"Well, I want to eat KFC, and I want to eat takeout buckets." Suddenly I miss the taste of fried chicken. Although foreign fast food is not nutritious, it tastes really good.
"No, change."
Junk food is prohibited.
Night-like eyes can’t help but glance at jane doe’s flat belly and whisper that maybe you already have our baby there.
"You just said that you can do anything." Dissatisfied with the flat mouth, jane doe protested against the next best thing. "Well, don’t eat KFC, but change to McDonald’s."
The rosy lip twitched suspiciously and took a slight sip. Zhou Zichen smiled gently and urged, "Did the little girl forget what Dr. Wu told you before?"
Change KFC to McDonald’s.
Is there a difference?
"I remember she said that girls should pay attention to keep warm, but I always wrap myself like a bear in winter." The white man glanced at Yan Xi and lamented that the method of heating by shaking in winter never suited her.
"Not this." As soon as Nai’s eyebrows fell, Zhou Zichen stroked the little woman’s long engine and showed tenderness. "Dr. Wu asked you to eat more nutritious food such as fresh fruits and vegetables and deep-sea fish."
"Oh, don’t be so rigid. It’s no big deal to eat once. KFC is cleaner than the roadside stall at gate A."
"I heard that some poultry in fast food restaurants have been photographed with four wings on farms and it will take just 30 to 40 days to grow up." Deliberately alarmist, Zhou Zichen never thought that he would tell this same thing to a little devil in troubled times a few years later, but he was ridiculed and supercilious by the other side.
"Okay, okay, I won’t eat it." I’m not happy in the man’s lower back position. I even pinched several Yanxi dark scolds Zhou Zichen, and I’m not afraid of being sued for slander when I say this.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
Ji Yuran has been very sad recently, which is really bad in Mariana Trench.
In a resplendent five-star hotel, looking at a middle-aged male boss with a big belly, a round waist and a fat brain in the box, she couldn’t help clenching her fist.
Once killed, she never thought that the head of a beautiful woman would receive an advertisement and be soft. One day, she actually needed to come out to accompany the wine to make quick money.
And this opportunity
She was introduced by acquaintances.
Acquaintances compare with considerable intermediaries, and she compares with a large amount of dinner. The most important thing is that the bosses who usually come to this kind of dinner are very rich. If you want to climb one and coax him, he will spend a lot of money to support you.
Now she can shoot a lot of advertising endorsements, which were temporarily terminated by the factory because of the influence of Zhou Zichen’s press conference.
In S city, Zhou’s group is a leading figure in business, and large companies expect other small companies to be even more afraid to commit crimes.
One after another, the boss’s favorite thing is to drink the wine of these female models and actresses present
Where can this woman be interesting when she is awake? Of course, it is most convenient for them when she is in a daze.
Because some of them want to come by themselves, and some are forced to come by economic companies, are they willing to give tofu to big bosses and score points?
"Good isa, you’re a real heroine. You can really drink it all in one mouthful."
"pa pa"
Accompanied by irregular applause, some people teased and whistled.
Ji Yuran thought that there were several middle-aged bosses who tried their best to preach that they loved their family and their wives when interviewed by the media.
False can no longer be false.
This is the so-called society
If she didn’t really like acting, she wouldn’t have jumped into the colorful dye vat in the entertainment circle a few years ago
Anyone who has seen her acting this season will raise their thumbs.
Her crying is especially vivid and moving, and every bitter idol drama starring her can get good ratings.
in fact
At the beginning, if she hadn’t become popular quickly through Zhou Zichen’s name, she would have traveled by her own strength one step at a time. Maybe today, she didn’t ascend the throne of herself, but at least she could rank among the four small Hua Dan.
"isa Frank" slanted eyes and braved the cleaners to see a man who thanked top of the old, vaguely stroking isa’s little hand. "Presumably, I was fascinated by your frank strength before I changed my home."
"Ouch, boss Qian is fine. What are those past things doing?" Although isawu is refuting each other’s words, it makes the old man angry because it is a charming way.
I want to eat chicken wings
4 move out
"Ha ha ha ha ha, yes, yes, yes, the past should be let go. Please make an interview." Bai Pang is like a pig’s trotters, stabbing and touching isawu’s short skirt to whiten her thighs.
The gorgeous face didn’t show any disgust, but the woman played hard to get and sent herself a sexy sling, and then rubbed her age, and she could quickly get it back when her father was an old man.
It is not once or twice that the price list of actresses accompanying wine has been exposed by the media.
However, even if the fame will be hit, there are still many big-name actresses who are in the second, third and first lines.
Who let you come out to accompany a trip to wine? The reward is really high.
You can easily earn hundreds of thousands to millions of RMB if you are tired of laughing, sweet talking and touching your chest and pinching your ass for your bosses.
Anyway, they laugh in public, too. Now it’s just another place.
"Feather, however, I don’t think you have touched chopsticks since you sat down. Is the table dish not to your taste?" Just when Ji Yuran listened to isa, she sat beside her and just finished drinking a toast with another female model, the male boss touched her hand.
"I’ll tell you what, I’ll let the students leave and change to a new table where you like to eat." I laughed until my face trembled with the frequency of my chest. In fact, my limbs were not very fat, but my bulging beer belly made me pregnant. Is he pregnant for seven months?
Doing business like theirs requires eating and drinking outside all the year round, because people in middle age are naturally fat and careless about exercise.
"No, the food is very good, but I’ve been drinking some white water at the weight loss center recently." How dare you eat casually in such a place? Do you know if those dishes that look clean are as clean as those seen by the naked eye?
The hostess is really a simple hostess, but it’s up to the actresses to decide whether to go to the hotel suite with the bosses to do something shameful after the banquet is over.
They are two escorts.
of course
If sleeping with them is expensive, they don’t mind drawing a horizontal line on the second word.
"I didn’t hear wrong about losing weight, did I? Do you still need to do that kind of stupid thing of self-abuse with an empty stomach like Yu Ran?" Typical naturally invited and wild beer belly, the old man’s eyes wandered around in Ji Yu Ran with lewd color.
It’s too thin for him to put in bed. After all, this woman doesn’t have any meat to press, and it feels no different from pressing a chops.
"Boss Fan, you’re welcome. People don’t have such a good figure as you say." Fortunately, Ji Yuran, after all, was born in a performance class, but she still seems to accept compliments from the other side except for her eyes.
"Well, if you really don’t want to eat, I won’t force you." Give full play to your passion at the right time, but if the beer belly boss is so easy, he will let Ji Yuran go, which is no better than coming to dinner tonight.

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