Shun Shi was sealed by Gone with the Wind Buddha, 50% of God Yuan Li lost half of his strength for no reason, and Gan Yun was killed by Lin Junyi. How can Shun Shi accept this punishment with peace of mind? Lin Junyi said that he went to the Xuanling Temple to accept the punishment of two Buddha, and who knows if he went to practice?
It is a well-known thing in the divine world that the two Buddha attach so much importance to Lin Junyi. Lin Junyi killed an important Ganyun. I’m afraid the so-called punishment is just a few words of reprimanding him casually. The more Shun Shi thinks about it, the more difficult it is to control his anger. Hong Tianzun points are deliberately partial to Lin Junyi’s punishment for himself, but it is better to punish Lin Junyi and Ji Me in silence. However, the news that Lin Junyi and Kemp are looking for someone together makes Shun Shi feel a burst of joy. That is, Lin Junyi and Ji I can’t be killed for the time being. It is easy for people to have a long-term plan in their hearts, that is, kill Lin Feng first and then go to Yaogu God King to ask him to agree to join their plan according to the plan, so it is half the battle.
What are the two great deities, Lin Junyi and Ji Me? Once their own plans are successful, the whole deity will have a tremendous change, and then they will not only be able to kill Lin Junyi and others, but also get more powerful power from them.
I am no longer afraid of the two great Buddha statues, because naturally there will be people who can suppress the two great Buddha statues. When I thought of this, Shun Shi laughed wildly as if he were crazy, and the horrible laughter floated back and forth in the virtual space, which made people feel uncomfortable after hearing it.
The sixth volume Chapter 21 The changeable situation
Qixia Pavilion behind Xuanling Temple.
Lin Junyi has been practicing quietly here for a whole hundred years, and the two great buddhas are not partial to themselves. Killing Ganyun is the punishment for realizing heaven and not practicing the realm of dzogchen, the king of God. Lin Junyi will eventually stay here and can’t stay away from the words of the two great buddhas. Lin Junyi dare not ignore them.
Even if you have objections in your heart, you can’t say it. Who let yourself violate the constraints of the two Buddha kings? In other words, the two deities show that they want Lin Junyi to break through to the level of deities and share all the responsibilities of the deities with Lin Junyi. Now they just have such an opportunity, of course, they will not let it go easily.
Hyun Yu Tian Zun’s words are that Lin Junyi is destined to bear this heavy responsibility. The gods can’t always be controlled by the two gods. Lin Junyi is the best candidate to inject new blood. Although she and I also have the potential to be Buddha, everything depends on personal comprehension.
Whoever breaks through to the realm of dzogchen, the king of God, will be crowned first. The two gods created the universe by themselves. They naturally have the ability to make the king of God a Buddha. Before they want to become a Buddha, they must reach the realm of dzogchen, the king of God.
There are many hidden masters in the vast celestial world, among which there are many people who have reached the realm of dzogchen, the king of God, and the two Buddha just chose Lin Junyi. This is not only to consider things from the perspective of personal practice, but also to refer to other aspects. Naturally, if you choose the right person, you will be happy. If you choose the wrong one, you will not be able to start over, which is likely to cause irreparable disasters.
It is impossible for the two deities to filter all the practitioners in the divine world, and that is too much. Neither will the two deities. The only simple and easy way is to choose a new deity among the deities. All deities are two deities, and it is easy to choose the right person after watching them grow up.
Lin Junyi and Ji I suspect that they are very suitable people, and they all meet the requirements of the two Buddha’s face to face. Both of them are the late realm of the King of God, but they have not yet successfully broken through to the realm of dzogchen, so they can’t be crowned immediately. The two disciples are also the two Buddha’s forerunners.
Even though Lin Junyi, a disciple of the two great Buddha, doesn’t know the situation. After all, the Buddha is the symbol of the highest strength in the celestial world. Even if you are arrogant, you can’t imagine that you can surpass the strength of the two Buddha creators. Lin Junyi is very clear. Even if all the gods and kings in the celestial world get together and besiege the two Buddha, I’m afraid it’s just futile.
Just the ability to reverse the time is enough to destroy the gods and kings in an instant. What’s worse, the natural ability, form and energy body of the dazzling feather Buddha can be possessed by the gods and kings. The roots are as weak as ants in front of them, and there is no resistance.
However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The strength of the two deities is indeed comparable, but it doesn’t mean that there is no opponent. There is a famous sacred beast sleeping in the sacred beast wasteland, and its strength is not in the two deities.
Zhuan Jie is a holy beast born in chaos at the same time as two Buddha statues. Unlike the two Buddha statues, Zhuan Jie is just a holy beast. The holy beast is born with magical power, and the overall strength of HarmonyOS Reiki at the beginning of chaos is even stronger.
At the beginning, the two Buddha joined forces to split the diaphragm that spread all over the chaos, which created the celestial world today, which made all creatures thrive. However, Zhuanjie was the earliest psychic holy beast in the celestial world, and naturally he would not willingly attach himself to the two Buddha’s people.
From this, a great battle was held with the two Buddha statues. Even the divine power of the two Buddha statues can completely suppress their ability to kill Nai so that the Jedi can seal it, and seal it in the center of the sacred beast wasteland.
Zhuan Jie is an ultimate hidden danger. What the two buddhas want is that Lin Junyi will take the throne as soon as possible, that is, to prepare to use the transfer method to send Zhuan Jie to other places. This is too risky. Once something goes wrong, not only will it fail, but the two buddhas who use the transfer method will probably be sucked into other places.
In case of losing two buddhas, it is necessary to select the latest Buddha to come to the celestial world. Losing two buddhas to deter people from causing disputes, causing four casualties. That is the last result that two buddhas want to see. In recent ten million years, the sealing force of suppressing Zhuan Jie is constantly weakening, which is also a headache for the two buddhas.
The Jedi seal is not always available. The ability to make it effective for Zhuan Jie for the first time. Perhaps it will be fine for the second time. Zhuan Jie is not a bold and reckless beast, but an extremely cunning mind. He has been sealed for so many years. From the gradual weakening of the seal force, it can be seen that Zhuan Jie has found a way to resolve the seal force.
It is because the seal force is too great to be resolved when necessary. The two Buddha have been forced to make corresponding countermeasures, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.
Tiancang Shenqu is the most mysterious area in the divine world. It is said that Yao Wang, the first god in the divine world, lived in it in ancient times, and Yao Guxiu was the highest among all the gods. But why didn’t the two deities choose his new deity? The reason is simple: Yao’s ancient land is so shrewd that even the two Buddha can’t see through Yao’s ancient character.
How can they find such an uneasy person to be the new Buddha? Yao Gu, who is aloof and aloof, rarely asks about the things that happen in the divine world, and no one dares to disturb him casually. Yao Gu lives alone in hundreds of Fiona Fang and Wan Li Tiancang Shenqu.
Yao Gu was the earliest practitioner in the divine world. He practiced for more than 10 million years before he broke through to the realm of the God King. However, people had to admire Yao Gu. He relied on his own ability to understand heaven and created his own cultivation techniques. He has cultivated to the realm of the God King so far, and with ten million years of hard work, Yao Gu deserves to be the first person of the God King.
Yu Yaogu doesn’t say much in the divine world, but every battle will win. The style of seeing the dragon’s tail makes people feel more mysterious about Yao Gu. After all, it is said that no one dares to really go to the celestial realm to find Yao Gu. It is confirmed that the truth sends his own life. There is no such person in the divine world.
Shun Shi is now in the Tiancang Shenqu, where the aura of heaven and earth is extremely rich and it is a good place to practice. Yao Gu is very good at choosing a place to live. He has monopolized hundreds of Tiancang Shenqu in Fiona Fang and Wan Li, and he doesn’t feel lonely. It is said that most people who fix the truth are alone, and the practice is often calculated in one thousand years.
But who ever thought and who wants to be alone? Practice is boring and lonely, but there are still countless people who have cultivated the truth one after another, insisting on the road of cultivating the truth and never giving up easily until they reach their goals. This is also a common problem for those who have cultivated the truth.
Obsessed with revenge, Shun Shi came to Heaven to look for Yao Gu’s order, that is, with Yao Gu’s help, he went to the sacred beast wasteland to break the Jedi seal and release Zhuan Jie. Only when Zhuan Jie came out, would it be impossible for the two heavenly enemies to successfully release Zhuan Jie and want to kill Lin Junyi and others for revenge.
Thought of here, Shun Shi temporarily controlled his excitement and released the gods. When the gods were about to cover the whole Tiancang God domain, a powerful horse of gods was forced to come over, and Shun Shi’s gods were hard to get in, but this happened to be Shun Shi’s eye.
"Shun world? What are you doing in my heavenly realm? " A deep and rich voice rang in Shun Shi’s ear.
"Brother Yao Gu hasn’t seen you for a long time. I’m here to get together with you!" Shun the greeting way
"Hum! There must be something unusual for you to come to me if you don’t go to the Three Treasures Hall. If you pretend to be polite again, don’t blame me for driving you away! "
"Nothing can escape your eyes, Brother Yao Gu. I really have something important to discuss with you today. Can I see you and tell you what happened?"
The words sound just fell and a tall middle-aged man dressed in a white robe appeared in front of Shun Shi not far away. Look at his two knife-shaped eyebrows, a pair of bright eyes, and his heroic face is like a knife and axe. It reveals a very strong masculinity, and it is thick and long, and people will know that this person has reached the realm of returning to nature at first sight.
"Go ahead! What do you want to talk to me about? " At Shun Shi Yao Gu indifferently said
Shun Shi said unhurriedly, "Brother Yao Gu must not know anything about Lin Junyi, right?"
"Lin Jun implement? He broke through to the realm of the God King in less than a million years. Who doesn’t know this? "
"What I want to say is not this matter, but the fact that the two heavenly deities accept their disciples. You don’t know, Brother Yao Gu!"
"What? Have the two buddhas accepted Lin Junyi’s disciples? When did this happen and what did I not know? " Yao ancient with amazing way
Shun Shi deliberately provoked a way: "I’m really Yao Gu’s eldest brother. You don’t deserve to think that you are the first one among the gods and kings. You are the first one in the gods and kings. The two deities wanted to accept disciples but skipped you. I can’t see the past! The two heavenly respects are deliberately partial to that Lin Jun and Keith. Lu, and what about the wizards? It’s sad! "
The sixth volume Chapter 22 Killing Plan
"Shun world! If you came here to tell me these things, you can leave now! Who are the two deities willing to accept as their younger brothers? That’s their business! " Yaogu rebuked Shun Shidao
I didn’t expect that I deliberately provoked words and didn’t play a corresponding role in Shun Shi. I can’t help but wonder if Yao Gu has been practicing alone for so many years and has reached the realm of ancient wells without waves. If that’s the case, I’ll make a trip in vain today.
Yao Gu is the most important move in Shun Shi’s plan. If it can’t be successfully helped to complete the most important step in Shun Shi’s plan, then the follow-up plan will start from talking about it. It can be said that Shun Shi must invite Yao Gu, and he has no other choice.
"Brother Yao Gu, I know that you don’t care what the two buddhas will accept, and you won’t be resentful because of it, but I want you to listen to me first and then decide whether the two buddhas are fair or not." Shun Shi whispered.
"Okay, you go ahead!" Yao ancient light way
So Shun Shi took revenge on Ganyun’s disciples and was killed by Lin Junyi. At the same time, he was punished by Piaohong Tianzun, but Lin Junyi told Yao Gu about it from beginning to end.
When Yao Gu heard Shun Shi say that he was sealed by Gone with the Wind Buddha, his face changed when he was left with 50% of his original strength. This punishment is relatively heavier, and Yao Gu doesn’t know why Gone with the Wind Buddha would be so partial to Lin Junyi and Ji Me.
Even if Lin Junyi is a disciple of Piaohong Buddha, he can’t be deliberately partial to this point. Shunshi is the third god king in the celestial world, and Piaohong Buddha didn’t care about Shunshi’s identity at all. Anyway, the punishment for Shunshi was too heavy, and it was not unhealed before the battle between the gods and kings, but the punishment was the most serious this time
"Yao ancient eldest brother, do you still think that I am interested in targeting two Buddha? To be disrespectful, among the more than ten gods in the divine world, except for Lin Junyi and Ji Zhen, I am afraid that no one is valued by the two deities, even Brother Yao Gu is not qualified! " Shun Shi yang Dao
This time, Yao Gu did not interrupt Shun Shi’s words, but thoughtfully remained silent. Shun Shi’s words were not kept in mind, but Yao Gu was still not white. Are the two Buddha here? What is it to accept Lin Junyi? It can’t be that Lin Jun and Keith. Lu are talented. There must be something else that no one knows.
"tell me what you really want. I don’t want to hear you say something to me!" Yaogu cold way
"I’d like to ask Yao Gu eldest brother to help me do one thing. It’s a big thing. There must be no mistakes! If you succeed, your long-cherished wish in my heart is expected to be achieved. If you fail, your body and mind will be destroyed. Thousands of years of hard work will be over! "
"What is it that you say so seriously?"
"You should know what Yao Gu is sealed in the center of the sacred beast wasteland, right?"
Hearing Shun Shi’s words, Yao Gu couldn’t help but be shocked. "You mean Zhuanjie!"
"Hum! That’s right, it’s zhuanjie! I asked Brother Yao Gu to help me break the seal and release Zhuan Jie. If we can successfully release Zhuan Jie, we can help to become two new deities in Zhuan Jie! " Shun Shi sneer at a way
Yaogu was silent for a long time and sank. "You said you would break the Jedi seal and release Zhuan Jie. Do you know how powerful the Jedi seal is? It is with you and me that there is no possibility to break the seal. "
Shun Shi seemed to have predicted that Yao Gu would say so in a low voice, "Brother Yao Gu, you can rest assured that I found out that the seal power was gradually weakening ten million years ago. As time went by, the intensity of the seal power weakening also accelerated a lot. Until the last one million years, it was about to be broken by the Zhuan Jie. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask Brother Yao Gu to nod and agree to break the seal root."
"Even you can now seal power weakened things two Buddha will but don’t know about it? I’m afraid we will be killed by two Buddha now as soon as we get close to the seal. "Yaogu doesn’t worry."
"It’s not that I haven’t thought about this problem, but everything has its own disadvantages. On the one hand, since we have decided to fight this time, we have to take risks. You know that opportunities are risks, and you and I are both people with higher hearts. Are you willing to be attached to others forever?" Shun Shi Gao yin Dao
Yao Gu forced his eyes to stare at Shun Shi’s eyes and said word for word, "I can’t make a hasty decision. I will give you a final result in a day!"
After that, Yao Gu immediately teleported away and left Shun Shi, who stood quietly in the same place and looked at the place where Yao Gu’s figure disappeared. Shun Shi said to himself, "I hope Yao Gu will give me the result one day later and I won’t let me down. I have no chance to retreat."
"You two are wandering around in the celestial world recently looking for someone to windson and Kemp? I thought you had three heads and six arms. It turned out to be as ordinary as us. It’s really disappointing! " A lean man in purple armor high way

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