Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Amazing harvest
"Look, there are treasures here."
When the three people were shocked and ecstatic by the sumeru elixir for ten thousand years, the autumn spirit was swept away, but it was pointed out otherwise.
In this sumeru, there is a wave of intense reiki fluctuations spreading around, and the concentration of reiki reaches its peak at that heart, almost atomizing the liquid.
"eye of spiritual spring"
Aware of the abnormal autumn body movement, I immediately came here and took a closer look to finally determine it.
"It’s really the eye of the spiritual spring and it can be equivalent to a small range of spiritual veins. It’s a treasure."
"Senior Brother Shang" also came near to take a look and confirmed that this treasure is of good value, nodding and agreeing.
The spiritual spring eye is equivalent to a movable spiritual vein, which allows monks to cultivate sufficient aura. If it is worse than the spiritual vein, it has a smaller influence range.
"Brother, I saw this spiritual spring eye and gave it to me, just like those elixirs. I’ll take one kind of elixir of each kind, and I’ll take half of it, and the rest will be distributed to my brother."
See here spirit spring eyes autumn eyes a slight blink after a moment of heavy setting is so said.
"Well, teacher younger brother, although this spiritual spring eye is precious, it is far from this garden full of elixirs for ten thousand years. You can think it over. You only need a little elixir and some kinds of elixirs from the spiritual spring eye."
Some surprised attention to "brother Shang" look full of doubts, pick your eyebrows and ask solemnly.
Although a spiritual spring eye is rare and precious, it is inferior to those ten thousand-year-old and hundreds of thousands-year-old elixirs. Many "Senior Brother Shang" who heard Qiu decided to feel very surprised.
"Although these elixir medicinal materials are precious for the time being, they are not too big for me. I have a lot of places in this spiritual spring eye, and I will not turn a blind eye to Zongmen when I want to shock the deification period in the future. A grain of Ziyaodan is always necessary."
With a wave of his hand, Qiu insisted on his opinion and smiled and said
"All right, let’s split it up. We’re now."
A little want to think what Qiu said is very reasonable. "Brother Shang" nodded and announced the distribution action.
Here sumeru, that is, a large number of 10,000-year-old elixirs and a spiritual spring, are precious and need special methods to be harvested. The three of them are very careful.
Autumn three people move at the same time, manually and quickly, and all kinds of special methods to pick up the elixir or collect gold and iron, cut it with a jade knife or box it with ice and jade are always trying their best to ensure the efficacy of the elixir.
There are thousands of samples and nearly 100 species of all the elixirs, and Qiu strictly abides by his previous decision to take one for each elixir, but he has collected many and more than half of them.
These elixirs are precious and rare, and the three precious people swept away all the elixirs and left no one behind.
The autumn equinox of the elixir is very few, and the grandson is not much. The autumn is quite the same, and the number of "Shang Brothers" is ten times that of Qiu Sunli, that is, ten plants of each elixir are taken.
So many elixirs have been divided into more than 10% among the three people, and a large number of remaining elixirs are naturally to be classified as clans.
After the elixir was picked, Autumn came back to the spirit spring, and his hands were condensed and printed, and he was ready to put it away.
Draw a beautiful arc with your hands, and make a dharma tactic in autumn. When more than a dozen printed tactics are pinched out, you will go all out to the fountain and binge drink at the same time.
The dharma tactic struck the spiritual spring eye, and immediately Sumeru shook the place, and with a roar, the spiritual spring eye gradually contracted and became smaller.
The roar kept ringing, and the earth shook more than that. After about a quarter of an hour, Zhang Xu Fiona Fang’s spiritual spring was finally narrowed to the extreme.
When the eye of the spiritual spring is narrowed to the extreme, it finally becomes a crystal-clear treasure jade, which looks ethereal, beautiful and attractive.
This piece of Baoyu is formed by concentrating the spiritual spring eye. It contains powerful energy and is endless. If it is opened, it can restore the spiritual spring eye again.
In autumn, he took out a jade box with milky white color, etc. He put the precious jade in his jade box, put a symbol on the outside and put it away.
Immediately after collecting the spring eye, I felt the aura of Sumeru heaven and earth suddenly weakened, and the original rich state became thin.
This kind of sumeru was originally attached to the human world, but now it is like a barren area, and its aura of heaven and earth can’t be very strong naturally, whereas in the past, it was only relying on the eye of the spiritual spring.
It’s natural to put away the aura of heaven and earth, but now it’s an ordinary sumeru special place to look at here.
"Brother, we have all used up this sumeru elixir. Should we find a way to go out and delay these promises? I don’t know if ten nephews are in a hurry."
Satisfied with the harvest, Qiu looked at "Senior Brother Shang" with a smile and said in a pleasant tone.
"It should not be difficult for such sumeru to go out. It is necessary to find a weak node to break through and then leave."
"Brother Shang" also wants to leave when the baby arrives, and then Autumn talks about the feasible way to leave here.
"Well, senior brother said that it’s quite right that such a sumeru barrier is not strong enough. It takes the Godsworn’s attack power at the beginning of the deification period to break through you and me, and it’s no problem to join hands."
Autumn nodded a pair of have in mind.
After the consultation was decided, the three men immediately acted to find this sumeru node.
It’s a difficult task to check the nodes, but it’s hard to get anything if it’s not a strong spirit, and it can get twice the result with half the effort if you look at the magical powers or special secret methods
Eyes have a dim light flashing, and in the autumn, monty’s double pupil technique is used. Immediately, what he sees in his eyes becomes particularly clear, and even he can vaguely see through it.
"Brother, do you think the barrier here is weak? It should be easier to attack the nodes here."
Eyes swept across the walls of Sumeru Square. After seeing them for a moment, Qiu pointed to a place and asked Brother Shang.
"I think it looks good."
Staring at the place pointed by Qiu carefully for a while, "Senior Brother Shang" nodded and agreed.
"That’s a good brother, grandson, nephew. The three of us must try our best to attack here together."
Look serious and assign workers in autumn
Although there is a certain degree of certainty, he can safely leave this sumeru, but he still can’t be careless. His nerves are still tense before he is completely out.
Three flying swords with handles flew straight up from Qiu San’s hands and struck the node at an extremely fast speed, but they struck the node at the same time in a moment, and a dull sound immediately exploded.
Breaking this node is the attack power, and the flying sword attack is the most sharp and fierce attack, accompanied by a violent roar of energy storms raging everywhere, which was broken down.
"Let’s go"
Breakthrough node an energy messy crack appears, and the autumn immediately escapes the light. Together, we should take the lead to throw it at that crack and drink loudly to wake up Sun Li and the two of them.

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