At the same time, we need to be careful enough to prevent them from being ambushed by experts, so you can take a few people to help with this! "
Although I love Luo so much, he is not so optimistic. As far as he knows, people can be reincarnated on such a large scale. In other words, the pocket must ambush around here! Kakashi naturally knows this, and he also knows the news that orochimaru is still sleeping in Konoha.
"By the way, help pay attention to the movement. If he really goes out, we’d better find him earlier. This guy is very troublesome. If the war comes to a later stage, I can’t imagine my shooting at you!" I love Luo said
This is also the place where the filth can be reincarnated, and others will become tired when they find it in the late war, and the more they get there, the stronger they will become.
"Don’t worry, there are few ways to deal with him now. If we find out where he really is, then he will lose!"
"I hope so!"
"Well, then I’ll go first!"
【 Konoha and Fengguo Junction 】
Kakashi came here with a group of people.
"Is there any movement between Yamato and them?"
"Oh, captain, you’re here? Are these people? "
"No, there are many people behind. They are the main force. Except for a few masters, other departments are seal classes. They are responsible for sealing those guys. You may need help to control them then!"
"Okay, no problem!"
Kakashi, not far from them, there is a group of filth reincarnated cannon fodder gathering there.
"Hey? Am I not dead? How can I come back to life? Why is the scenery here so like our windy country? " A man suddenly regained his consciousness, and then all the cannon fodder departments around him regained their consciousness 3.
"Yes, how do I remember that I seem to be dead? How did you come back to life? "
"You get a thousand knives and you steal my wife. I’ll kill you!" Not far away, a man saw another man opposite him and immediately remembered that that man was the one who was having an affair with his wife, but he didn’t realize that everyone around him was watching a play when he heard these words.
And he stood up his hand as if he were bound by some force and couldn’t finish falling.
His sudden cry startled the guy. "Brother San San?" The man opposite didn’t believe he was dead either.
"Hum, I’m not your third brother. You should …" That guy just can’t swing his forehead.
"Third brother, I didn’t talk to Sister-in-law. He said that your family abused her. I was so angry that I came to you to know the situation. Who knows that you actually killed me?"
"What does it matter to you even if I abuse her?"
"Because she is my sister, my long-lost sister! Of course I’m angry! "
"But I’ve never hit her!"
"What? That’s impossible! I often see her taking medicine and say that you are injured and have to take medicine! "
"No, no, she hasn’t been pregnant. The doctor gave us medicine and I took it!"
"I’m sorry I lied to your third brother. He has been very kind to me. I want to see if you are the one who took care of my brother like that!" Just then a woman in red appeared in front of them.
"Three elder brother I’m sorry! Please forgive me for hiding the truth. I didn’t expect you to meet each other. I came to accompany you, but I didn’t expect us to meet again! Third brother! " The woman is desperate to hold it.
"ah! Forget it! " People who were called "third brother" also let go of their arms.
"What’s the matter with us?"
"Should be a puppet of others! I know that some witchcraft can bring people back to life, but the resurrected people will lose their freedom. If I guess correctly, we should be on a battlefield! After all, I used to be a general! "
Chapter 364 War situation (2)
[the third army]
"I didn’t expect anyone in these cannon fodder to be aware that they were being controlled!" It’s hidden deep, but he knows all about the cannon fodder. He knows all about the thoughts of those three people just now
Even so, Dou still can’t look at them. After all, their strength base is equal to that general. Yes, he was a general before, but now he is just cannon fodder.
Some of them naturally don’t know the mind of the person who brought them back to life. They are trying to get out of that person’s control, but they soon despair. Just when they want to resist, they find that their bodies are actually controlling their activities with a force!
Yes, Dou has manipulated them, and the target is Kakashi and them.
"Look at the enemy in action!" Yamato pointed to the "cannon fodder" moving forward and said to Kakashi around him
"Yeah, I saw it. Tell them to get ready and pay attention to the experts in the crowd."
"Yes!" Yamato immediately went to the back to give orders.
And when Kakashi was ready to act, I also received the news.
"Has the war finally started?" I love Luo, looking at the clouds and blue sky, and said faintly, "It is because of moths like you that the world is peaceful, the country is peaceful, and everyone is peaceful. You should die!"
I love Luo’s eyes flashing bloodthirsty light!
[first unit]
"Lord Lei Ying, the enemy is too strong. Brothers, many people are injured!"
"Do you see the enemy? How can I return that I didn’t even see the enemy? "
"Please calm down, Lord Lei Ying. We really didn’t see what the enemy looked like!" Reporting ninjas is also very nai! It’s also a wonderful thing to say that they haven’t seen the enemy for so long.
"Brother, shall I go and play?"
"Darrouy you follow than! I will find that annoying bug! "
"Great, thank you, brother!"
"Be more careful!"
"Don’t worry!" Than patted his chest, this is the first time that LeiYing let him move freely.
After walking out of the Thunder Shadow tent, Darrouy looked at it. "We are going to help, not to play!"
"yes! Really awkward! " Bobby also knows that this guy is a post-Lei Ying and his brother and brother, and he can still listen to him.
Strange to say, the first unit may be the second enemy unit, but since they fought against each other, people have been injured constantly, but they haven’t even seen the enemy’s shadow. The key point is that those injured people are also injured, and there is no danger to their lives. All the injuries are minor injuries, and their lives are endangered. It is precisely because of this that the thunder shadow makes the other side willing to send them alive.
"What people? Isn’t it strange to hurt people without hurting their lives? " Darrouy was thinking about searching for clues. "Is it any special blood?"
"What do you whisper? Let’s go quickly! " Of course, you should have a good time when you come out for the first time, and you should hurry up.
Ghost country
"It is reported from the front line of the Temple that the alliance of five major powers has pushed outward and the war has broken out. It is said that this war was started by a man named uchiha madara, who declared war on the five major powers on behalf of the leader of an organization called Xiao and arrested the bijuu department of the five major powers successively!"
"ah? That konoha … "Zi Yuan asked nervously.
"But I don’t know why he didn’t succeed in attacking Konoha several times, so he launched a war against the five major countries in the name of arresting Wei Kyubi no Youko."

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