The disciples of the Righteousness Sect were equally shocked by Lu Fei’s talent, but they must be in a very good mood at this time. Lu Fei can steal the magical powers. On the other hand, this has also enhanced the strength of the Righteousness Sect to some extent.
The unknown danger is often the most terrible thing. If Lu Fei can learn their horrible magical powers, they will also have another way to understand the magical powers! Take precautions before!
"So small!"
Not far away, Pure Yin couldn’t help but praise it!
Although he has long been accustomed to Lu Fei’s uber-like horror talent, when he saw Lu Fei at this time, he stole from the teacher and learned that he was still quite shocked.
On the other hand, Xu He’s face has become uglier than pig liver at this time, and his eyes are murderous. He can’t help but think, "This will surely become a menace to our magic schools in the future!"
Magic Xingtian was equally surprised in his heart, but he was very disdainful and shouted, "Can a mere spear crack endure me?"
The words sound just fell and his right hand slammed into a fist and slammed it into the sky.
Lingxi Jianbo no longer ripples out the circle of destruction, but rises like a nine-bend Yellow River with the thickness of a water tank. Jianbo winds like a silver dragon and rushes to the sky, hitting those repression spears at him.
The deafening sound produced tens of millions of gun shadows, and they were shattered in an instant, and once again a lone panlong gun was suspended in the middle.
At the same time, the thickness of the water tank was weakened to the thickness of the bowl, and then it attacked Lu Fei.
Lu Fei opened his mouth and roared, and a majestic golden lion roared out of his mouth in an instant! At the same time, the big ""characters floated out of his body one by one and slammed into Linxi Jianbo!
"Buddhist lion roar! Master! Brother Lu is a Buddhist lion roar! "
Challenge fahai tightly picked up a small fist with a face of excitement and eyes full of stars and said
"Amitabha …"
Master Huitong chanted a Buddhist name, but this just smiled with relief. "Donor Lu is a rare wizard in the spiritual world for thousands of years. I didn’t expect that in just a few months, he would practice the lion’s roar avatar to such a state! Its power is just like decades of hard work! "
Just as Master Huitong’s voice just fell, countless ""characters in the ring have already collided with each other!
There was a loud bang, and the sword wave was smashed on the spot. At the same time, the golden light of the ""character faded in a transient and disappeared into the shape.
However, the golden lion flying out of Lu Fei’s mouth doesn’t seem to be affected at all. At this time, it has already rushed to the front of the magic Xingtian with a rolling golden light and roared with a big caliber!
"Eh, Mimi …"
The six-character mantra of Buddhism flies out in a blink of an eye and forms an interlocking chain winding towards the magic Xingtian!
The six-character mantra of Buddhism in the whole chain is based on pure Buddha power, which connects them indestructible!
Magic Xingtian face suddenly changed but never thought Liu Fei was so understated and resolved his Linxi Jianbo!
At the critical moment, he didn’t think too much. He lifted his hand with a touch of green light and rushed straight to the sky. It turned out to be a piece of ancient mountain, and then he suppressed it toward the six-character mantra chain.
Boom …
Rumby’s repression spreads instantly, giving people a feeling of coping with Mount Tai!
"Poof …"
Many onlookers who were closer to the challenge were shocked to cough up blood on the spot and quickly retreated behind them.
Suddenly pure Yin fierce stare big eyes a face of shock, "this is …"
"Turn over the sky!"
Elder Qi exclaimed and finally took the lead in saying this name!
Fantianyin, also known as Fantianyin, is said to be a congenital treasure refined from the broken wall of the Immortal Mountain in Jade Qing Yuan. Also ranked among the top ten artifacts in China!
Later, during the deity war, Yuan Tianzun gave this treasure to Guang Cheng, an interception immortal, and later it fell into the hands of his apprentice Yin Jiao.
This seal features a hand flip. Once a person’s forehead is photographed by it, it will often be directly smashed into a paste and miserable! There are not a few immortals who died here during the Feng Shen War.
I can imagine how horrible this seal is!
Cut it!
Turn over the sky to print a Buddhist mantra, and it was crushed and shattered on the spot and dissipated in the air.
Not only that, the large array of the original guardian ring also collapsed in an instant, and the ten-meter wide ring collapsed in an instant.
In addition to a few people such as pure Yin, others don’t know what this seal has come for. Seeing that even the ring collapsed in an instant, they suddenly opened their mouths in surprise!
Terrible! This is really horrible!
So crazy and fierce to the extreme oppression, is this still something that human beings can resist? But everything that was photographed by him almost instantly turned into a powder! Who dares to give birth to any resistance?
"it’s over!"
Seeing this scene, the brothers in the right way suddenly felt a chill in their hearts. Even if they had confidence in Lu Fei again, they were scared to death after seeing the horror of turning over the sky. All confidence collapsed in an instant!
"Turn over the sky?"
Half Liu Fei also stare big eyes and heard the name shouted by the elder Qi not far away. He also gasped in shock!
The other hand actually has an artifact?
This …
When did artifacts become so worthless? This is incredible, right?
Feeling the horror of the other hand, Liu Fei couldn’t help but hum a consciousness and was ready to course Shennongding!
Since the other party has even moved the artifact, it is obvious that it can match the artifact against the artifact by its own strength!
At this time, however, thoughtfully for a long time pure Yin is suddenly mouth "no! This is not a real turn over the sky. This is an imitation! "
Liu Fei immediately after hearing one leng is preparing to suggesting Shennongding move is not a lag.
"yes! It is indeed an imitation! "
Qi elders also nodded, obviously also saw some clues.
"Hey, even if it’s imitation, it’s a magic weapon of day order!"
Xu He didn’t deny it, but immediately smiled with a gloomy face. "It’s more than enough to deal with your apprentice!"
"Turns out to be a copy? Shout … Mom’s egg scared me! "

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