But it’s a pity that Wang Ting can’t let go of Mozifeng.
The Duke of Ruby also went to the theatre and found that his terminal was blown up.
Duke of Emerald again.
"I won’t transfer you to Wang in advance," said Duke Ruby coldly.
"Hista is exposed."
"Hista Lou … left the interstellar battlefield!" The Duke of Emerald took a big breath to finish this sentence. "Are you sure you didn’t provoke him-he didn’t seek revenge, did he? I just let you know goodbye! "
"Wait …" The ruby duke’s words haven’t finished yet, and his face appeared suddenly startled.
He looked at the center of the crowd.
Lanchen bent down slightly and hit a huge gift box.
"This is a sapphire gift."
"This is a gift from Hoshino."
"This is a ruby collar."
From time to time, there is still a flash of camera that can be allowed into Wang Ting. There are very few reporters, but they will take precious pictures this time.
This will be the first time that the Dragon King has appeared in media reports, and besides, these media have been allowed to broadcast live for the first time.
"I have never seen many gems in my life-oh, my God! The biggest deep blue pearl outside the sapphire is not as good as the one dedicated to the king! "
"This is Hoshino never released the original stone! There is no place to see it except this one! "
"Look, the ancient etiquette of those cadets’ sacred dragons has once again appeared in front of us!"
Constantly amazed that Rilance was surrounded by colorful gems, the King of Gold and the Duke of Sapphire. He bowed to his side and Lance really smiled that day, which may be the headline for many days in a row-
However, at this time, the guards rushed in at the same time.
"The cabinet has something important!"
"The first legion needs you to command the cabinet!"
The expressions that emerged at the moment when the Duke of Sapphire and the King of Gold were disturbed were also honestly recorded by the media.
The live broadcast was not interrupted, but the accident on the birthday of the Holy Dragon King completely overshadowed the heat.
Whether Ji Lieyang and Lan Chen are unhappy, they know that this must be something important.
The first legion battle report is very concise.
[Please indicate that the flagship of the siren empire throne appears half a star away]
Lan Chen, a bodyguard, reported that "there have been riots in different degrees in all the sea areas of the empire-including the outside of Wang Ting and the sapphire sea!"
I don’t want to know who’s up to it. It’s almost more provocative to the Holy Dragon Empire.
"Those deep-sea species …" Lanchen first realized the taste of gnashing her teeth.
He suddenly heard a burst of exclamation that Huang Jinlong’s wings stretched like a flowing gold across the sky, and the King of Gold had just left!
Lan Chen looked bitter and finally said, "Let’s go to the sapphire sea."
The melody of the king’s birthday is back to him, and he has taken care of it.
The sapphire sea is pregnant with an uneasy atmosphere.
Fold the moon and do the repeater according to Xiang’s requirements. Because Xiang wants to do something, it will still be a little difficult for him to do it himself, so he was dragged to do the coolie.
"Is it necessary?"
"It’s not necessary," Xiang said. "It’s not unnecessary."
"That’s because the waves are not your spirit." The blonde siren vomited, but the action still didn’t violate the incense request
Light spirit spirit field spreads to the whole scope of the Holy Dragon Empire and then affects the mood and hands it to each deep sea.
The sea will not refuse them.
The deep sea seems to be boiling fish jumping out uneasily. All the dragons in the sea feel different degrees of rejection, and the stronger the dragon’s perception, the stronger the dragon’s perception. Before landing in Lanchen, he found the sapphire sea change.
He can dial Hexiang communication.
"Xiang, what are you going to do?"
"What?" Xiang seems to know nothing. "I didn’t do anything. The sapphire duke pavilion and the sea bid it farewell. The sea loves him."
The demon off the coast of the first legion defense line has not moved the battleship for many years and stopped there arrogantly
It takes a lot of energy to go from the interstellar battlefield to the Holy Dragon Empire, but who knows how many crystal nuclei Hista has accumulated in the interstellar battlefield?
The dragon rose and fell until the golden figure landed. Huang Jinlong almost growled a warning.
"Hista Lou, are you going to declare war?"
"Of course not. See clearly that this is the high seas! High seas! " Hista Lu emphasized twice that "I am carrying out the title of my throne-I should have throne consciousness".
The black-haired siren simply hung himself up outside the warship, which was provocative, but no dragon dared to attack him before Hista crossed the line, which meant declaring war on his own initiative.
That’s why that first legion must call the golden k back.
Siren starship rises from the sapphire sea.
Lano’s best viewing position is through the ship’s rail. He saw the sapphire sea for the first time from this angle.
The sea is as usual, but the tide is surging, and the mood seems to be light and unchanging. The song rings to tell him-
He almost consciously stepped forward, but was blocked by the ship’s rail and watched the sapphire sea disappear from his sight.
Just like his many unbearable memories of the past, all his stumbles here
The starship continued to ascend and smoothly crossed less than half of the Holy Dragon Empire, where Lano had never been before, but he felt an unprecedented sense of closeness, not because of these places but because of the ocean!
The mood of the sea is so conspicuous that it doesn’t hide that every drop of sea spray is stirred by him. Even the star light can take away all the oceans from the holy dragon and shine at the moment!
This moment comes from the deep sea, love and attachment. Without scruple, the whole scope of the Holy Dragon Empire is broadcasting facts, and it is not without feeling that the Holy Dragon Empire is close to several countries.
It seems that the deep-sea crown, which sleeps in the depths of Lano’s soul, has fluctuated a little, but Lano realizes that it is a little moving, and the deep-sea crown is arrogant-it seems that it is not satisfied with the deep sea of the sacred dragon.
This kind of consciousness is just a flash. The siren starship is approaching the edge of the territory of the Holy Dragon Empire. Lano clearly saw the flag of the first legion of the Holy Dragon Empire starship hanging proudly outside, but these starships took off, landed and degraded their original dragons to show their huge bodies, but no one did anything excessive.
"What are they doing …" Lannuo winked and found that Xiang didn’t know when she came to him.
"Some preparations for Star Wars" seems to be said with a smile.
"…" That doesn’t sound right!
Lano didn’t get more explanation from Xiang.
The visiting starship of the siren is not large in scale, but when it passes through the boundary line guarded by the First Legion, it seems indestructible, even though there is no flag of the siren empire on that side-
Because the flag is hanging the throne at this moment!
Throne, I don’t know how many years I haven’t officially traveled like this, but the color of the flag is still brand-new, and the tentacles are entangled in the sword, the crown emblem and the flag are raised.
Xinghai should be afraid when this flag appears.

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