There’s another curtain hanging up there, and there’s a new problem
The curtain is divided into two areas, one on the left is arranged vertically, and the other on the right is a white horizontal line, but it is more difficult to advance than word formation.
There are many choices in word formation. Archaic A and Archaic B can form words, archaic B can also form words, archaic D and archaic E, etc. But antonyms are different. There are only two antonyms in one archaic, so compared with word formation, the scope of antonyms is smaller, and it is more difficult to test and verify archaic words.
Most of the people here are black-robed wizards, and the students are really elite, so it’s so difficult directly after eating.
And even for these elites at the scene, it is not difficult. For example, the thin boy in yellow who is being promoted by Norman frowned and wondered what the third antonym of "sweet" was.
"The cage of the old saying is a good helper to learn the old saying, so that my mother will no longer worry about your entrance examination …"
Norman persevered in selling chatter.
The yellow-clad and thin boy was really quarreled by him, but all of them were able to attend the party. He didn’t know if Normandy was fine or not. Maybe he couldn’t offend anyone.
So I can point to the stage and say, "Since you say these magical things are so magical, your old saying must be good to have them. If you can tell the correct answers to these questions, I believe you can buy one."
That’s what the young man in yellow thinks. It’s not difficult for Norman to do this scene. It will take a while if he really does it. It’s more likely that he won’t quarrel with himself if he doesn’t finish it by the end. If Norman doesn’t do it, it’s even better that Norman himself has proved that this magic thing is not as magical as he boasted, so he can naturally ask Norman to leave.
Anyway, I solved the annoying guy in front of me. Perfect.
Yellow-clad and thin teenagers are quick-witted and secretly proud of themselves.
Norman in front of him was refreshed after hearing the words of the yellow-clad and thin boy.
He used to look like a teenager, but this time it was white kung fu. I didn’t expect it to be so easy.
"It’s agreed?"
Norman confirmed it again and got the boy to nod "yes"
Then Norman looked at the curtain.
The difficulty of antonym in that scene is really not small, and it was really prepared by the elites, especially the last three formed lexical antonyms, which were even upgraded to make a difference.
That’s why people don’t write their own answers as soon as they did just now. They all frown and think, remembering that the fast people have solved seven slow people and returned the third one.
Difficult, very difficult
I took part in last year’s entrance examination at the scene, and I have found that this question has reached the difficulty of last year’s entrance examination for missionary schools, which is notoriously impossible to get full marks, so some people have thought of writing answers if they can work out ten. Of course, if the hourglass timer is about to end, they can still write answers if they haven’t come up with ten.
The atmosphere at the scene was a bit dignified.
The only one who didn’t frown was probably Norman.
He quickly swept away these old sayings on the curtain, and then immediately reported the answer to the yellow clothes and young people next to him.
"Little east bitter rough hungry smile …"
The yellow-clad skinny teenager didn’t know what he was doing until he blinked his eyes.
Is this an answer?
It’s only a few breaths since I said that. Normal people haven’t even finished reading the question, but he has solved this antonym question.
Random reports must be random reports!
The thin boy in yellow thought this way, but he couldn’t help but compare the answers of Norman newspaper with the curtain case one by one.
The first two are right, the third seems to be right, the fourth is not sure, and the fifth is what old saying he said? ……
Although Norman’s pronunciation is pure and clear, one of them hasn’t reacted yet because of his rapid oral broadcast. A thin boy in yellow has come out and can’t recognize it after hearing it. Fortunately, the paper money was distributed very intimately at the scene for students. It was only after they went to the budget desk that they found the existing old saying that they couldn’t remember and write it. That would be embarrassing and time-consuming.
The thin boy in yellow stopped Norman and then picked up his paper money and handed it to him.
"You write one"
Probably because Norman’s first three were right, the yellow-clad, thin boy now faintly gave birth to some absurd ideas
Although it is incredible to make this scene in just a few breaths, it may be true. ……
He especially wants to know whether Norman reported these things correctly.
Chapter 70 Deep urban routines
"Little east bitter rough hungry smile …"
Norman wrote the antonym answers of the curtain one by one in order and gave them to the yellow-clad and thin boy.
The thin boy in yellow took the paper and read it carefully.
There is a total of one antonym topic here. The level of the old saying of the yellow-clothed and thin boy can tell that the first nine bases are right-he didn’t remember it in a hurry just now, but he can still tell right from wrong after seeing the answer.
However, the nine skinny teenagers in yellow can tell right from wrong even if they look at Norman’s answer and compare it with the curtain topic.
And then the hourglass is about to run out.
At the scene, some students went to Taiwan to write their own answers one after another. The thin boy in yellow showed Norman this piece of paper several times, then crumpled it into a ball and stuffed it into his pocket without any trace, and then went to Taiwan to write his own answers.
Anyway, it’s right for Norman to write the first nine as he wants. Although I don’t know right or wrong, I can write the last nine by myself, but I can’t write it. So it’s better to fill in what Norman wrote than not to write it.
After writing, the thin boy in yellow came to Taiwan.
Norman teenager finally stopped selling his old saying cage, but looked around the scene with his hands around his chest, waiting for money and wondering what these black-robed mage students were doing. What is so simple that they have to frown for a long time? ……
Norman’s learning process of ancient Chinese is very unique. He first stole from Peggy, then robbed Bernie and others of knowledge. Finally, he finally met a regular teacher. As a result, he packed up and left after two days of learning, which led to his lack of a clear understanding of the world’s ancient Chinese level.
It seems to him that the black-robed mage is very powerful, and their students are not bad. This can be seen from the black-robed mage Lambert. Lambert has seen the level of Norman ancient language, but even then Lambert did not accept Norman as a student, and these students are all black-robed mage students. Isn’t it obvious that there is such a contrast?
Norman, the guy who was rejected by the black wizard, is obviously not as good as these black wizards.
Norman will wonder what these black-robed wizards students frown and think for a long time, which makes Norman can’t help frowning and thinking.
After thinking for a long time, Norman had an epiphany.
They are confusing their opponents!
These guys at the scene are going to take the entrance exam together in a few days, and then they will be rivals. How can they show their strength here?
According to Gawain, the sooner a guy exposes his cards, the less chance he will win in the end. These black wizard students obviously understand this truth, so they all confuse their potential opponents and let their opponents relax their vigilance, so that they can win the entrance exam in one fell swoop!
After Norman finally figured it out, he couldn’t help but admire it in his heart. It’s not only the old saying, but also his mind. The loser who was rejected by the black wizard really needs to study hard …
As far as Norman is concerned, the hourglass timer has finished, and the host announced the correct answer to this competition.
"The correct answer to the first question is’ less’"
The host is Norman, a 17-year-old elegant man who spoke. He seems to have heard someone call him "Sanchez" just now, which is probably his name.
Sanchez’s pronunciation of the old saying is still a little biased, but it is at least better than that guy at the door. Norman doesn’t listen very well, and he can tell it when he recognizes it.
"For everyone at the scene, I believe there is nothing to say about this question. When saving, let’s get into it at once. The correct answer to the second question is’ East’ …"
Sanchez wrote an answer like this, and soon the four questions passed. From the fifth one, he finally stopped announcing the answer, but invited everyone to discuss it together. The students had their own ideas and spoke one by one.
"I was wrong to understand the old saying" satiety "and wrote the answer as" satiety ".Now it’s really funny …"
"You’re a little close. I didn’t even think of”."
"I’d like to come up with’ hungry’, but it’s too bad that I didn’t remember the structure when I wrote it."
"When you think about this problem, you can think that there is an hourglass on the scene. When you urge everyone, you will be flustered. This is also worth remembering an experience …"
The competition of pansy association is one purpose to exchange, promote and share experiences together, and another purpose is to be regarded as an elite mutual aid club. The atmosphere of on-site exchange is very good. Everyone speaks enthusiastically and shares their lessons and experiences freely.
And so the atmosphere pushed all the way to the last question.
"’lively’ is probably the most difficult question in this project. To be honest, if I didn’t see the answer, this question would be enough for me to go and stay in 2008."
Sanchez humorously made a joke on himself and caused a friendly smile. Then Sanchez continued, "I believe the word’ quiet’ is the most appropriate antonym of’ lively’. Of course, this is the situation when we saw the answer. I want to hear what everyone thinks when they see this question?"
As soon as Sanchez arrived, students enthusiastically came out to share their experiences.
"We all know that it is the most difficult to practice the antonym and antonym of the old saying, especially this illusory form of the old saying, and my experience is that when this happens …"

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