After the collapse of the ghost world, the ancient palace hit a river of blood and minced meat on the battlefield. Four innate saints came to stop it. Who knows that a huge bronze coffin rushed to Chapter 277 The end of God’s years.
Blood Pluto and other distant ancestors said that the birthplace of chaos is more at the beginning of everything than chaos, and this time your distant ancestors of ghosts and gods will have a final battle in this early exhibition.
In the chaotic world, the innate army, the heavenly army, and the crazy blood have been dyed red, and the pungent smell of blood has stimulated everyone’s nerves to calm the law. Jade Emperor can find his opponents against the holy king of Jade Emperor, the holy king, the holy father and the holy father. Many wild beasts have also joined the battle, and the scene is full of blood.
I don’t know how long it took to fight. Instead, the world collapsed, and the army was exhausted. In the chaos, the bodies were killed. As the battle became longer and longer, there were fewer and fewer people. The number of repairs was removed from the world forever, that is, the fighting madman like Xiang Yu was also black and blue at the moment. Zhan Ji was also full of cracks, and it seemed that he might crack at any time.
Make me, I will punish Xiang Yu. At this moment, I stretched out my hand and tore off my body armor. My hands clenched tightly. Zhan Ji once again rushed forward to show the crazy killing. At this moment, Xiang Yu’s physical strength has already run out. Today, it is a hand-to-hand combat. With the joint efforts of several Jade Emperor, Zhan Ji in Xiang Yu’s hand suddenly cracked, and Xiang Yu also retreated repeatedly.
Xiang Yu died. Several congenital Jade Emperor qi huffed his hands, and war spear pike ran through Xiang Yu’s broad chest. Xiang Yu snorted a pair of arms and grabbed the blood in the mouth of several spears running through his chest. Suddenly, his eyes were filled with unwilling eyes. Even before several congenital Jade Emperor, he felt scared.
Xiang Yu’s death was another big drink and a big knife. Xiang Yu’s back pierced Xiang Yu’s body and then erased Xiang Yu’s Yuan Ling’s poor generation of Xiang Yu’s heroic courage and finally died of exhaustion
A general looked at Xiang Yu being surrounded by a group of congenital Jade Emperor, and Gage couldn’t help but yell at the hands of a sharp knife. Suddenly, a piece of Jade Emperor was wiped out, but Xiang Yu Yuan Ling had been wiped out at the moment. Looking at Xiang Yu’s strong body and slowly falling down, Gage couldn’t help but be mad at the innate army, which was a crazy slaying. Although he was full of congenital inferno meat, Gage didn’t feel it.
With the passage of time, the battle of the innate heavens has become tragic and chaotic. The bodies are all blood, and everything is full of death and war. However, the armies of the heavens are fighting for their lives, but several heavenly powers have won precious time.
Tianwaitian was in the exhibition of several distant ancestors, such as Zakufei, the blood keeper, when a huge egg suddenly crashed into the sky, flying a congenital distant ancestor directly, and then the eggshell broke, and a huge axe rotated, and a violent whirlwind cut the Tianwaitian, shattered the chaos, and broke the cycle. Everything was reborn in destruction and was once again nirvana in rebirth.
King Pangu looked at the broken dome and flew the axe. Several congenital distant ancestors lost their shouts, but looking at King Pangu’s blood, Hades’ mecha God suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
Violent power fluctuations shake the earth and the sky, and the heavens and the earth seem to be shaking violently. With the rupture of the dome, a strong giant rushes from the dome with long hair and huge stone axe body muscles full of power like a dragon. Two chaotic divine lights shoot from the giant’s eyes, which makes several inferno ancestors also fear.
It’s Pangu. It’s really Pangu. A congenital distant ancestor exclaimed.
Zakufei, the distant ancestor of the inferno, squinted at the ferocity of Pangu and suddenly said coldly, I can’t believe how strong Pangu will be reborn. Dzakula’s body is also transient and tall, like a mountain giant, and it is a sharp chop at Pangu King.
Huge combating Dao wrapped in wind and thunderous potential is huge, straight chopping Pangu Pangu heavy drinking axe greeted with a recklessly. Pangu actually fell back three steps in the wind and saw the inferno ancestor Dzakula suddenly laughing again and again, and the combating Dao in his hand kept waving and shouting, but I didn’t expect to be reborn, Pangu was far from the former peak strength, so Pangu was resurrected.
Zakufei, you are too arrogant. King Pangu’s strength has not been restored. Then I drank a cold drink while Zakufei was laughing, but it rolled in from the sky. Then a huge golden figure collapsed and shattered the world. The sky was broken with majestic power, and six golden wings fluttered. It looked more sacred than the sky.
Looking at the Emperor’s coming to Zakufei, I couldn’t help but smile coldly and stand up. Emperor God didn’t expect to be crucified by my three daggers that year. It seems that I really shouldn’t have let that love day go.
Hum, just three daggers. Today, I will return them to you together. Then I went on to say, with a wave of my hand, the emperor tore the chaos and stabbed Zakufei directly. Zakufei single-handedly smashed the three daggers and laughed at you. This gender is growing.
The gender emperor Tianjun raised his eyebrows slightly and then said, that’s just wishful thinking of you fools. The road to life lies in faith and spirit. I, the condensate of Emperor Tianjun’s road, said that your gender is rooted in me.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, the first words made Zakufei laugh, and then he said, Let me see how strong the condensate on this avenue is. Then Zakufei’s face suddenly cooled and smashed the chaotic emperor with one punch, and he didn’t have the slightest timidity. The golden light shone with one punch, and the crazy waves shook the emptiness.
It is said that Kuafu Chiyou, now leading the army of the heavens, has rushed into the celestial world and directly burned the war to the celestial world. The blood of the earth rushed to the congenital continent and the body fell in the congenital continent. The celestial world was also silenced by Bowen. This war is a disgrace to the extinction of Wen.
And in the sea of ghost blood, a strong wave slowly brewed in the sea of ghost blood, and then a violent explosion sounded, and the sea of blood was surging. The barren hills around it were collapsing, and the land of ghost blood was sinking with the ground crack, and the blood of ghost blood was quickly lost with the ground crack. In a short time, a tall man covered in blood walked from the sea of blood, with no strong field, no violent power, but that heavy breath, which was as steady as Mount Tai, stepping up step by step.
The young man came to high school, looked at his hands and looked down at his body, muttering, Is this the true sky? Are all other souls in my body now? Am I really too old now?
Floating in the youth’s mumbling language, a beautiful sound rings behind the youth.
In ancient days, Ye Piao turned to look at a purple robe, Xuanzi son came slowly, while in Xuanzi son’s arms, he held a sleeping baby and looked at the baby Ye Piao, who froze and looked at Xuanzi son.
Xuanzier looked at the baby and then looked at Ye Piao. He said slowly, "The heavens outside have been completely confused. Several distant ancestors of Pangu Wang Di Tian have fought to the death in each other’s distant ancestors. Fuxi Huang and Nu Wa Huang are also fighting. Everyone is waiting for you."
Ye Piao frowned slightly and said that he knew it, but he said that Ye Piao looked at Xuanzi’s arms and the baby didn’t know that it was ominous to see this baby Ye Piao’s heart.
Xuanzi looked down at what the baby seemed to be hesitating for a moment before saying, this is your child, your Anxian child, Anxian entrusted the child to me before she died and asked me to bring it to you.
Hearing Xuanzier’s words at the end of his life, Ye Piao couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. Eventually, he didn’t know what to say. He could slowly hold the baby and look at the sleeping baby. A faint smile appeared on his face. But after smiling, Ye Piao’s reaction was to turn Xuanzier’s face pale with fear. Ye Piao reached out and hit the baby with a tactic. But the baby suddenly cried. Then Ye Piao also pointed his finger at several big holes in the baby, and then he said that he would seal the baby in his own small world.
Why did you watch Ye Piao start work? Xuanzi hurriedly tried to stop it, but Ye Piao’s hand speed exceeded Xuanzi’s imagination. When Xuanzi tried to stop it, Ye Piao had sealed the baby.
Seeing Ye Piao’s expression at this moment is unusually cold and heavy, saying that it’s me, Ye Piao ‘er will know that all wars are under control at this moment, and life and death are under control. I hope that after my death, my children will still be alive in a million years and inherit my strength, which is the most difficult and dangerous.
Millions of years, Xuanzi’s beautiful eyes are wide open, looking at this moment, but it can’t be said that it is unfeeling. Because Ye Piao is right, no one can control his own life and death in the war. Millions of years may have saved this ancient child.
Gone with the wind, what do you want the child to fight against? Xuanzi asked softly. Maybe she has guessed.
Ye Piao was silent for a moment and finally murmured that our family is destined to be a fate family. We want to overthrow all the chaotic order. My children want to fight to the death like me. Ye Piao turned and looked at Xuanzier, saying that Zier was alive, and then jumped into the sky without two words. It was really archaic to join the fight.
With Xingtian’s God of War, the earth’s fighting power, General Leitian’s killing intention, many heavenly souls, beliefs and will, and the power of coming to the ancient times, Ye Piao broke the sky, and an indestructible sword was cut off, which isolated the two worlds. Several congenital ancestors were not frightened and did not know the meaning of Ye Piao.
At the moment when I came back, at the moment when I walked in the sea of blood, I finally came into being in vain. It is also a day when we are too old to be condensed in the blood of all living beings. I am too old to help all living beings to be bloody and fight for the death of all families. Ye Piao’s tone is very dull and slowly obvious. My eyes are indifferent and I look at several congenital distant ancestors without any emotion
Blood Pluto smiled coldly at several distant ancestors of inferno at the moment and said, now this world has been completely isolated, and both of us can live and leave. At the last moment of our lives, we are determined to die, and when the ancestors and ministers are not waiting any longer, blood Pluto suddenly thundered.
Seeing the corpse ancestor, the general suddenly appeared beside the blood Pluto, and then the blood Pluto dumped a small world as an eternal country, saying that the eternal country of the general was spiritualized by you. Now I will let your soul and body unite to sacrifice your soldiers.
The general regrets the corpse and melts our soldiers. At the moment, the general seems to be possessed and pulls the eternal country over. At the same time, a fierce corpse fire burns the tall corpse of the general.
The generals looked at Ye Piao, watching the gradual melting in the corpse fire. Ye Piao narrowed his eyes slightly, and finally came to the front of the generals and reached into the corpse fire sacrifice to refine the first and last magic weapon that he was born with. The corpse ancestor of the generals killed the innate inferno and protected me for generations.
Burning my soul, abandoning my body, refining the road to help you return to the peak of blood. Pluto is screaming in the sky at the moment. At the same time, violent forces swept across Fang’s tall body and suddenly burst. Then the brand of blood Pluto suddenly turned into a divine light to explore Pangu Wang Ti. At the same time, the mecha’s god emperor days also burst to give Pangu their own strength
At this moment, a ray of light rushed into the severed independence and sank at the same time. I thought of Pangu, and Heaven also came to help you melt my body and mind with one arm, bringing you back to the peak and saving the world. It said that the spirit brand of Heaven also turned the divine light into Pangu.
At that time, Pangu Wang Ti’s power doubled and soared, and he stretched out his hand and stirred, but a chaotic death ray immediately made several other congenital distant ancestors look terrible and immediately retreated, while Pangu King was behind in this blow, and his figure was different. It seems that this blow is nothing.
Looking at King Pangu’s figure, Zakufei suddenly said coldly, Don’t worry. Although Pangu has been resurrected, its strength is only temporary now. Our opponent is the powerful warrior. I will stall Pangu and kill the powerful warrior before you, and all worlds will belong to us forever.
Zakufei’s words, a few other distant ancestors immediately rushed to Ye Piao Pangu to intervene, but Zakufei stopped him. Zakufei was the strongest distant ancestor and the strongest congenital ancestor three literary ages ago. One said that Zakufei had swallowed up the innate definition, and the strength of the First World War emperor could be imagined.
Looking at that several distant ancestors rushed to kill themselves, Ye Piao reached into the rolling corpse fire at the moment and grabbed the general’s trunk in his own mind, and a fierce soldier was rapidly condensed.

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