"You don’t know if the Imperial Palace Secretary has responded?" Hayakawa Jiro asked carefully.
The man’s face suddenly changed, and his right hand flashed with a touch of light and shadow. The woman was slammed into the wall not far away and sprayed blood.
She is an ordinary fighter trained by the Hayakawa family. She doesn’t even have resistance in front of powerful practitioners. With more blood spilling from 7 orifices, she can’t live for the reason. Actually, there is no reason. It is unnecessary to kill a handmaid.
What’s more, his position as a member of Ise Shrine is second only to that of Daiguji and Shaogong. You should kill people. For him, it’s just a matter of thinking and doing things.
Make fun while apologizing. Jiro Hayakawa was so scared by this change that his face turned miserable and he knelt on the ground. "Bravo, you should please calm down. Is there anything that bothers you?"
"Ha-ha … it’s stupid that this woman didn’t tell you."
Other women were not afraid to wait until two guards came in and dragged the dead woman to Xiao Hu. The man said, "Is it true that Jiro heard that your daughter is very beautiful? I want to meet her, which will also determine whether your family is qualified to join the shrine. "
Jiro Hayakawa immediately showed a knowing look and sat near the gate. The core members who were also responsible for accompanying guests from the Hayakawa family immediately took the initiative to salute and walk out. More than a dozen other young men from Ise Jingu Yongye brought their hands but never left the meaning. The depths of their eyes flashed with excitement.
Wait until the family department is gone, and all the women are also drunk. About five minutes later, a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress comes slowly …
Chapter 139 murderous look foaming at the mouth
Bravo boy stared at the beautiful woman with flashing eyes, and said with a smile, "Jiro is really cheap, you old guy."
"Hey, hey … little people don’t always talk to my daughter and no one else has touched her …" Kojiro Hayakawa smiled extremely obscene.
"I have seen Yong Ye’s adult in Sichuan cuisine", and the stunning beauty has a variety of amorous feelings.
Bravo boy’s figure flashed to the side of the beautiful woman and tore the body and his opponent into pieces in front of more than 20 people. "How about I communicate with Miss Caicai today and watch Jiro perform with his daughter together after I won’t treat you badly?"
The beauty didn’t look scared at all, but her mouth gave a scream and winked at her from time to time.
"Father, do you want to see your woman insulted?" It looks as pure as a girl’s eyes are full of things that make men self-sufficient.
"Gaga … doesn’t your father always love you like this? More people will love you today, my little baby! "
"Don’t … don’t …"
A group of men excitedly watched the brave wild boy perform crotch and set up a small tent. Even Hayakawa Jiro was excited and growled.
Baby daughter, but now that he is forbidden, the family interests have to be offered for more men to enjoy, which will make them sad. Who knows that they can’t help but be more excited?
Just before the most absurd drama was performed in the backyard of the Hayakawa family, three figures were hidden in the dark thousands of meters away from the manor.
The people in the front yard are too weak to find these people.
The fact that these people are hidden in places thousands of meters away through magical methods may not be discovered by experts even during the OBE period.
I can’t hear the slightest break, there is no light and shadow effect, and even the energy fluctuation is slight to the extreme. A figure is very abrupt and appears next to those three figures.
"Predecessors we really want to wait until what time? It’s been two days and I haven’t seen that guy appear. "The sound is rough and abnormal. If there is a ray of light, you will see that he is the predecessor who suddenly appeared in his mouth. Who else can there be except residual blood?
"Strange … it must have been cold if we didn’t log in to the account of killing God. It’s been a month. Why hasn’t it appeared yet?" Residual blood tight frowning secretly thinking.
"Master, did you find out what happened? Has he come? " JingAo snow anxiously asked.
Residual Blood shook his head and sighed and said, "Alas … I wouldn’t have come all the way to Class B to entrust you to do it if I hadn’t heard the news from London this time. I finally came from the South Pole. Are you kidding us?"
Knife eyes flashing plumes of golden awn said coldly "will lurk here and wait for elder brother Chen? Just finish the entrustment and wait inside. I can easily kill a Hayakawa family without leaking the wind! "
"Abnormal condition …"
A post muttered to himself, this guy is not human at present. If we say that getting along with the cold zone at the beginning gave him a lot of shock, then with nearly two years of tapping, the shock did not stop, and the source was a Geng Jin knife.
At the beginning, with the help of three kinds of Dan medicines, namely, Ningyuan Dan, Wuling Jushen Dan and Poxu Dan, the core members of the Jingyun Club broke through at one stroke and even Xianglang entered the same level in the later period of Yuanying.
Xiao Dao is also a member of Yuan Ying’s later promotion, which is the limit that common elixirs in the field of repair can forcibly raise, unless there is an elixir beyond the miraculous cure or a treasure with special talent, they can rely on themselves.
Of course, they have also integrated the essence of the soul vein, and the cultivation speed is ten times as high as in the past. Just five months ago, the post actually broke through the bottleneck of Yuanying’s advanced out-of-body experience, and at the same time, with the help of Dan medicine, he broke through to his companions in Yuanying’s later period, and he was one step ahead of Qin Yang and others.
Up to now, the ghost hand and the tall guy still haven’t advanced to the OBE period, but what about the knife guy?
It’s been a year and three months since he broke through to the initial OBE in the third month in Antarctica. After three months, he advanced to the middle OBE, and now five months have passed. According to what he said, it will take at most one year to advance to the later OBE.
Is this still a person?
The later you go, the more difficult it will be for you to upgrade your qualifications. Generally, it will take decades for you to upgrade your qualifications in the OBE period. Even if you integrate the essence of your soul, your training speed will be ten times faster according to your own qualifications, plus a large number of high-quality resources. It will take you three or two years to upgrade your OBE period.
It took him a few months to break through from the late Yuan baby to the early OBE, and from the early OBE to the middle of it, it was even more difficult to see the later breakthrough, that is, it was incredible to break through in the year.
There is no bragging element in the knife talk. His mid-term out-of-body training and strong growth of Geng Jin body have made his personal combat power already strong. In addition to these, in absolute growth, the top mental method White Tiger God tactic he cultivated has a relative increase in certain circumstances, and his magic weapon is also increasing in relative growth.
Compared with the general practitioner, his actual combat effectiveness is no longer in the middle of distraction!
Only the strongest early Sichuan family in the late Yuan Ying period is in his hands, and I’m afraid it will be completely destroyed if it doesn’t last a minute.
Fighting and killing are the unique talents of Geng Jin.
Of course, he is by no means the strongest man in the Antarctic. Although his fighting capacity has already surpassed the out-of-body experience period, he is still a lot worse than the residual blood. It has been a mid-term state of distraction to activate the perception department for more than 2,000 years and repair the residual blood with the help of massive resources for more than a year.
He’s extremely talented and gifted, and there are various increases. His fighting capacity is comparable to that of ordinary people who fix the truth at the early stage of integration.
Only worse than Geng Jin’s body, the fighting capacity of the first-line wind spirit body is weaker, but in the speed advantage, people can add residual blood to cultivate the mind method, which is also the speed master and his body is the killer. Even those who fix the truth in the middle of the general fit may be assassinated by him in non-frontal confrontation.
"So …"
Residual blood hesitated for a moment and then nodded, "The original killer wanted to kill the target, but …"
Before he could finish, the knife was cold and laughed. "I don’t speak any principles with the kid. If I hadn’t fixed it, I wouldn’t be soft even if I killed all the people in this country!" Ordinary national crime? If I remember correctly, civilian support was the driving force of aggression in that war. Many civilians raised rations for the so-called imperial army, preferring to starve themselves, and some king eggs even sent their daughters to the battlefield of Yanhuang as comfort women. "
"That’s right! Mom, the root of a B civilian crime is to laugh at the fact that their entire nation is the lowest race. The root should not be in the world! " When it comes to this item, the blood suddenly swelled.
"Alas ….. the Chinese people would not have suffered that disaster if the forces of the Chinese people who fix the truth had been glued by western forces for decades."
"You mean …" A post vaguely heard of things in those days.
"The Crusades, the Vatican and the dark forces joined forces to attack Yanhuang, or else the little devil practitioners would dare to enter Yanhuang?"

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