"You can’t divide me in half, can you?"
Qing Liu shrugged his shoulders and said, "What if I go to the store on Xifeng Mountain?"
Jiang Jingwen thought about it, and Qing Liu said it was reasonable, but if you really promised Qing Liu, how should you calculate this account? This will be another troublesome thing then.
"Elder sister or so"
It’s hard to see Jiang Jingwen. Qing Liu thought about it and came up with a compromise. He said, "Even if I hire you, you can be the store manager and take charge of collecting money to greet the guests. Then how about I give you a salary of 5 thousand yuan a month?"
"Five thousand dollars?"
Jiang Jingwen was shocked. Her class in the rural medical clinic was only over 1,000 a month, and her salary was only 5,000 yuan, which was five times her current salary.
"Why? Too few? "
Qing Liu laughed. "How about a thousand dollars?"
"Not too few"
Jiang Jingwen quickly shook his head and waved his hand and said, "There are too many!"
"Haha, isn’t it good?" Qing Liu looked at her with great interest and thought she was very interesting now.
"Is it too much?" Jiang Jingwen said with a sigh. "Can you still make money if you give me five thousand dollars? If I shop, I must be too busy to hire a chef and rent a shop … "
Chapter 12 is blocked
Looking at Wenchang County, the salary of 5,000 yuan is definitely high. If it is changed to another person to give Jiang Jingwen such a high salary, she will definitely agree without hesitation.
But it’s a pity that it was Qing Liu.
Two people just Jiang Jingwen worried that this would affect two people.
Jiang Jingwen chose the former for both feelings and money. After the hospital wronged her ex-boyfriend and left without mercy, she felt Qing Liu’s sincerity to herself.
Now Jiang Jingwen especially cherishes her and Qing Liu’s feelings. After a little hesitation, she shook her head and said, "Forget it. My hospital in Qing Liu is fine now. If you plan to shop, I’m sure I’ll try my best to support you as a store manager. You’d better find someone else."
Qing Liu in the mind a hot hug her again in the past, her delicate face kissed a mouthful of alacrity and said, "elder sister, why are you so good to me? Think about me everywhere? "
"Nonsense" Jiang Jingwen gave him a soft look with beautiful eyes. "How can I not be good to you if you are so good to me?"
Beauty bosom and hear you according to my affectionate words Qing Liu heart some hot again, he quietly put his hand into Jiang Jingwen clothes unhurriedly rubbed up.
Jiang Jingwen’s waist is sensitive to Qing Liu’s touch, and her charming body suddenly shakes and hugs him tightly. Her beautiful eyes are closed and mosquitoes hum from her nostrils.
Qing Liu is getting hotter and hotter, and it’s urgent to take off Jiang Jingwen’s clothes.
"Don’t go in here …"
Jiang Jingwen grabbed his hand trembling and said
Qing Liu rejoiced in his heart. He picked Jiang Jingwen up horizontally and walked into the inside room. Jiang Jingwen’s beautiful eyes were closed and her face was flushed.
Bang, it seems that someone pushed the door outside, and then a voice sounded, "Qing Liu, Qing Liu, is your home?" It’s Wang jingyin
Jiang Jingwen was surprised and hurriedly pushed Qing Liu’s hand out and rushed to tidy up the clothes
"I damn it …"
Liu Qing is going crazy. What kind of ghostly collision is this today? First Su Qianmo, then Xiong Da and then Pepper Wang Jing!
What the hell, are you all made an appointment?
"Go to the door quickly. If it takes a long time, Wang Jing will doubt it."
Jiang Jingwen saw Qing Liu gnashing her teeth, and her beautiful eyes gave him a white look. She hesitated and leaned into his ear and said shyly, "If you want to go to the doctor’s office to find me later."
Qing Liu was overjoyed and quickly said, "Sister, you must keep your word!"
"I don’t think about good things every day."
Jiang Jingwen pointed his finger hard and said in a low voice on his forehead, "You went out and sent her away."
A man and a woman hide in the house during the day and lock the door. Unless they are stupid, they don’t know what they are going to do.
Qing Liu, hey, hey, smile. That’s better. Go out and find out that Wang Jing has been playing with Xiong Da in the courtyard. He turned his eyes and said, "What are you doing with pepper?"
"What are you talking about?"
Wang Jing turned around and said rightfully, "What time is it? I am coming to class! "
Qing Liu patted his forehead and suddenly realized that he coughed and said, "I didn’t cook today. I just cooked it myself."

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