Su Qian ink opened her mouth, but she didn’t dare to say anything. Compared with her father, she was more afraid of being a mother.
"Uncle Su, what do you want?"
Qing Liu repressed anger in his heart and tried to calm himself down. The situation just came too suddenly and inexplicably. First, Li Lao suddenly fell down, and then these soldiers broke into the living room like magic soldiers. Liu Qingxian wondered if this was photography. Why else would these soldiers suddenly rush in?
As if it were staring at the outside all the time.
"What do I want to do?"
Su Guoqiang heard a cold smile and said with a cold face, "Qing Liu, you are hidden deep enough." And he made a wink to a soldier.
The soldier nodded and touched his companion, and three soldiers walked quickly to Liu Qing’s side with micro-shocks, and the muzzle reached him.
A soldier fired a gun and quickly checked Liu Qingshen.
It was quite professional to move Liu Qingshen in a few seconds, but all the places where things could be hidden were searched. Finally, the soldier made a move that caught Qing Liu off guard. The soldier moved Qing Liu’s mouth, touched a small bright hand from his pocket and carefully took a look at Qing Liu’s mouth.
"Report that the suspect in Su Ji has no weapons and no poison in his mouth."
The soldier said to Su Guoqiang with a serious face
Weapons? Poison?
A tingle in Qing Liu’s heart suddenly dawned on Li Lao, who somehow fell to the ground after drinking dragon wine. All these soldiers recognized that they might have deliberately harmed Li Lao, so these things happened!
Su Guoqiang nodded his head and his face softened slightly. He took a deep look at Qing Liu and turned to Liu Si, who was sweating profusely. "What is the situation of Dr. Liu and Li Lao?"
"Su Ji Li Lao’s situation is very bad."
Liu Si wiped his forehead with sweat and looked dignified and said, "I suspect it’s a sudden cerebral hemorrhage!"
"Sudden cerebral hemorrhage?"
Su Guoqiang’s face changed as soon as he got to Li Lao’s age. You know, once a sudden cerebral hemorrhage happens, the worst thing is that he is likely to be rescued, but Li Lao’s identity is really too special. Once such a thing happens, it will be really troublesome.
"What are you waiting for? Rescue immediately! "
Su Guoqiang said.
"Hurry to inform the hospital to send an ambulance."
Liu Si turned to a soldier and said.
A soldier immediately responded to a pair of shoulder walkie-talkies and said, "Let the hospital send an ambulance."
Qing Liu breathed a sigh of relief. If this Li Lao really had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, it would be easier. He would not be suspected less.
With the experience of saving Chao Luo once, Qing Liu wondered whether he could also save Li Lao. But look at this battle. I guess they won’t let themselves save Li Lao.
Mind thoughts haven’t turned Qing Liu saw guo-qiang su turned to look at his tone slightly slowed down a few minutes and said "Qing Liu li old identity special this you should also see that there is a way to prove your innocence".
Qing Liu frowned and thought for a moment and said, "You mean let me drink this bottle of dragon wine?"
Su Guoqiang nodded slowly and said, "I’m sorry, Qing Liu, this may be a misunderstanding, but I need your certificate. After all, Li Lao is in a very bad situation." The words sound just fell outside and there was an ambulance sound. Several doctors in white coats finally rushed in carrying an ambulance bed.
"Be careful and try to keep it steady."
Liu Si let the body at the same time don’t forget to tell the doctors.
Several doctors carefully carried Li Lao to the ambulance bed and quickly went out.
"Yeah, I’ll drink it."
Qing Liu nodded and picked up the table. Li Lao gulped down the bottle of dragon wine in one breath and drank less than half a bottle. After putting the bottle in, he gave off a stream of alcohol.
"This wine is quite sweet …"
A full-bodied alcohol was spit out with Qing Liu’s breath, and the idea came up in his front Su Guoqiang’s heart.
"Well, wait a few minutes."
See Qing Liu drank less than half a bottle of dragon wine without hesitation. Su Guoqiang’s face softened slightly, and his tone softened a lot.
The guns of the surrounding soldiers are still aimed at Qing Liu.
However, Qing Liu is now very calm in his heart. Su Guoqiang thought that he still guessed that Qing Liu had put himself in his shoes and thought that Li Lao had happened. If he were himself, he would probably have the same idea as Su Guoqiang, so he was not angry.
Soon Qing Liu’s thoughts floated to his face.
This Yixin Garden is really unusual. It didn’t even take two minutes from Li Lao falling to the ground until these soldiers rushed in, and the ambulance came quickly enough. But it’s not surprising to think of living here, Su Lao Li’s old identity, Qing Liu.
After all, they are old enough, and a medical team is stationed near here, and they can cope with emergencies.
However, it seems that it is very likely that a hospital has been set up directly here, not a medical team, because some medical instruments have to be operated in a specific environment
"Sorry, Xiao Liu"
I haven’t finished thinking in my mind. Qing Liu saw Su Guoqiang’s face with a little apologetic smile and then disappeared. He sank and said, "It was a misunderstanding just now. I hope you don’t worry."
"Sue uncle you can rest assured"
Judging from the respectful attitude of soldiers and others to Su Guoqiang just now, this position of Su Guoqiang will certainly not be too low. Such a big man has shown enough sincerity in apologizing to himself. Qing Liu will naturally not play the so-called childish temper.
"That’s good."
Guo-qiang su sighed and nodded to the soldiers around him. Several soldiers put their guns and turned back without saying anything …
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five Let’s go together

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