In the thunder of Lei Jie, Xiao Bai’s forehead and body are shaped like antlers and hard horns.
Xiao Bai wants to disperse the surrounding robbery clouds and tear them up unconsciously. Xiao Bai has claws on his chest.
At this moment, the clouds stopped and attached themselves to Xiao Bai, who manipulated them in Xiao Bai’s surprised eyes.
This is the dragon. When Xiuxian noticed that his head was white from the robbery cloud, he cried out in horror. They actually saw the dragon.
Not bad. According to the potential evolution theory of Xiao Bai’s fate trigger, how many snake spirits and beasts will go against the fate and attack the clouds passively and actively?
When Xiao Bai thought that he could break the cloud, the dragon horn appeared.
When Xiaobai wants to be able to tear up the robbery cloud, the dragon’s paw appears.
Surrounded by dark clouds and thunder, Xiaobai will come to Wupeng and be besieged. Wupeng will be rescued with a tear and roar, and the thunder will be splashed and severely beaten in the surrounding Wupeng to cultivate immortality. These thunder are not ordinary thunder, but Armageddon, and their power is even poorer.
Wu Peng looked at the incarnation of Long Xiaobai in surprise and muttered, I didn’t expect Xiao Bai to become a dragon. It’s really good luck to get home.
Xiao Bai came to Guo Xiaosi like walking clouds to help Guo Xiaosi slay the immortals, and the ruler of the immortals seems to have grown a lot. He can take the initiative to absorb the immortals and make a strong appeal, and absorb the range of immortals to himself and devour them.
With Wu Peng’s small white ruler, the Mongolian masters of cultivating immortals fled in succession. When Guo Xiaosi turned into a monster, when Xiao Bai turned into a dragon, they already knew that things were overdue, especially when Liu Jian saw Xiao Bai, especially when Xiao Bai manipulated several days to rob and kill Xiu Xian. Liu Jian knew that he had to escape. He didn’t recognize his ability to fight against the lightning.
In a blink of an eye, cultivate immortals have fled in haste and left corpses everywhere, telling the story of fierce fighting before, but at this time, Guo Xiaosi hasn’t turned back and strode towards the arch eyebrows. His eyes are full of small eyebrows. Are you okay? You’re going to see the arch eyebrows wound.
Don’t touch me, get out of here and then shock Guo Xiaosi. It’s Liu Mei’s eyes and tone. Liu Mei’s eyes are full of disgust and struggle. Liu Mei’s tone is full of determination. At this time, Guo Xiaosi remembered that he had turned into a secret and showed his heart to Liu Mei.
Xiaomei, listen to me. I’m not a monster. Guo Xiaosi wants to explain that he can become a monster, but Liu Meigen doesn’t give him a chance to keep driving Guo Xiaosi’s eyes full of disgust and fear.
Guo Xiaosi guessed that arch eyebrows reacted to this severe pain, which filled Guo Xiaosi’s eyes. The pain spread in Guo Xiaosi’s heart and his hands were stiff.
This is love. This is love that will never be betrayed. Guo Xiaosi keeps circling in his mind. The pain in his eyes is getting more and more intense. Love is so unbearable. Love is so unbelievable. Suddenly, Guo Xiaosi deeply looks at Liu Mei and rushes to dig out the jade feather and flies away in the distance. He wants to stay away from Liu Mei, this feeling and everything in the world.
Ah, grief is spreading in my heart. Guo Xiaosi Nai growled at the sky. He didn’t know what Liu Mei said he loved him, but he didn’t even give him a chance to explain. What is this? What is this?
Guo Xiaosi’s roar resounded through the sky and rang in Liu Mei’s ear. He heard Guo Xiaosi’s sad cry and Liu Mei felt a pain in his heart, then shook his head and wanted to throw Guo Xiaosi’s figure out of his mind. She could not accept that Guo Xiaosi could not accept a monster.
Wu Peng looked at Guo Xiaosi’s departure direction and didn’t say much. He flew directly and followed Guo Xiaosi closely. When he left, he said to Xiaobai, Xiaobai treasure Wu Peng and Bai Ji followed Guo Xiaosi. I’m afraid it’s hard to see Xiaobai.
Take care, Xiaobai wants to follow Guo Xiaosi, but he has signed a contract with Liu Mei and can watch Guo Xiaosi Wupeng leave the direction.
Half-ringing Xiaobai whispered to Liu Mei that you misunderstood the former master.
But how can Liu Mei listen to Xiao Bai’s words? Cold hum a misunderstanding. He is a monster. Hum, you used to be his pet. You must speak for him. You go. I don’t want a monster gift. Go away. In Liu Mei’s roar, Liu Mei directly cancels her small white contract. She wants Guo Xiaosi to sever everything. She can’t accept a monster. Never will.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Mysterious Longfeng Yu Pei
Chapter three hundred and ninety-seven Mysterious Longfeng Yu Pei
Hey, you will regret the evolution one day. Long Xiaobai sighed deeply. The former owner’s root was not a monster, but a result of uniting the skills. Xiaobai didn’t care what the arch eyebrows thought. He didn’t have the ability to keep it, so Xiaobai chased it in the direction of Guo Xiaosi.
Xiaobai has evolved a dragon, but it is not a real dragon. It is just a newborn dragon that can control some thunder spells. It is still a long way to turn the real dragon Xiaobai, and there are too many variables in the immortal world. If you want to get to the final step, you must rely on a strong and not greedy backer. After getting along for so long, Xiaobai thinks that Guo Xiaosi is his own backer and will not take his own Dan.
If Xiao Bai is too sane and has no backer, he will be hunted down and killed. He will either become someone else’s spirit beast or lose his own Dan.
Arch eyebrows looked at Xiaobai’s departure direction and just sat there thinking about what Guo Xiaosi had experienced. Guo Xiaosi said that he was not a monster. Xiaobai also said that Guo Xiaosi was not a monster, but how could that look not be a monster?
No, he’s not a man. He’s a monster. Liu Mei forced himself not to believe that Guo Xiaosi was not a monster. He lost his mind in Sichuan, Sichuan and Sichuan.
Guo Xiaosi’s eyes are full of grief, his mind is full of grief, his words and actions heal Liu Mei, all of which hurt him deeply. Guo Xiaosi’s pain is remembered. If he had told Liu Mei about it earlier, so many misunderstandings would not have happened. If he had told Liu Mei that he could transform himself earlier, he might not have fallen into feelings, and he might not have been hurt so deeply.
Ah, Guo Xiaosi shouted angrily, focusing on the course, the body, the mana, and the spirit. Cuiyu flew rapidly in the air, and the wind kept filling his ears. After the chaos, he couldn’t hear Wu Peng shouting.
The master flew thousands of miles under the gaze of Wu Peng. Ling Cuiyu finally fell heavily to the ground because of the exhaustion of Guo Xiaosi’s mana. Then Ling Cuiyu slowly recovered and fell gently on Guo Xiaosi. Wu Peng kept shouting and hurriedly came to Guo Xiaosi before falling. Put Ling Cuiyu in a dry Kun bag, then pack up Guo Xiaosi and fly into the jungle and wait for Guo Xiaosi to wake up quietly.
At the same time, the master incarnated Long Xiaobai and came to Guo Xiaosi’s side without hesitation. In a coma, Guo Xiaosi signed a treaty to become Guo Xiaosi Beast again, and then when Xiaobai became Guo Xiaosi Beast, his body gradually faded and narrowed, quietly guarding Guo Xiaosi.
Wu Peng Xiao Bai quietly waited for Guo Xiaosi. The two spirit beasts didn’t have eyes full of confusion. They are spirit beasts, but they are profound and don’t know the situation in Guo Xiaosi now.
In fact, at present, Guo Xiaosi is closing his mind, and he needs to play his mind to wake up. In other words, all this still depends on Guo Xiaosi himself.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that it was the dragon and phoenix in his arms, and Yu Pei instantly sucked Guo Xiaosi’s blood when he encountered it. The center of the dragon and phoenix figure is also a little red, and the dragon and phoenix figure seems to be chasing around, which is very attractive.
Guo Xiaosi’s mind kept shouting something. What is this sound? It’s full of sadness and pain. Guo Xiaosi’s mind didn’t notice the attraction around him, but the source of this attraction was Yu Pei in his physical arms.
Wu Peng Xiaobai, who was guarding Guo Xiaosi, didn’t know these things, and they didn’t feel anything. After all, this happened in consciousness. Guo Xiaosi’s mind also realized that it was wrong. In the dark consciousness, he found himself being dragged by a huge force.
What’s going on? Aware of the danger, Guo Xiaosi’s mind is awake, and he tries his best to resist this inexplicable attraction. Now it’s a fragile moment for Guo Xiaosi’s mind, and what’s more, he’s consciously trying to resist this inexplicable attraction.

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