She has no profit and ability to stop the war between the two ethnic groups. Now that the Phoenix people have been punished, she is not qualified to ask him.
The phoenix is simple. She wants to save the phoenix honour person. No other meaning.
She sometimes hated Su Yu, but when you think about it, Su Yu was not at fault. If it wasn’t for the dragon and phoenix clan, Su Yu never took the initiative to provoke the race.
Feng Zun made a courtesy towards Qing Ke Ming and turned to leave.
When she quickly stepped out of the door, Su Yu said in a low voice, "The conditions can be changed. I don’t allow the Phoenix clan to join our Chinese empire, but I can consider it if you make amends for our Terran."
"In addition, your heaven contract will also be issued. If one person is injured in the Yellow Emperor, your department will die!"
Su Yu’s voice fell, but she turned and knelt down.
"Feng Xian swears that Su Yu, the Emperor of the Yellow Emperor, will save me, and Feng Xian, the venerable person of the Phoenix clan, will never betray Su Yu’s handmaiden!"
Feng Zun said that her voice was somewhat humble.
Her voice just fell to heaven and echoed immediately.
Watching the spirit fly to the sky, my eyes showed a little melancholy.
Su Yu nodded to Qing Ke Ming and said, "You can take her to see the people’s livelihood in the Yanhuang Empire now."
Qing ke Ming ying tui
Su Yu rubbed his eyebrows and relaxed his eyebrows.
Although the number of the Phoenix clan is small, this powerful fighting force is rare for the Yanhuang Empire at present.
In the period of war accomplishment, the advanced combat power of the Yanhuang Empire is not much. If the Phoenix people are willing to take refuge sincerely, it is another matter.
If not, let them all sign the devil’s contract
The Dragon and Phoenix Alliance has been besieged by the Terran for three years, which makes them live too chic. I’m sorry for the fear of the Terran people for three years.
135 Chapter 135 Terran development Ann Zhang move
Feng Zun followed Qing Ke Ming all the way to the Terran’s temporary residence!
After the war, many places in the four continents looked deserted, but the Terrans did not give up on them.
Because of the war, the number of houses previously built by the Terrans collapsed, and some places have become a ruin.
Clear out a large area of people, soldiers and other men to help each other build new houses for people to live in.
Women are busy delivering meals and tea and doing logistics.
Even children who can walk and jump are trying to do what they can.
When terrans found Qingke tea, some women gathered around and handed it to Qingke tea with snacks and tea in their hands.
"Miss Qing, why are you here?"
The woman asked kindly.
Her voice fell and her eyes looked at the phoenix, and they all saw that it was an alien.
"The village is still built, and everyone lacks some helpers. Therefore, the Emperor Amnesty allows the Phoenix family to wear a sin and I build a village to protect our country and defend our country. This is a phoenix."
Qing ke Ming said in a low voice that her voice was still happy and the atmosphere became cold.
Although the dragon and phoenix clan did not directly attack the Yanhuang Empire, his Terran suffered persecution from the dragon and phoenix clan.
They’ve all heard that if the Phoenix people hadn’t caused the dragon to collapse, the alliance would not be United, resulting in the Terran being besieged for three years.
"My name is Feng Zun and I’ve met you."
Feng Zun saw that the atmosphere was suddenly cold, so she said in a low voice, try to ignore the ice from the Terran’s eyes.
She is a phoenix, but she never thought it would be such a result.
"You don’t have to see it. Now get out of our Chinese empire!"
"If it weren’t for your Phoenix family, my child wouldn’t have died in vain!"
"My husband and my family have all fallen, leaving me alone!"
"What are you Phoenix people doing here? You must have been abandoned by the Red Dress Club to take refuge in our Terran!"
Phoenix died staring at the Terran’s eyes with hatred and flashing some measures.
The war between two ethnic groups has never been stopped by a phoenix.
"Feng Zun, we Phoenix people feel sincerely sorry for what we have done."
Feng Zun looked at a group of people, and she bent down to bear all the blame of the Phoenix family.
Qing Ke Ming looked at Feng Xun’s eyes and flashed a little consternation.
When she came, she had asked Feng Zun to know that the biggest reason why Feng Zun and the Phoenix clan were alive was that they did not participate in the Terran campaign.
Qing Keming knows better that the Phoenix clan is powerful, even the top saints such as Phoenix Zun have their eyes above the top.
Such a proud alien is willing to bow his head and apologize to the Terrans.
"We don’t accept it!"
"Get out of the Yanhuang Empire and get out of our territory!"
"We Terrans don’t accept you!"
After Feng Zun’s apology, many women were red in the eyes, and when men saw this scene, they were bound to drive away.
It was the men who were stopped by soldiers coming from one side.
Phoenix is very strong. These Terran roots are no match for her.
"Miss Qing, what the hell is going on?" asked a soldier.
He asked the Qing Ke Ming
Qing Ke Ming didn’t answer to Feng Zun’s low voice. "The Phoenix family has agreed to join the Yanhuang Empire, but in the future, the Phoenix family will take the lead in protecting the Terran. We will come over to talk about whether you accept us or not, but the Terran needs our combat power."
"Although the number of our Phoenix clan is small, we still have a powerful honour person. Besides, after our arrival, we will swear allegiance to the Su Emperor through the Heaven Contract, and even if we fall, we will be culpable of punishment. It would be a pity if the Terran doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity."
Phoenix’s words make people look at me, and I look at your eyes, still alert.
Although the Phoenix family was destroyed, the Phoenix family still paid attention to their pain.
Qing Ke Ming Wen said, "You Phoenix Zun are right. Although she wants something from the Terran at present, if there is a war, the Phoenix clan will surely become the vanguard of the war. With this batch of combat power, the Terran can also protect more combat power."
After hearing Qing Ke Ming Hua, all the people chose the default phoenix family.
It is also an established fact that the Phoenix clan fault has been cast into the Terran’s advanced combat power.
A soldier stared at Feng Niannai and sighed, "Come here to help first."
Al got down on one knee and trembled before the leader of the red dress association.
Just now, Ziyashan informant received news that the Phoenix family had joined the Yanhuang Empire.
But the Phoenix clan was still in red before. How could there be such a big mistake in the sphere of influence?

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