With this idea, his heart is more confident in finding the beast emperor. After all, if he wants to enter the beast emperor city, he will definitely find something for the beast emperor.
But at the same time, his heart was a little worried. On that day, he remembered that Fan Tao and several people also said that almost all the monster beasts in the beast emperor city were taxiing monsters, and that day they also saw the true appearance of a taxiing monster beast. He didn’t know if he could safely enter the lost wasteland this time, and the beast emperor city was very safe to come out.
He’s still cruel, and he’s already rushed to the beast emperor city, and he doesn’t care much about his ending
Eyes slightly gray’ color’ light is not very conspicuous in the dark night, but Xiang Ye himself did feel the change of his eyes. This change only appeared after he came to the West Demon Empire, and the so-called magic pupil. Today, he knows what he has a magic pupil. He is still not quite sure about this problem, because he can’t ask casually because he remembers the greedy expression in his eyes after seeing his magic pupil.
There are always some monsters who are willing to act at night in the lost wasteland. It seems that Xiang Ye can’t walk peacefully again this evening because he has already felt that there are two abnormal monsters of the earth in the only way in front of him.
Sure enough, with his progress, he has seen clearly the appearance of the two monster beasts. Seeing that the two monster beasts have three horns on their heads, they are also three-legged and huge, like buffaloes. A series of serial saliva keeps trickling out to the outside, which shows that Xiang Ye is regarded as food. After all, it is not easy to meet a human monk on the wasteland here.
"It seems that my luck is not generally’ good’ and I actually met a male and female beast."
Ye Xiangnai stopped the speed and carefully looked at the two dead beasts in front of him. Because he got the mysterious man’s piece of mainland jade, there were not some maps inside, and there were still many people who had seen some monster beast spirits’ flowers’ and different grasses. Xiang Ye recognized two ugly monster beasts at a glance, that is, dead beasts. Information about monster beasts also came to mind in his heart.
An hour later, Xiang Ye had found a relatively high mountain, quickly dug a’ hole’ in the mountain, and then went in. Later, he cast a few cover spells at the’ door’ to make himself safe. At this time, he was forced to sit without crossing his legs to recover his injuries.
An hour ago, I met two midnight beasts. Who knows that all of them are six-level monster beasts? Xiang Ye can still cope with one thing or two if one word is spoken, but there is really no way to find a suitable opportunity to step on the eagle wing and escape. Otherwise, today, his field is buried in the belly of the beast. The two midnight beasts have been together for many years. Xiang Ye has no luck in cooperating with it.
Fortunately, Xiang Ye didn’t suffer too much injury when he shuttled between the two monster beasts with his own posture. Now he is in great danger because he just tried to compete with the two monster beasts and input spiritual power into the eagle wing. His body foundation is already lacking in spiritual power, so he needs to meditate and restore it, or he will continue to March.
Soon it was already dawn, and Xiang Ye practiced for a night, and the spirit force has been restored to July 7th, which can cope with some emergencies.
In fact, he has avoided some powerful monster beast sites these days, and his speed has slowed down a lot. He still met many six-level monster beasts. Xiang Ye knows that he is already in the hinterland of the lost wasteland. It is estimated that he will enter the deepest beast emperor city in a few days’ journey.
First of all, I carefully looked at the external environment and didn’t spy on it. When Xiang Ye leaned out, he was shocked. He actually felt that there were several abnormal earth smells coming from the hillside not far away
Hurriedly withdrew his soul force. Fortunately, it was not noticed by these smells. However, at this time, Xiang Ye still had some doubts. In his impression, monsters are generally not allowed to own their territory. After meeting other monsters, it is a life-and-death war.
But today this kind of situation is to make him very suspicious’ confused’ Xiang Ye guess something unusual should happen.
Xiang Ye also knew at this time that he didn’t find these six-level peak monster beasts last night. He should be bent on finding an safe place without carefully looking at the surrounding environment, and those monster beasts should be scrupulous about each other, and there is no distraction to look around, so that Xiang Ye can survive.
Otherwise, a few monster beasts will appear at random, facing Xiang Ye yesterday, which will kill him for a while. Xiang Ye must be careful again after he has secretly thought about it at this time.
Xiang Ye slowly converged his whole body breath. At this moment, he knew that he had cultivated the three gods’ level achievement methods. Because he wanted to converge his breath, he could not let the spirit force not emit momentum. The glazed jade body can also control the body’s hair hole to close. In this way, unless he saw him with his own eyes, even the soul force exploration at hand would not find him.
After this breath convergence, Xiang Ye crept out of the mountain’ hole’ and walked towards the valley where he had just explored the soul force. He was very curious about what made several monster beasts calm together instead of fighting.
This is an unusually quiet valley, and there is a faint pressure around it. Presumably, these fierce momentum are the joint release of these monster beasts, which should be a warning to get close to people.
Xiang Ye’s appearance didn’t cause "wave" to move in this fierce momentum. Xiang felt a little uncomfortable, but fortunately, he didn’t care if the colored glaze "jade" was in his body. These were still close to the valley.
Finally, he stopped at a place dozens of meters away from the monster beast. At this time, the situation in the valley was unobstructed. He glanced at the face and Xiang Ye almost exclaimed. He immediately put out his right hand and covered his mouth. He was afraid that he would cry out again.
At this time, although he can’t see the monster beast of the first six levels, he can clearly feel that it is the six heads. Although the types of imposing manner are different, the power is not weak, and the base is the peak of the six levels.
Six monster beasts joined hands to release the small lake in the valley of the sword finger of the coercion department ~
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Seven Ye Linglong Lotus
There is a monster beast in the small lake, which is even more earthy. This monster beast Xiang Ye can’t see it either, because this monster beast should be in this lake in the valley. Please make the Pinyin domain name visit our lake. The area is not very large, but it is full of beautiful lotus flowers and all kinds of colors.
Among them, what shocked Xiang Ye most was that in the center of this small lake, there was a single-stem, seven-branch plant with seven branches and leaves, each with a’ flower’ bone, which was in bud. Even if it was not put out, these seven’ flower’ bones gave people a sense of beauty, as if they were going to see their weakness, and the idea of love would rise in their hearts.
"Seven leaves exquisite lotus! It turned out to be a seven-leaf exquisite lotus … Just seeing the immature lotus’ flower’ has already produced this feeling in the viewer’s heart, and it really is a sacred object. "
If Xiang Ye hadn’t been ready to put his hand over his mouth, I’m afraid he would have shouted again at this moment, and he would have been directly dismembered by the Six Monsters.
Immediately, Xiang Ye’s face "dew" showed a surprise expression "seven leaves and exquisite lotus", which he knew very well. Although he had never seen it before, it was said that it was in the "Dan Qi Lu" or the experience of the Xiao family’s bodhi old zu soul refiner. A few days ago, he got the mysterious man "Jade", and this kind of fetish was found in the film.
Just like its name, "Seven-leaf Linglong Lotus" has a total of seven branches and leaves, and each branch has a lotus flower. Each kind of lotus flower has different colors, but when it matures, the seven colors are arranged in turn. Finally, the whole chassis rosette is a kind of meditation practice. It is said that meditation practice will increase the speed by increasing the external aura absorption several times.
However, these are not the most important things. It is said that the biggest’ medicine’ effect of Qiye Linglong Lotus is that it can help monks or monsters to survive the six-to-seven-level Godsworn Armageddon. Although the success rate is not great, even if the chance is increased by 10%, it will cause many six-level monks and monsters to try their best to snatch it.
"The six-level monster beast’s spiritual intelligence base is already very melted. Presumably, they are all’ seven-leaf exquisite lotus’ to wait quietly. It is said that there are seven lotus flowers, which can increase the success rate and have multiple effects and can still be superimposed."
Xiang Ye has thought about it in his heart. Today, since he has seen the "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus", he must get it. After all, he is now a five-level peak monk. This time, the physical hidden danger should disappear and he should be able to successfully rise to the six-level monk realm, so it is necessary to get this kind of god "medicine" when he breaks through into a seven-level monk.
He himself knows how difficult it is to break through, but when the third-level monk breaks through the fourth-level monk, he has a psychological robbery. He doesn’t know how difficult it will be when he breaks through to the seventh-level monk, so even if he gets a lotus, it is not enough.
But now, if we rob directly, there is no chance. After half an hour of meditation, Xiang Ye still hasn’t thought of a good way.
At this moment, Xiang Ye suddenly felt that the monster beast of the earth level 6 in the small lake had moved the whole lake. At this time, the water was ringing and coming out. It was possible to feel that the monster beast was definitely a huge thing.
I don’t know what it is to shrink my neck back. After the monster beast appeared, Xiang Ye felt a dangerous smell hanging over himself as if it were a way to resist that feeling.
"What kind of monster beast is this? It actually gives me the feeling that it is a kind of seven-level monk and a taxiing monster. Is it a monster beast that is about to become a seven-level monster beast and a six-level peak monster beast?"
Xiang Ye heart has a whisper.
At first, he saw a huge snakehead appear, and then different snakeheads appeared on the water, one, two, three …
Finally, it turned out that nine ferocious and terrible snakeheads appeared in the middle and the remaining half was still in the water.
"It seems that it is more difficult to get’ Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus’ today than to ascend to heaven, not to mention the other six monster beasts, that is, this monster python is far from me to deal with."
Xiang Ye, the monster beast in the water, has been recognized when he saw the’ dew’. Presumably, this nine-headed monster python is the guardian monster beast of "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus", so that even some seven monks may not take advantage of the monster python again.
At this time, the nine-headed demon python appeared naturally and felt the six imposing monsters around the valley. It is also natural to know about them.
"Hiss …"
Waves of loud sounds spit out from the mouth of the demon python, and the’ Yin’ in the sound reveals that Xiang Ye is so far away that it can be felt.
Then came six different sounds at the same time, which should be made by six other monsters around the valley.
With the sound of two voices falling in a small lake, the nine-headed demon python finally flew to the middle with a body of dozens of feet and nine ugly heads. The momentum is absolutely amazing. After the nine-headed demon python left the small lake, Xiang Ye actually found that the water level in the lake actually dropped a lot, which shows how huge the nine-headed demon python is.
It seems to be the same as the confrontation with the Nine-headed Demon Python. The six heads around the valley are also hateful. Monsters of different sizes have emerged in the middle, and they are faintly connected to compete with the Nine-headed Demon Python in the other half.
After the rise, seven different monster beasts actually howled again, one over the other and one over the other.
Xiang Ye at this time, a joy in the heart has guessed that the seven monster beasts should not be a group. If there is no mistake, the nine-headed monster python should be his own group. When the other six monster beasts are together, they are ready to fight against the "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus" guardian monster beast.
At this time, a bold idea has appeared in Xiang Ye’s mind, that is, when both sides lose-lose, they suddenly suddenly violently rob the "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus" directly, so that their chances are great.
Finally, when this period has passed, the sun has risen to the right. The howling sound of the seven monsters has not stopped, but it has become more and more’ exciting’. Although Xiang Ye didn’t listen to the howling of the white monsters, it can be guessed that it should be the "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus" in the lake. Naturally, he doesn’t want the seven monsters to reach a consensus and peace place, so he will have no chance.
Fortunately, the situation is still optimistic. Xiang Ye found that the nine-headed monster python has been raining more and more violently, and it seems that it is about to start work. Several other monster beasts are also’ exposed’ and angry. Presumably, the negotiations have not solved the problem.
At this moment, a small sound suddenly came from the lake
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
As this sound appears, the rage repeatedly called the seven monster beasts to shut their mouths at the same time. It seems that the eyes of this "seven-leaf exquisite lotus" in the lake are all the same greedy god.
Xiang Ye also heard this small sound at this time. He first took a look at it. At this time, there was an unusually quiet scene. All the monsters were nervously watching the lake.
When Xiang Ye looked down at the lake, he couldn’t restrain his surprise. At this time, a branch of "Seven Leaves Linglong Lotus", a flower, was gone and replaced by a latosolic red lotus, which was as warm as a bunch of beautiful flames, burning in the heart of seven beasts here.
Followed by a "pa".

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