"He Huang Taiji wants us to Liaodong definitely … it’s really hard for him to destroy directly if he can’t get something, so that we can’t get it either …"
Wang Feng nodded his head and affirmed, "You’re right about Liaodong now. Instead of bringing benefits to us, it has become a burden to our butch army to a certain extent. Huang Taiji wants to force us to give up Liaodong actively so that he can completely dominate the outside world …"
"He dreamed of Huang Taiji …" Weizheng retorted without thinking.
"No matter how big the burden of Liaodong is, we will shake hands, otherwise we will lose the only piece that can directly go deep into the post-Jin territory, which is very unfavorable for our future strategy. We must ensure that Liaodong holds our own hands and develop it well to make Liaodong self-sufficient, which is no longer the burden and burden of our Tiger and Leopard Army.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-five Human flesh defense line
Wang Feng, commander of the first army of Tiger and Leopard Army and governor of Liaodong, really didn’t want to see Liaodong become a burden of Tiger and Leopard Army and lose Liaodong because of it.
As soon as Wei Zheng’s words were finished, as soon as his glasses lit up, Wang Feng consciously asked, "What do you mean, Marshal?"
Wei Zheng said with the wave, "Regardless of these, these are all things we will discuss later …"
"Handsome, it seems that the most important thing for us to do now is to take revenge … we can’t just go away and take advantage of him for nothing after eating so much."
"The handsome decided to take a retaliatory attack against Houjin in the past few days under the command of the handsome himself, so that Huang Taiji could know that we are the tiger and leopard army, not the imperial court, and that he could play if he wanted to. Since he came and played, he would have to pay a huge price that they would never forget."
Speaking of which, Wei Zheng directly turned his attention to Wang Feng with a murderous look on his face and continued to ask, "Wang Junchang Shuai wants to know the distribution of troops after Huang Taiji withdrew from Liaodong, especially where tens of thousands of troops he brought into Liaodong are now. Do you have any traces of these troops? Since we want revenge, let’s take these people first.
Wang Feng’s face became hot after hearing the word revenge.
Wei Zheng looked at it and answered without thinking, "The guard Huang Taiji brought it into Liaodong. These troops are all under our surveillance. Even if the guard doesn’t retaliate, I will personally take people to the latter."
"After investigation, after 30,000 Jin Tieqi and more than 10,000 Jin Hanqi, that is, their firearms department arranged the border line without accident. These troops were all Huang Taiji to guard against our retaliatory attacks."
In the face of this answer, Wei Zheng’s face not only did not show the slightest concern, but flashed a smile.
Smiling at all the ministries, he said, "That’s just right … Handsome is most worried about these late money. Their mobility leads us to hide and hide. We are fighting head-on. Now it seems that these worries are not a problem."
"Since Huang Taiji has arranged his troops on the border, we will fight them on the border."
The second cavalry division plus the first army, the remaining cavalry units are 10 thousand cavalry
The third and fourth infantry divisions, plus the first army, make up 20 thousand musketeers.
Plus four independent heavy artillery regiments, a total of 35,000 elite butch troops. Only one day later, Wei Zheng personally commanded the mighty Liaoyang to advance to the post-Xu Jin State.
Of course, it is impossible to hide such a big military operation from the Tatar. When the cavalry scouts Wei Zheng just sent troops for half a day, the strength and strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army were known by Huang Taiji.
After listening to the scouts’ report, Nuoda Zhongjun’s big account directly showed two diametrically opposite reactions.
The generals who have personally experienced and seen the powerful fighting capacity of the Tiger and Leopard Army, including Huang Taiji, are full of worries about this upcoming decisive battle.
However, the calm faces of several Tatar generals who have never really fought with the Tiger and Leopard Army and have been holding the idea of riding the enemy in the future show an unprecedented enthusiasm.
In the eyes of these generals, they are all Han Chinese, whether they are tiger and leopard troops or imperial court officials. Since they are Han Chinese, they are not good at fighting in the field. The brave fighters may not be able to stand them, but when they get to the field battlefield, these Han Chinese will be the targets of slaughter by the fighters.
The Huang taiji has just told the news that the Tiger and Leopard Army is about to attack heavily. A Huang taiji confidant is the direct commander in chief. In the post-Jin Manchu Banner, the fighting capacity is the strongest, the troops are the most powerful and the equipment is the best. The deputy flag owner of the Zhenghuang Banner shouted with a full face of arrogance
"Sweat slave butch army gave up the strong city to attack me after Xu Jin Guo, that is to die … if they want to come to the slave, let them walk in and lie out."
"Well said, we must let these Han people go back and forth this time …" Another Tatar general shouted with a hot face.
Huang taiji didn’t react too much to these clamors because he knew that the tiger and leopard army also had very strong combat effectiveness in the field.
The decisive battle is about to break out, and even if Houjin finally wins, he will pay a very heavy price.
Huang taiji, the great Khan of the post-Jin State, knows very well what heavy losses mean to the post-Jin State.
If the limited national strength and population of the late Jin Dynasty lose too much in this decisive battle, it will be ten years before the State of Jin regains its national strength, which means that Huang Taiji has no way to personally lead the army into the Central Plains and compete with the great court for heaven in his lifetime.
Such a result is definitely not what Huang Taiji wants to see.
When Huang taiji was deep in thought, strategist Fan Wencheng also didn’t speak, frowning and thinking about the solution
At this moment, the deputy flag owner of Zhenghuang Banner clamored for another big account.
"Sweat is not a bunch of han Chinese? What’s there to think about … Although the Han firearms are very powerful, if the warriors rush into their muskets, the firearms in the hands of the Han people will be worse than the fire sticks. "
At this time, Huang Taiji finally spoke to his confidant in front of him with a dissatisfied face and asked, "You are right that we can fight with the tiger and leopard army. The final victory must belong to us, but how can we rush into the tiger and leopard army musket array and fight with the tiger and leopard arms gunmen?"
"Tiger and Leopard Army is not equipped with muskets and artillery. Han is worried that we haven’t rushed to the front of Tiger and Leopard Army. Our offensive troops have suffered heavy losses from muskets and artillery attacks."
Huang taiji repeatedly asked several Tatar generals to finally put away their arrogant expressions.
At this time, Fan Wencheng suddenly opened his eyes with closed eyes and said thoughtfully, "Sweat slave, here is an idea that can make the warriors rush into the tiger and leopard army array with minimum casualties. I don’t know if it is feasible to stir and kill together with the tiger and leopard army at close range …"
Huang taiji’s glasses lit up and he asked, "What methods can stop the tiger and leopard army from attacking, prevent the tiger and leopard army from burning, killing and looting, and reduce the casualties of the warriors?"
Huang Taiji urged Fan Wencheng to answer quickly, "The idea of Khan slave is very simple, that is, the war horse will replace the warriors to attack the tiger and leopard army, while the warriors with strong fighting capacity will follow closely behind the war horse to attack the tiger and leopard army."
"If we can help the horses to rush to the position 50 steps away from the Tiger and Leopard Army, there are 50 steps left to charge. It is absolutely easy to rush to the Tiger and Leopard Army and enter their army."
"In this way, we will pay a huge price for a large number of horses being killed by the tiger and leopard army."
For Tatars who grew up on horseback, besides their relatives, the war horse is their closest person.
As soon as Fan Wencheng’s words were finished, they were opposed by almost all the Tatar generals in the big account.
What’s more, some Tatar generals rushed directly to Fan Wencheng with a murderous look and shouted, "Fan Wencheng, what do you want? Don’t you know the importance of war horses to our post-Jin Guo? How can warriors fight without them?"
Directly to Huang taiji after the discussion, "Great Khan Fan Wencheng’s discussion also made the slave think of an idea that it is better to let the Han people come to rush the array for us. The slave doesn’t believe that the tiger and leopard army even dare to kill the Han people …"
"It’s just right for us to take the Han people to rush to the array. We just caught hundreds of thousands of Han people from Liaodong, and these Han people came to stop the bullets for us …" This proposal was just agreed by almost all the Tatars in the big account.
Obviously, in their eyes, Chinese names are far less important than their horses.
Huang taiji, a lean man with a dream of entering the Central Plains, knows very well that this practice will have a very bad influence on the post-8 Jin Army and his name.
More than affect their future stay in the central plains and the big court for heaven.
However, Huang taiji, the head of the post-Jin Guosheng death, can no longer manage that much.
No one objected to the situation. Huang Taiji directly agreed with the idea that human shields blocked the tiger and leopard army from attacking.

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