Uncle Jiu handed the torch to Zhou Xiaolong, and he took out the brass compass. As soon as he hit the cover, he was surprised.
Zhou Xiaolong hurried closer to see that the compass pointer could not move, as if it were broken.
Zhou Xiaolong asked Jiu Shu, "Jiu Shu, what happened to your antique compass? Is it rusted or out of order? !”
Uncle Jiu retorted angrily, "Are you kidding? This compass was made by Zhang Tianshi himself in those days. It takes 7749 days to learn from it. How can it be broken?"
Zhou Xiaolong asked Uncle Jiu, "Why doesn’t the pointer move?"
Uncle Jiu doesn’t know if he put away his compass and wanted to say that he didn’t let Zhou Xiaolong display his magic eye to see which side is the one to live.
Zhou Xiaolong knows that Uncle Jiu has the strength, but he hasn’t seen him wipe his eyes.
Seeing Uncle Jiu close his eyes and eyebrows, erect his forefinger and middle finger with both hands, point his finger at his temple, and then say in his mouth that Tianshi helped me to subdue demons and catch monsters, and gave me magic power to make me see all the evils in the world as urgent as a law.
Just when Zhou Xiaolong was full of expectations, Uncle Jiu suddenly had a narrow squeak without falling into the water.
Zhou Xiaolong hold nine uncle asked "what’s the matter with you? !”
Uncle Jiu took a deep breath and seemed to be in great pain. He rubbed his eyes and said, I see. This man is really a scorpion.
Zhou Xiaolong was puzzled and asked, "Nine uncles, who are you talking to when you gnash your teeth?" !”
Uncle Jiu told Zhou Xiaolong that this place had been set up with a terrible enchantment by bad people. This is the reason why the compass failed. Uncle Jiu just moved the magical power of the Eye of the Heaven, but it was blocked by the enchantment. He almost didn’t get possessed.
Zhou Xiaolong sighed and said, "There’s no way out. Forget it. Let’s try our luck. Find a direction and try it. Anyway, Zhou Xiaolong’s big-footed toads are still honest and won’t fall into the water for a while."
Zhou Xiaolong heard a news a few days ago that frogs are born to measure water. Before the flood in the villages along the Yellow River, the toad knew how high the flood could reach, so he climbed to the treetops before the meeting.
When the villagers saw the toad climb the tree, they would immediately pick up things and follow the toad to climb the tree, and the flood would rise as high as where the toad climbed. This is a warning when the flood comes.
Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu are looking for a way out. Suddenly Zhou Xiaolong feels his feet are getting softer and softer, as if he is slowly sinking.
Xiao-long Zhou heart dark call a hard to say "uncle, isn’t this big toad going to sink into the water? ! ! ! !”
Uncle Jiu also felt strange. He took the torch in Zhou Xiaolong’s hand and shone it into the water. Zhou Xiaolong saw Zhou Xiaolong’s feet and toad’s body seemed to be melting slowly.
What is this situation? This water Zhou Xiaolong fell before and had no corrosive effect. Otherwise, Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu would have died for a long time.
Nine uncle looked down with wide eyes, but Zhou Xiaolong eagerly asked nine uncle to do something quickly. It would be bad for Zhou Xiaolong when the big toad was finished.
Uncle Jiu has said that he can take a chance.
With that, Uncle Jiu raised the torch in his hand and threw it in one direction with all his strength. The torch turned around in darkness and flew for many meters, and finally fell into the water and went out.
Then Uncle Jiu took the torch from Zhou Xiaolong’s hand and waved it in the opposite direction, just like the scene just now. But this time, the torch didn’t come dark, but fell to a place and bounced a few times and didn’t go out.
Zhou Xiaolong is elated. What does this mean? It means that swimming in the direction of the torch will swim to the shore.
Although the toad with big feet is very big, it has melted at the moment, and there is not much left. Soon Zhou Xiaolong’s feet are soaked in cold water. Suddenly, two sentences come to mind, one is that the mud cow goes into the sea, and the other is that the mud bodhisattva can’t survive crossing the river.
Then Zhou Xiaolong and his uncle fell into the water and swam towards the distant fire.
With a little bit of light, I hope that even though Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu were exhausted and almost vomited blood, they struggled to the place where the torch fell. However, the place was not a shore, but an old raft floated on the water, and the wood was not lit because of the water immersion in the torch flame.
The raft floated on the water, and Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu climbed the raft as a lifeline.
The raft is quite big. Two people lie on their faces and breathe heavily. Zhou Xiaolong’s heart is not easy because they are tightly on the raft, but they are not strong. There is still a lot of water around the bottom of the cave, and there is a long way to go before Zhou Xiaolong can get out of the pool and find the shore.
The environment is still dangerous. Zhou Xiaolong and Uncle Jiu have a good rest, drank a few mouthfuls of water to quench their thirst, and then raised their torches as if they were looking for land in an underground river.
Nine uncles and Zhou Xiaolong took turns paddling or holding torches to look for a way out.
Zhou Xiaolong’s heart is still full of doubts as he paddles. He can’t help but ask Uncle Jiu what happened just now. How can the big toad melt when he says it? It’s not like mud kneading Zhou Xiaolong. I can’t believe it.
Uncle Jiu looked at the darkness in the distance with a torch. He thought for a moment before saying, "I think Zhou Xiaolong has guessed what is going on."
Xiao-long Zhou asked Jiushu Jiushu, tell Xiao-long Zhou this hellhole, and I don’t know if I can go out. If Xiao-long Zhou dies, I don’t want to be a confused ghost.
Then Uncle Jiu told Zhou Xiaolong that Zhou Xiaolong felt that the big toad just now was not a real toad, but a kind of resentment, or that resentment was tied together, which made the big toad become so huge that Zhou Xiaolong saw it, and then the big toad changed from an illusion to an entity, but that entity would not last long, especially after leaving the specific environment, the phantom entity would soon collapse and disappear.
Zhou Xiaolong asked Uncle Jiu, "Are you saying that the toad is not an entity, but an illusion? Then who is resentful?"?
Nine uncle said even more puzzling Zhou Xiaolong recognized that it was the condensation of several frogs’ grievances in this mountain.
Zhou Xiaolong sighed and said, "Uncle Jiu, are you confused? Low-end creatures can still generate resentment. Don’t fool Zhou Xiaolong and bully me. I haven’t seen ghost films?"
Chapter 515 Big food supplement
Uncle Jiu said very seriously, "That’s because you don’t know the local situation yet."
Zhou Xiaolong asked, "What happened? !”
Uncle Jiu said that many years ago, there was no food to eat at that time. It happened that there was a rainstorm for many days in the summer that year, and the villagers didn’t even have grass roots to eat, so people looked everywhere for food. First, they stripped off the bark, and the bark was gone. When the villagers saw that there were many frogs in the branches, they caught frogs to eat. Later, when the frogs were finished, the villagers ate tree toads. It is said that some people were poisoned by frogs, and their eyes swelled to the size of two bells, and their bellies swelled into balls. Even so, eating frogs became a hobby of After a good life, the villagers still like to catch toads in the mountains or by the water, and a large part of the farmhouse near them is made of frogs. It seems that many farmhouses buy farmed bullfrogs, but the locals think that the delicacy of farmed frogs is better than that of wild ones. Therefore, in summer, the villagers like to go to the mountains to catch frogs and then go home to cook tables.
Zhou Xiaolong sighed and said, "My restaurant has also eaten fried frog with pepper or frog with spicy pot. The frog tastes really delicate, but once I saw a commercial killer bullfrog skinning his skin at the farmers’ market. His legs looked very similar to human legs, which was really horrible and cruel."
Uncle Jiu recalled, "It seems that I followed the villagers to catch one last summer. In retrospect, I feel that the situation was very strange that day."
Zhou Xiaolong asked again, "What’s weird?"
Eating frogs is a local custom, and Uncle Jiu also likes this kind of side dish. On that night, Uncle Jiu went to the hillside with dozens of villagers and chose a place with dense weeds, water and humidity. Everyone poked around with sticks in their hands to wake up those crouching toads.
These people didn’t expect that tens of millions of big toads fled in an instant, which was quite spectacular. It took everyone to see that there were so many toads that they had never met before. People were overjoyed and shouted to catch them separately.
The bigger the toad is, the more stupid it is. It jumps around all over the mountains and doesn’t move quickly. It is easily caught by the villagers like picking up stones and thrown into sacks.
Later, the toads were driven into the ravine, which was dark and I don’t know how deep it was. The villagers caught the toads, but when they got to the ravine, they stopped. Although they were unwilling, they were afraid to go inside again.
Why did so many toads appear this year? Uncle Jiu was surprised at that time. He tried to stop the villagers from eating those toads, but who can believe him?
Moreover, Uncle Jiu later told Zhou Xiaolong that the local villagers’ methods of eating frogs also made ordinary people understand that ordinary people would feel quite cruel at once.

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