Mo Yifan suspiciously, then pointed to the big iron gate and said that the door was so thick and sealed as if it were welded to the door frame, and it was only a little bit to crack the door. Even if I gave you a key, you couldn’t beat the door from the inside.
Mo Yifan smiled mysteriously and said, don’t worry, I can reach out, but I’m really not white. How can I hit the lock with a needle? Please teach me.
As he spoke, he picked up the handcuffs from his hands and handed them to the front of the idiot with an open mind for advice.
You, you really want it
Two foolish scratched his head and couldn’t guess what Mo Yifan could do to reach out, but seeing Mo Yifan with a pair of answers, he estimated that Mo Yifan should not talk nonsense, so he stopped asking more questions and put the needle into the keyhole of handcuffs and really patiently explained the tricks to Mo Yifan.
Mo Yifan’s understanding is not bad, and the master he met is also professional enough. However, after ten minutes, Mo Yifan has mastered the key tricks. After a sweat, he finally succeeded in beating the handcuffs once.

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