Another room is the simplest way to deal with it.
If it weren’t for the program, I’m afraid this matter wouldn’t move her at all.
Just spend your own money on the other one
It happened that no matter how she negotiated with Zhang PD, he would never let go, either sleeping like this or spending money in another room after them.
She has just asked about the house price here, which is equivalent to two thousand yuan a night.
And after the three of them, there are 430 people per day, and together, there are 1200 a day.
It’s not enough to take two thousand out of the house and three people a day!
Although Zhang PD felt a little unbearable when she looked at her picture, this little unbearable was covered up by the expectation of the show’s popularity.
He acted according to the rules and never let go.
Xiao Ya raised her head slightly and quickly adjusted her mood. "Now it’s about how to ask me to pay back my money in this program, right?"
Zhang PD nodded
Xiao Yashen took a deep breath and said lightly, "Then I’ll quit this program. I won’t record this program. I’ll pay for a room tonight and go back the day after tomorrow. I’m not always in the program."
For a moment, everyone was stunned.
They could see that Xiaoya meant what she said. She really had the idea of quitting.
Kang, deputy director, was worried and looked at Zhang PD. It was too much fun.
When I walked to the hall, Shinohara suddenly heard such a sentence.
As her arrival has changed the original direction of things, she was still thinking about whether there is a solution when she heard Xiao Ya say that she would quit.
She has an intuition about what will happen if Xiao Ya really quits. The uncertainty is likely to affect her plan.
She was going to take advantage of this program to help Jing Jiayuan recuperate.
If there is such a variable, it is not certain whether there is a chance.
When Xiao Yu’s head was stunned for a moment, a clear and tired voice came from her ear. "What’s the matter?"
Shinohara fish when the whole people suddenly a frozen looked at JingGuYuan passed by her and came to Zhang PD.
Jing Jiayuan was dressed in a light blue suit, and his hair was still dripping with water. It seems that he had just taken a shower.
When passing by, Xiaoyu seemed to feel that he smelled of vanilla, fresh and with some inexplicable warmth.
Although his eyes are a little tired, they still look calm.
Jing Guyuan came to Zhang PD in this way and was slightly silent after learning what had happened.
After a while, he looked at the waiter and asked in a fluent English accent, "Can I sleep on the sofa in the lobby?"
The waiter was stunned. He was a hotel student. He was a little nervous when he saw these program groups. Suddenly, he was asked, "Well, the sofa allows guests to rest at will."
Jing Guyuan nodded and looked back at Xiao Ya. "I’ll arrange it later. You sleep in my room and I’ll sleep here."
Xiao Ya leng Jing Jiayuan’s appearance and handling method caught her off guard.
Because she doesn’t like to sleep with others, Jing Jiayuan sleeps on the sofa in the hall. If it is broadcast on the show, she will laugh at people in groups and stop fooling around in the entertainment circle.
After all, not everyone is as ashamed as Shi Xiaoyu, and how others scold him still takes root in the entertainment circle.
She was just thinking about how to answer better when she heard an eager and determined voice around her saying "No!"
Her sudden voice made everyone’s eyes fall on her.
When Shinohara blurted out, she realized that she was too nervous. When she felt that everyone was gathering her eyes, Shinohara calmed herself down and said, "It’s cold here. No one can stand sleeping in the hall for one night, and we’ll come out to play together. What should I do after a bad rest today?"
This statement is to the point. There is nothing wrong with him alone.
It happened that the person who said this was the most unlikely fish here!
Suddenly, when the field knew, the crew of Xiao Yu Fisherman was surprised.
They looked at each other as if they couldn’t believe their ears.
When Shinohara fish is not used to this feeling of being watched by so many people, he forces himself to behave normally and says, "If we are not used to it, let’s have another room."
Xiaoya listened to Shinohara fish words completely return to absolute being.
When I heard it, Shinohara actually said that she wanted another room, and her mood suddenly rose again. "Do you know how much it costs here for one night?"
Shi Xiaoyu strives to "if someone has to sleep in the hall because of lack of money, I can rest in the hall."
Xiao Ya seemed to be stimulated and blurted out, "What do you mean?"
Seeing that two people are about to fight, Zhang PD quickly winked at the camera brother and motioned for him to take a close shot and slap his face!
It’s been so busy for so long that two people are finally going to get together!
Zhang PD’s eyes can’t conceal the general beaming of joy.
Chapter 9
Shinohara fish didn’t expect Xiaoya to suddenly get emotional.
After a short stay, she came to her senses, took a deep breath and said calmly, "I didn’t mean anything else. It means that I had a rest on the plane during my arrival, but I remember correctly that your plane didn’t rest. You two just have a good rest here."
Xiao Yashen breathes.
Her sex is very straightforward. When she looked at it, Xiaoyu blurted out, "No, you can’t sleep on the sofa. What does it mean to broadcast it?" I don’t fit in and drive my fellow artists to the lobby to sleep? I still can’t mix circles? "
Shinohara fish "…"

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