Although Lin Lei didn’t know what these things were, he felt that his brother urged himself to say "thank you, Beirut’s adult"
Beirut touched his Hu. Although he saw Lin Feng’s small movements, he didn’t say anything. Lin Feng was a Uber, but Beirut didn’t believe that Lin Feng knew so much more than him.
"Don’t thank that this black stone is a special deity, but it can give Delia the qualification to become a god. That’s why this black sword is my wedding gift to you. I hope you can make good use of it," Beirut explained.
"Well, I see. Thank you, Lord Beirut," Lin Lei said again.
Beirut said with a wave, "I also have a gift for you, windson."
Windson heard Beirut some surprise looking at Beirut don’t know what Beirut to give yourself.
See Beirut took out three things from his ring and handed them to Lin Feng and said, "This is my gift for you. Your horse is going to a high position. You have to work on these things yourself."
Windson took the gift from Beirut and said, "Thank you, Beirut’s adult."
Beirut shook his head and said, "Now that the gift has been given to you, I’ll walk first. If there’s anything, you can come to me in the dark." Beirut finished without waiting for Lin Feng and Lin Lei to talk big.
I don’t know whether Beirut forgot or Beirut pretended not to know that Beirut left Beibei, which made Beibei very excited.
In the distance, Wu Shen and others dared to walk slowly when they saw Beirut leaving. Although they saw the gifts given by Beirut to Lin Feng and Lin Lei, they did not dare to have any ideas.
Not to mention Beirut, even windson can’t afford to offend them, even if they have some ideas, they dare not implement them.
"Lord Lin Feng" Wu Shen and others came to say hello.
Lin Feng looked at Wu Shen and others and asked, "I don’t know what you have?"
Wu Shen and others looked at each other, and finally came out with Lin Fenghao and said, "Lin Fengshi, we really have one thing to talk to you. Why don’t we change our position?"
Windson looked at Cecil and glanced at Wu Shen and others and slowly ordered a head and said "good".
Wu Shen and others have a happy heart, and Wu Shen leads Lin Feng and others to fly towards Wushen Mountain.
Chapter one hundred and eleven HuoDan
They soon came to the wushen mountain. At this time, Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the arrival of the gods. The wushen mountain had already been cleared, and no one except Lin Feng and others.
"I wonder what it is?" Windson face insipid asked
Although they are all strong gods, Lin Feng is not very worried. After all, he is now a five-star demon. How can he be afraid of several strong gods in Yulan mainland?
Wu Shen and others see windson face know windson now has a little impatient, but see windson very calm sample couldn’t help heart a fiercely seems windson strength is not as simple as he showed.
"Lin Fengshi, we are looking for you because of Gobada’s plane things," Cecil said when he came out.
"oh? Gobada plane? " Windson some doubts said how do they know gobada plane things?
At this time, a man came out of Wushen Mountain. It turned out to be Emperor Lin.
Windson touched his head and knew what Wu Shen and others would know about the Gobada plane. It should be that Dilin told them.
"Lord Lin Feng" shouted Emperor Lin.
"Hum emperor Lin I not let you protect my brother? Why are you here? " Lin Fengyin became cold.
When Emperor Lin heard Lin Feng’s words, his body froze and quickly said, "Lord Lin Feng, do you think there will be any danger for Lord Lin Lei now?"
Lin Feng’s eyes flashed with a light when he heard Emperor Lin’s words, and he saw what Emperor Lin had found to rely on. Otherwise, how could Emperor Lin be so? Windson turned to look up Wu Shen and others found that they were all confused.
"Emperor Lin, it seems that you forgot whether you want me to wake you up." Windson said coldly.
Hear windson emperor Lin couldn’t help playing a cold war, think of windson strength emperor Lin couldn’t help some regret to look at windson eyes flashed cold mountain should be too late now?
However, Emperor Lin thought that the people behind him had settled down again. It seems that the people behind him are more powerful.
"Don’t wake me up with my hand" came out from behind Dilin’s face with ecstasy.
"Lord Hodan?" Wu Shen and others looked at the people behind Emperor Lin and shouted in shock.
"Huo Dan?" Windson’s face showed a hint of coldness, and his heart couldn’t help flashing a hint of murder, but Windson secretly suppressed his murder because he couldn’t kill Huodan now.
Huo Dan is the guardian of Yulan mainland plane and sheltered by the Lord God. Once Lin Feng kills Huo Dan, it will inevitably attract the attention of the Lord God and the gods.
Because the plane watcher can also represent the Lord God’s face, Lin Feng will strike the Lord God’s face. Even if Lin Feng is a genius, the Lord God will not show mercy. In the eyes of the Lord God, the God-level strong man is a worm. Once he offends himself, he can strike it casually.
Even the god of genius has nothing in your eyes.
God’s long life has made them see too many geniuses. Even if they have grown up, what about dzogchen? It’s just a stronger ant.
"You are windson? Genius? " Huo Dan said with a smile
Windson didn’t speak, but quietly looked at Huo Dan and Emperor Lin Dilin. Now his eyes are full of yoshimitsu like a dog with a master. If it weren’t for his beating Windson, he might have already rushed.

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