The inferno killed many creatures in Beiju Luzhou because of resentment, and they were unwilling to disperse for a long time and go to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma to be reincarnated. As more and more ghosts gathered, Beiju Luzhou was soon covered by ghosts, and the shrill screams echoed in Beiju Luzhou.
Godsworn is the most sensitive to murders. He felt the huge resentment condensed in Beiju Luzhou at the first time. The Duke of Zhao, the nearest to Beiju Luzhou, was no exception. Everyone looked at the ghosts floating in the sky with their eyes on fire and looked at the inferno opposite. I couldn’t wait to kill them.
Because the Duke of Zhao didn’t say anything, everyone could fight back. The chief of the vanguard, the Duke of Zhao, felt bad in his heart. He couldn’t hurry to start work when the army didn’t come. Although Heaven of Science let them go, he didn’t have enough strength to eat the inferno and the inferno reinforcements in front of him. It is the best choice to press Nai.
For the inferno, the ghosts of Heaven make the inferno annoyed. For the inferno, the flesh and blood of the creatures are also a great supplement. The gods have not put away the ghosts that killed the creatures. They want to gather some and then catch them all, and then these ghosts will make a treasure of the earth.
As time went by, five days passed in an instant. In these five days, the whole northern Luzhou in the world, except for some powerful and powerful avatar, escaped from the world. Everyone died in the demon world, and on the third day, it was attacked by the inferno and broke the large array of stars on Sunday.
No accident, a demon race in the demon world died, and the demon world got the time and everything that others did. The treasures accumulated by the demon world over the years were also obtained by the demon world. The most important thing was to measure the eyes for a long time, and the big flags of the stars on Sunday also fell into the hands of the demon. The megatron lich war and the large array of stars on Sunday also became the battle of the demon.
At the moment, there is not a living creature in the whole northern Luzhou. Now the northern Luzhou has been dyed red with the blood of the living creatures. There is no misty scene of the fairy family in the past, and the scene of doomsday death is left. The bodies of the living creatures killed by demons can be seen everywhere and discarded everywhere.
At this moment, Romer, the commander-in-chief of the inferno, the main peak of Leiyun Mountain, looked at the ghosts floating in the eyes and revealed a little excitement. Romer, the commander-in-chief of the inferno army, never had a weapon when he was going to war. When the devil gave him a black lotus, he told him that it was his magic weapon and gave birth to a lotus.
Now he has one left, and nothing left, so he gave it to Romer. After letting him go to the wild, he can let the lotus absorb the ghosts of the wild creatures and give birth to enough ghosts, so that the lotus can regain its vitality and become a spiritual treasure again.
Without hesitation, Romer flew in and looked at those murders who kept coming at him. A cruel smile hung on the corners of his mouth. He took out Lotus Romer and urged him to leave. Mana poured into the lotus. As his mana poured into the black lotus, he received a little stimulation and a weak suction came to the nearest murders, and he was sucked in without reflection.
As the murders inhale, the lotus can’t help but dig out a ray of light, and the suction is also strengthened. As time goes by, the greater the lotus suction, the more it absorbs the murders, and the more dazzling the lotus light is. Lotus also gradually asks Romer to float in the palm of his hand and fly to the center of the murders.
Finally, the lotus absorbed half of the murders, and a slight crack broke out, and the hard lotus shell cracked. A petite black lotus appeared in the original place, and the weak lotus was gently swayed by the wind. At the same time, the suction of the lotus suddenly increased, and it quickly disappeared into the lotus in the horror scream of the murders.
Gradually, a storm of several meters swirling nest has formed around the lotus, and this swirling nest has gradually expanded its scope with the passage of time, and the ghosts have disappeared at a horrible speed. The lotus has also absorbed so many ghosts, and great changes have taken place, which has successfully transformed a three-lotus platform.
The increasing fluctuation floating in the ghosts has also attracted the attention of Zhao Gong and others, and soon they will see a scene that makes them angry. In their perception, the ghosts of countless creatures are being absorbed by a black lotus, and the screams and fears of those inhaled ghosts deeply stimulate their nerves.
At this moment, what’s the strength gap and what’s the waiting order? It’s already been angered by that scene. I lost my mind. I know the situation. The monks are all looking at the Duke of Zhao and waiting for the Duke of Zhao. At this moment, I still have a trace of reason. I can see that the red eyes of everyone are also left behind. Leave a word in my mind!
"I don’t care if he fights so many times before killing these animals. I’m sorry for those creatures who can’t live forever!" to be continued
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Chapter VI The two sides lost in the first battle
"kill!" Without a long speech, Zhao Gong said a word.
Nezha and others took the lead in rushing out to kill the opposite inferno, Erlang God Yang Jian’s roaring dog took the lead and quickly jumped out. The roaring dog is a wild and heterogeneous person who has helped Yang Jian in recent years and has reached Taiyi, Jin Xian, dzogchen, and stepped into the pick of Jinxian.
Heterogeneous strength in the wild doesn’t need an ordinary pick Jin Xian’s early demon race to jump quickly. Don’t hesitate to come to the ranks of the inferno. The roaring dog let the demons attack and pounce on an inferno mid-team leader, who died as soon as he screamed.
The roaring dog’s movement caused a chaos around it. After a few minutes, three squadron leaders in the inferno died. The squadron leader in the mouth of the roaring dog also reacted. A flicker blocked the roaring dog’s way and looked at it with a ferocious expression. He waved a black flag in his hand and brushed it with black gas.
This inferno battalion chief has picked Jin Xian to deal with a wheezing dog in the later period. Naturally, the black gas will hit the wheezing dog at the sight. When the wheezing dog suddenly screams in one bite, a group of silver pervert’s head suddenly shoots "Boom!" A silver pervert’s head collided with the inferno battalion chief’s attack
There is a slight fluctuation and a crack. This silver pervert’s head is a roaring dog. The blood attack is the name of the roaring dog family. "Roaring Wolf’s head" is the most powerful attack of the roaring dog. It is a monk who will lose half his life if he accidentally gets hit in the middle of the pick.
Although the power of this move is great, there is also a drawback, that is, the physical strength of this move will be consumed and the combat effectiveness will be lost. At this time, the roaring dog is weak, just following the collision of the two moves to produce shock waves, and then Nezha and others rushed to the first confrontation at this time, which also accounted for the wind because of the presence of the roaring dog.
Nezha stepped on hot wheels Lei Zhen, and there was a storm, two wings, one left and one right, and entered the inferno camp. Both of them were battle-hardened warriors, and their strength was real. When they came into contact with the inferno battalion chief, they had absolute strength to knock it back and took away some lives of the inferno sergeant.
The two generals in the inferno were entangled in Zhao Gong alone at the first time, because Zhao Gong was the hook of Emperor Chen, who could get the blessing of the universe with the help of the position of heaven and earth. Plus, 24 dinghai beads have been refined, and 20 small and medium-sized worlds have been opened, and four more will be started.
Although not sure to kill two inferno generals, if two people are involved, it is still sure to see that in the virtual, Zhao Gong holds a foot in his left hand and surrounds 24 fists with big blue beads. From time to time, one or more beads fly out to attack two inferno generals under the command of the foot.
Fang Nezha showed superhuman powers, stepped on hot wheels’s firetip gun, and constantly stabbed Kun in the circle. Huntianling also drifted around, sometimes protecting Nezha and sometimes flying out to kill some inferno fish. It was a pleasure to kill a person in the inferno war.
Lei Zhen is not bad at playing with a fenglei stick in his hand. That’s called a domineering left sweep and a sweep. Everyone will clean up a large piece of fenglei wings and will not stop for a while. The thunderbolt will make the surrounding inferno sergeant want to die. Is it happy?
Erlang God Yang Jian is even more natural and unrestrained, holding a three-pointed two-edged gun like a snake coming out of the hole. Every time, he will take away an inferno sergeant’s life and love to wear white armor. His share of freedom is even more formidable. No inferno sergeant can be near him.
Different from Nezha’s three-person military commanders, they have mastered the days since the thunder department was the god. The day after tomorrow, the thunder Wen Zhong has given up the close combat. At this moment, he is bringing hundreds of thunder departments, and the mountain soldiers will be around Mo Qilin waving male and female whips and mumbling.
Several thunders raged in the inferno camp with the appearance of thunder, but the inferno nemesis was a rumbling thunder. In the thunder, Wen Zhong was furious for nine days, and the name of Raytheon’s universal Buddha was displayed without reservation. The inferno was shrouded in thunder and immediately cried, cried, shouted, and looked at the head. Thunder was full of fear.
The Lord’s brave skill is not bad. Behind the four men, it is also a fight against the inferno. Let heaven take the lead and adapt to it. After that, the advantage of the inferno will also be brought into play. See every two captains entangled in Nezha, and the remaining captains took the inferno sergeant to deal with Wen Zhong together.
A few people in Wen Zhong have a career in the universe, but they can fight the inferno with the help of the power of the universe through the career. There is a difference between a few people in and Nezha. Wen Zhong, the thunder god, is the biggest threat to the inferno, and Wen Zhong has become the primary goal of the inferno. At that time, four people are no longer so easy to move forward because of the sudden rise of the inferno counterattack pressure.
Not the kui is a well-trained inferno. In a short period of time, the battlefield will be actively controlled in the hands. At this moment, four people in Nezha, Yang Jian, Lei Zhen and Wen Zhong and their respective hands are surrounded by inferno. There are not several people in Nezha. Although their strength is high, they can resist the attack from two pick Jin Xian.
Although there are more soldiers than the inferno, there are no elite inferno soldiers, but in this short period of time, 30% of them have been killed or injured. In the day, Zhao Gong will see the situation clearly at the moment, but he is entangled in two quasi-saints and can’t help.
Nezha several people also found this situation, the in the mind is not anxious to go in this way is a bit bad! At the same time, the four people also secretly blame themselves for how they were so reckless and gave the inferno a chance to divide and conquer. It might be better if the four of them could get together and resist with the heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals.
Now, the only solution is that the four people break through a mouth round and make concerted efforts to resist and kill the inferno. I think that the four people have a tacit understanding and secretly nod at each other.
"Five elements array method!" Nezha four people drink at the same time.
Behind the four people, the heavenly soldiers will smell the words, move their bodies and blink their eyes. Just when the heavenly soldiers will be scattered, Nezha’s four-man array will become a five-line array. The five-line array is the top ten basic wars in heaven. First, every heavenly soldier will need to be skilled in basic wars.
The war forms the pressure of all. Looking at the inferno outside the law, the eyes are full of luck. One side of heaven changes the attack routine. The inferno is not one leng in stupidly. Nezha, several people gather five lines of law energy to prepare for a breakthrough in the inferno army.
"Wan Jian wears a heart!" Nezha broke out first. He threw the fire-point gun in his hand and mobilized the five-element array to make ten thousand knives fall from the sky like rain in front of the inferno. The inferno was not bad for a while and suffered heavy casualties. Suddenly, the inferno was surrounded by a law. Nezha conveniently presided over the large array and leaned against Wen Zhong.
"Dead wood meets spring!" "The waves are sky-high!" Nezha just broke out, and two people, Erlang God Yang Jian and Lei Zhen, also broke out one after another and released two big moves. The inferno before the battle was also cleaned up. Without hesitation, the two men also set out to think that Wen Zhong leaned against the three men and hit the inferno again. A rub hand was a step closer to Wen Zhong.
The inferno is worthy of being an inferno. Although it was a sneak attack with heavy casualties, it did not break through their defense line. It is still half way from Wen Zhong.
One after another, I was caught off guard by heaven, and the captains of the inferno were annoyed. With a wave of his hand, the sergeant of the inferno suddenly changed. One by one, the inferno was tied in twos and threes, and the attack power of the small array rose a lot. Nezha, a few people just got lucky, and the pressure increased. He could not help but preside over the law to resist the pressure from the inferno
Since inferno is called inferno, there must be a hint of magic in their attack. At this time, they saw that the soldiers who had just died and the inferno sergeant wobbled in a magic will and walked towards Nezha and others, waving their living weapons and constantly knocking on the law shield.
This scene made several people in Nezha who didn’t understand the inferno war get goose bumps. These summoned heavenly soldiers will be repaired before their death, but soon after their death, each of them still maintained such a huge strength before their death. The five-line array has been shaken and changed into the main array, and several people in Nezha are clear.
But now the inferno has been alert, and the sneak attack or storm can’t reach the goal. It depends on God’s will. If they can persist until the arrival of reinforcements from heaven, they can still be saved. If they can’t wait, they can rob the first dead pick Jin Xian and the quasi-saint.
However, with the passage of time, the celestial reinforcements are still far away, and the people’s mana is also less. The mask formed by the five elements array is also crumbling after experiencing high-intensity attacks. When the mask is broken, everyone has already thought about the cruel consequences, and their hearts are full of unwillingness.
At this moment, a more dangerous scene appeared. On the other side of the battlefield, a pair of huge troops appeared in the knowledge of the Duke of Zhao. Seeing the army rolling over, the Duke of Zhao knew that it was the inferno’s follow-up army. I’m afraid the speed of the inferno army will be here in an hour.
Zhao Gong’s face is not ugly, and there is a shadow crisis in many hearts. Now Zhao Gong’s eyes are full of yoshimitsu. At the same time, he waved his hand to connect the small and medium-sized world of Ding Hai Shen Zhu. Suddenly, the twelve small-world forces spewed out, and one side pressed the two magic generals.
"Suppress the four seas!" If the Duke of Zhao doesn’t make a move, he will make a move to suppress the four seas. He developed a big move. This move made the Duke of Zhao erupt once in the robbery of the gods. The two magic generals also unequivocally waved their magic weapons to resist the Duke of Zhao’s dinghai God Beads.
After a blow, the two sides didn’t win or lose, and Zhao Gongze then returned to the battlefield with this attack file. Another twelve anchored beads smashed into the inferno army. How can these ordinary infernos resist the moment to stop the inferno from being eliminated before a few people? Taking this opportunity, several people in Nezha finally got together.
Just when the Duke of Zhao wanted to flicker into the array, the two magic generals rushed to see the inferno’s horror and rage, and the magic weapons in his hands greeted him severely. Like the Duke of Zhao’s two big moves in succession, although there was a world force that could officially disappear the old force, the new force was not born. He came and put the Pearl in front of him and was hit by the two magic generals.
Suddenly, great strength and strange magic gas got into Zhao Gong’s body and instantly destroyed Zhao Gong’s body. One mouthful blood gushed out and dyed his chest red, and his body fell into the law.
"Ahem!" Cough two Zhao justice "speed from the inferno reinforcements have arrived can’t pester them, we will be here" Nezha four people smell speech can’t help but face big change quickly take your positions, combined with all the forces inspired the law last two moves.

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