"hmm? Is there any difference in snow in the north? "
Wang Lun Xin Qiji asked him around.
Xin Qiji nodded his head.
"Snowflakes in the north are like powder like sand, and they will never stick to the house. When the wind blows, the hay can be lifted up, which is like flying sand and stones. You are not careful. It is powder snow from your face to your mouth, but Jiangnan snow is not."
Wang Lun nodded slowly after listening to this.
"Maybe the snow in Jiangnan is more moist."
"It’s good that one side of the soil and water and one side of the people can naturally achieve one side of the snow, and the snow in the north is as powder as the snow in the south of Shaanxi."
Xin Qiji wore a thick fur coat and tightened his collar. "But then again, it’s warm in the south of the Yangtze River and not cold in winter. As a result, when I cross the river, I feel that the cold wind blows and the cone is even more biting than the north."
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Wang Lun saw Xin Qiji’s beaten look and laughed. "Jiangnan claims to be warm, but in winter, the cold wind carries water vapor all the way south. Pedestrians everywhere don’t dare to open their collars. The front is tightly wrapped in clothes and grabbed the collar. It’s not enough to wear a scarf to keep warm."
I’ve been in the south for many years, but I’m afraid of the cold. Every winter is very difficult. The cold wind wrapped in water vapor blows like a sword sticking straight into my body, which is icy and painful. Sometimes if the snow is heavy, I can’t cross my calf and get frostbite if I don’t pay attention. "
Xin Qiji listened and thought for a while, then took a mouthful of hot air and rubbed it hard.
"Yes, it’s warm but cold. It’s biting. This is the winter in the south."
"Yes, it’s warm and really cold."
Wang Lun didn’t seem to recognize Xin Qiji’s implication.
Chapter 644 Show DaSong sincerity
Welcome and escort Xin Qiji’s team all the way from Chuzhou border to Jiankang, and then go all the way south to Lin ‘an after Jiankang.
The whole team met with snow for three days, and the road was difficult to walk because of the deep snow.
In order to get Xin Qiji to Lin ‘an faster, Wang Lun decided to take the waterway if he could.
If the water surface is thick with ice, you can’t walk the waterway, then ask the officials of the counties along the way to send laborers to sweep the snow and get rid of the snow part of the official road, so as to make the convoy escorting Xin Qiji unblocked and not blocked by the snow.
Look at those hard-working Xin Qiji who are dressed in thin clothes, covered in snowflakes and shivering with cold, he can’t bear not to let them go for a while by themselves.
"This is normal labor. Every year, the local people have to bear the labor that conforms to the laws of the Song Dynasty. If they are not allowed to sweep the snow, they have other things to do. Sooner or later, it is inevitable."
The accompanying official said with such a smile.
Xin Qiji listened to the silent language.
The accompanying official also told Xin Qiji what he didn’t know about it and specially explained it to him.
The people in the Southern Song Dynasty not only had to bear heavy taxes, but also had to bear a period of hard labor every year to be responsible for official projects or other things.
The official is responsible for managing meals without giving money.
Of course, the quality of this meal is as predictable as that, as long as it can keep them from starving to death.
It’s just that the officials in charge of this part have a little conscience. If they don’t have a conscience, they don’t care whether the laborers live or die. It’s talk.an excellent thing to deduct money from it.
The former official gave the laborers food because the officials made money. In the hardest hit areas, they tried their best to get some cheap goods to deal with the laborers. They were very happy to enrich themselves and make a fortune.
This is not the case with big countries.
Although big countries also have regulations on recruiting people to participate in labor, they not only pay for meals, but also give money. If local finances are tight and they can’t get money for a while, they will follow the old practice of the former Guangfu Army era and give them IOUs.
This white note can not only be exchanged for money when the government has plenty of time, but also be used as a tax credit.
When the tax collectors come to collect taxes, giving this white note to the tax collectors can offset the corresponding taxes, and that part of the tax money will not be given, so that the people will not suffer in general.
This provision has been implemented for a long time since the era of the Guangfu Army.
At present, in many places, farmers get IOUs to offset taxes when they work for the former Guangfu Army, and the tax authorities also accept them according to the order, but they have to collect money without accepting IOUs.
This white man has a good reputation.
People are willing to accept IOUs when the government gives IOUs to the working people. Sometimes, if the two sides can’t get the money for a while, the official certification IOUs can be recognized instead of money and goods.
This is a reflection of the credibility of the white strip.
There are also definite regulations on the food problem of working people.
It’s not good for the project leader to stipulate that the people who take part in the labor should have three meals a day and at least one dry meal, but it must be satisfied. If the people who take part in the labor are hungry, it will cause great problems to protest.
Xin Qiji went through several small-scale water conservancy construction sites all the way south, and personally made unannounced visits to these sites. None of them found any self-enrichment
However, what I saw made Xin Qiji sure that these people in the Southern Song Dynasty, who were snowing in the harsh cold wind, must not get enough to eat and starve, even if it was a common practice.
And Xin Qiji’s envoy never lacked three meals a day during his trip.
Every meal can not only be full, but also be eaten well. No matter where it is, even if it is far from the town road, Xin Qiji can eat hot soup prepared by local officials when it comes to dinner.
The taste is also very good, and the ingredients are also very good. There is no shortage of dishes like chicken, duck and fish, and the dishes are quite exquisite.
So Xin Qiji gave a question.
"Isn’t this too broken? It seems that it is not close to the town. Did these officials and chefs wait here long ago? "
Wang LUN smiled.
"We said that we should make the Northern Dynasties feel at home in order to show Dasong’s sincerity. Even food can’t satisfy the Northern Dynasties. Dasong is too ignorant of hospitality."
"What are the expenses?"
"The local government has its own arrangements, so don’t worry about it. Can’t Dasong afford even a few meals?"
Wang LUN walked over with a bowl and drank delicious fish soup, and she felt flattered.
Xin Qiji looked at the fish soup and hot rice and hot dishes for them. The kitchen saw that their faces and hands were red, their skin was cracked and there were many blood marks.
Xin Qiji looked at the bowl of fish soup again and sighed slightly, so he drank every drop of it.
It tastes very delicious, and the soup is very rich and delicious. These chefs are obviously not ordinary chefs, and this food treatment is not ordinary food treatment.
Xin Qiji couldn’t help thinking that he didn’t have this kind of treatment all the way from China to Nanhai.
After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Su Yonglin spent a lot of money in all aspects, and the government’s finances were tight, and the places that could be saved would certainly be saved.
But he will certainly rack his brains to save money. He can’t save public projects. In addition, he also called officials of the Ministry of Finance to hold several meetings to rectify many expenditure items of the previous dynasty.
Su Yonglin took the lead in cutting the royal family’s food, clothing, housing, transportation, celebrations and sacrifices, which was greatly reduced compared with the previous dynasty.
First set an example for yourself with a machete, and then give him some hands, which will look better.
The emperor turned a machete at himself. Can’t you ministers keep pace with the emperor?
As a result, the plan to reduce public expenditure was implemented, and many of them were rectified, including various items when officials were on business trips.
All kinds of expenses incurred by officials in past dynasties on business trips are public funds. Without business trips, officials have to pay for Su Yonglin themselves, even if they dig, they will not be so mad.
He also stipulated that officials on business trips can designate roads and designated post offices for meals and accommodation, without the need for officials to spend their own money, which will be paid by the state finance.
However, as far as the actual situation is concerned, there are still many difficulties in the business trip system after being changed by Su Yonglin.
For example, due to various force majeure reasons, it is impossible to arrive at the post office at the specified time, for example, it is too early or too late, and no one will cook when the post office chefs have rested.
It’s a pity that we can’t catch up with the post office when we arrive at the meal, and we are hungry and have no food.
And even if you arrive at the post office on time and someone cooks for you, Su Yonglin has set a detailed standard for eating and drinking at public funds to a certain extent.

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