Tongtian hierarch holding jade Fu Mo sitting on Biyou bed, Taoist Fang Duobao and Yunxiao Empress Dolly Notre Dame stood upright and didn’t know that the master was looking for himself and others.
"Duobao, Dolly, Yunxiao" called the leader of Tongtian.
When Dobo heard this, he quickly replied, "My brother is here."
Tongtian leader smiled and said, "Ren Huang’s candidate is lucky for our sect, so various sects often argue. Now that Di Ku has acceded to the throne to explain teaching, he has won the position of two emperors and three teachers, which should fall into my interception bag. You should enjoy this position when you wait for the best in teaching."
The three of them bowed in unison and called themselves "teachers’ compassion"
Tongtian leader smiled and raised his chin with one hand to signal the three of them to get up and then said, "You will go to Penglai Island to appear before the demon emperor and sage to decide this matter."
The three men were puzzled and asked Duo Bao, "Teacher, this is something in my interception. Do you want to meet the demon emperor sage?"
Tongtian hierarch gave a way: "You don’t have to say anything to do it."
"Respect for the elderly and learn from the law" should be three people just devoting themselves to it.
The next day, Taoist Duobao, Empress Yunxiao, the Virgin of Dolly and Jia Lai, Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao went to Penglai Island with a group of five people.
Taoist Duobao in Penglai Island was just about to sign up for an audience with Bixiao. He smiled and took out a piece of Jin Fu Jiao and drank a shock fan to reveal a fairy island. Only Taoist Duobao didn’t get in or out of Fuzuo’s face and showed a surprised look. The Virgin of Dolly told him the whole story before sighing, "My sister Bixiao is so lucky that it is bound to be a disaster."
Bixiao Jiao laughed, "Brother is confused, and I am waiting for a teacher to bless the natural disaster." Duobao shook his head with his heart and shook his head. It is disrespectful to fly in the Penglai Island Saints’ Dojo, and the heavenly leader can’t maintain it.
A red figure came slowly in the distance, and Bixiao waved his arm and said, "~! This way ~ Your little sister-in-law is here ~! "
I have to come to congratulate you. "Little martial aunt Bixiao hasn’t been here for a long time. It would be good to miss the teacher. She is telling me to lead some people to the throne in the Sun Palace." Then I saw Taoist Duobao and others leading them to the Sun Palace.
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Chapter 11 Real saints
While enjoying the scenery of Penglai Island, a group of people walked to the golden palace standing in the distance. The Virgin of Dolly suddenly realized that Taoist Duobao was somewhat fascinated. "What is the big brother thinking?"
Taoist Duobao turned and pointed to the distance and said, "Look over there, sister."
Dolly Notre Dame along the treasure road people expect to see a handsome young man again and again drew his sword to cut the waves and immediately laughed "but that hasn’t achieved immortal brother? What’s the special … Er "DengYuan phoenix stared at the man in horror." He has no magic? ! Good strong flesh "
Sister Sanxiao and the girl who was attracted by the alarm of the Virgin of Dolly came over and asked why. She explained, "That was the teacher’s new third brother-Yang Jian is said to be the nephew of the Three Realms Jade Emperor and the Great Buddha."
Road flyover Duobao breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Penglai Gate is more surprised than the cloud, and Wen Zhong is the proof." Paused eyes drifted to Yang Jian, who was still opposing the wave, and continued, "This third brother is afraid that he will not be underwhelming lot in the future."
I heard that the big brother spoke highly of his righteousness, and the face of the Virgin of Dolly, Wen Zhong, showed a bright smile. Bi Xiao was impatient and shouted, "It’s important to go to the Sun Palace to see Jiu Ge first."
Road flyover Duobao’s eyebrows sank when he heard this. "Sister Bixiao should never be so casual in the face of the demon emperor and saint, otherwise, the old man’s house will not spare you."
Bi Xiao was just about to speak out, but she was pushed aside by the sky. "The third sister’s big brother said that it was a demon emperor. Although the sage is easy-going, he is a saint. Remember, don’t thank the big brother for his teachings."
Bixiao has always respected her elder sister Yunxiao, and when she heard this, she could thank Taoist Duobao with limited grievances.
Road flyover Duobao nodded and should continue to walk towards the Sun Palace.
After entering the Sun Palace, several people leaned over and worshipped, saying that "the demon emperor and sage are willing to live in the sacred territory."
6 long to sweep away and say "stand up"
Taoist Duobao bowed down and said, "The teacher asked me to come and invite the demon emperor sage An to ask the demon emperor sage for advice about Ren Huang’s imperial teacher."
For a long time, I silently understood the meaning of the leader of Tongtian. When I said, "I understand that you will live in Penglai Island, and I will show you how to find all the people when the time comes."
Taoist Duobao led the people to thank them and said, "The demon emperor and sage are merciful."
For 6 long, I motioned for everyone to get up and look at their faces. Bi Xiao laughed. "Bi Xiao, what happened to you today and you became so clever?"
Bixiao pouted and said, "The sage of the demon emperor asked Bixiao if he didn’t know the manners in the past, and also asked the demon emperor to forgive him. Now Bixiao has come to his senses and should keep the manners in the future."
I have been staring at Bi Xiao for a long time, and I feel lonely in the heart of a woman who used to be as close as my sister. Is this what a saint has to suffer from loneliness? Who can accompany you on the way to the avenue?
Wave vigorously and say, "You all go to rest."
After watching the people leave for 6 years, their hearts became surprisingly calm and harmonious, and they unconsciously remembered the others who stood on the top of the world. Are you like me?
I grabbed the demon emperor sword around me for a long time and felt its pulse. A smile escaped from the corner of my mouth and rippled in the sky. I still have you … and you …
Bixiao looks back at the magnificent Sun Palace in the distance, and the towering palace is particularly distinguished and majestic … Domineering as Di Jun lost a lot of intimacy in the First Age … Goodbye, my brother who was 6 years old … He is now a saint. The real saint Bixiao muses a drop of crystal tears and slides his cheeks.
The night is as cool as water. Bixiao stands alone in the courtyard, looking at the moon and Qiongxiao hanging high in the stars. The figure appears beside Bixiao, hugging her sister’s shoulder and saying, "Is Third Sister still sad during the day?"
Bi Xiao looked at the second sister indifferently, "I’m fine. Second sister seems to have made me understand a lot of things today. Second sister, I want to go to a place alone to say one for me and my elder sister."
Qiong Xiao asked in astonishment, "Where are you going?"
Blue clouds smiled and looked back at the dawn disc and said "there"
Yunxiao looked at the two sisters from afar and silently said, forgive my sister Bixiao. Sister Bixiao knows that you are very sad today … This is life with five flavors.
Moon Palace
Chang ‘e Su took a pot full of laurel wine and sent it to Bixiao with a smile. "After a while, Bixiao’s sister has changed a lot. She is no longer a little girl."
Bixiao shook his head with a wry smile and remained silent. He picked up the glass and looked up and drank it off.
Chang ‘e frowned and asked, "What happened to my sister?"
Bixiao didn’t answer. He walked slowly to the laurel tree and stared blankly at the tree. Chang ‘e looked at it and grasped Bixiao’s mind briefly. He smiled and said, "When Jiu Ge first went to the Guanghan Palace, I felt that he was a special person. Somehow Jiu Ge said that Hou Yi asked him to take care of me on his deathbed. I believed it. Later, Jiu Ge took Bixiao’s sister to the Guanghan Palace. It was the second time that the sage was as kind as ever, but I also knew that my sister’s heart would change sooner or later …"
"It’s different now." Bixiao’s dim speech interrupted Chang ‘e’s memory.
Chang ‘e didn’t mind stroking Bi Xiaoxiu before, and continued, "It’s not easy for emperors and saints to think that Jiu Ge, a worm, is both a demon emperor and a mixed sage."
Looking down at Bixiao Judo, "Don’t worry, wait for him to find the true meaning of the avenue or Jiu Ge in Bixiao’s sister’s heart."

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