Xia Qi at this time, relying on the mysterious gray fog in the Heaven Fairy House, this stopped Luo Kui from attacking himself, but he was already weak in the face of this terrorist blow, and his roots could not escape or defend!
At the moment, Xia Qi can watch the nu dumpling stick hit and wait for death!
Many pictures flashed in Xia Qi’s mind at this moment, and he thought of many people: Gu Yue, Dan Yuan, Jade Bell, Fang Jingjing and Wu …
A figure flashed through my mind, but Xia Qi’s face was calm!
At this moment, Xia Qi seems to be quietly waiting for death, no fear, no panic and calm as water.
Angry dumpling sticks hit fast and powerful, splitting the sea like a stick in half, but angry dumpling sticks didn’t hit Xia Qishen directly, but hit a fairy house!
At the key moment, Heaven, Fairy House, Spirit and Heaven appeared!
Manipulating the heaven fairy house in front of the Xia Qi will bear this terrible stick the most powerful force.
But even so, Xia Qi is never better than the Heaven Fairy House. Although it is a magic weapon of the earth, the spirit of Tianbo is very weak. At this moment, the power of the root method can barely block the blow, and the great power of the dumpling stick will come and fall on the Heaven Fairy House, and the Heaven Fairy House will directly strike down and fall towards Xia Qi!
The powerful force made Heaven Fairy House uncontrollable and pressed Xia Qi hard to avoid being directly hit by Heaven Fairy House, and the whole person went into a coma directly.
However, in the coma, Xia Qi entered the Heaven Fairy House, and then the Heaven Fairy House turned into a speck of dust and drifted with the tide in the sea.
Angry dumpling stick back Luo Kui complexion is more gloomy.
Because he found that he had lost sight of Xia Qi!
He is strong enough to cover Fiona Fang and will try his best to make all living things in its induction, but he has never sensed Xia Qi’s presence!
"So seriously injured, the soul of God has been hit hard by the old lady. Even if there is any secret method, you can’t escape from the old lady’s palm!"
Luo Kui figure motionless quietly suspended in the low knowledge, carefully sensing all the movements around.
Even Luo Kui didn’t pursue Gu Yue and others who had escaped from this sea area at this time, and didn’t pay attention to Qin Yi, who fell into the sea, to find out Xia Qi’s fall!
Can make Xia Qi seriously injured and avoid him? Find out if he suspects that Xia Qi has a real fairy in his hand!
Because the real fairy department is almost a small world, it is very mysterious and can accommodate creatures!
The only explanation for Xia Qi’s sudden disappearance is that Xia Qi entered the real fairy and escaped his investigation!
The thought that there may be a real fairy is just around the corner, and Luo Kui’s heart is full of enthusiasm. She can’t consider other things and concentrate on waiting for Xia Qi to appear automatically.
Because the real fairy can accommodate creatures, but it is not the real world, it is impossible to hide in it for a long time, from a long month to a few days and even hours, and Xia Qi must come out!
It is impossible for Luo Kui to think that Xia Qi has a magic weapon like Heaven and Fairy House in his hand, which has turned into a speck of dust at the moment and left here very early.
Xia Qi was in a coma in the Heaven Fairy House.
Heaven, Fairy House and Spirit, Tianbo appeared in front of Xia Qi at the moment. His expression and eyes were cold. What Xia Qi saw on weekdays was very different!
Tianbo watched Xia Qi quietly for a long time and then reached out slightly. The mysterious gray fog that even Xia Qi could not be fuelling was directly arrested by Tianbo and then entered Xia Qi’s body.
Mysterious gray fog is wonderful and poor. Xia Qi doesn’t know anything at all, but there is no doubt that at least gray fog has an unparalleled effect on healing.
At this time, the gray fog invaded Xia Qi’s body and wandered in the veins. Some of them entered the sea of knowledge and warmed Xia Qi’s soul to make it recover.
Tianbo is quietly disappearing again, leaving Xia Qi to recover slowly in this hall.
Xia Qi was seriously injured this time, and the main reason was that his soul was hit and almost shattered. I’m afraid it will take a long time to recover.
Because Xia Qi entered the Heaven Fairy House and passed out in a coma, Luo Kui finally stayed in the sea area where the battle took place as the sea surged away.
In this way, Gu Yue and his party and several Qin Yi people got away with it.
However, it seems that several people in Qin Yi were also seriously injured. It is very likely that they were in a coma in the past and did not return to Gu Yue. The people’s boat of the National People’s Congress actually made the rest of the ship even have no strong one at the peak of Yuan Ying.
If you want to go to the open sea, you need to go through the dangerous limit of the coastal waters. A group of highest practitioners are just the dangerous limit of the Yuan infant monks.
Because of the storm, this big ship deviated from the course and finally got lost in the vast sea, so it could drift with the flow.
The vast sea is as blue as sapphire.
At this time, the sea water in an unknown sea area is turbulent and violent, and it hits together like a thunder on the sea surface.
In this violent sea, the bottom of the sea is calm, and there is nothing like silence.
In this seabed, there is a tiny dust that falls on the seabed and lies motionless. It is the celestial fairy house that has been drifting for several days.
It’s even quieter in Heaven’s Fairy House. Xia Qi is lying in the hall, pale, eyes closed, breath weak and still unconscious.
In the past few days, there was gray fog to repair Xia Qi’s body and nourish Xia Qi’s soul, which made Xia Qi’s injury much better than at first.
"Uh …"
A low moan sounded Xia Qi eyelids moved hard to wake up and turned around.
He looked tired and in pain, but his eyes were still bright. Looking around, he immediately knew that he was in the heavenly fairy house and breathed a sigh of relief.
But a moment Xia Qi frowned.
He saw the celestial fairy house lying still in the bottom of the sea at this time. He fell on the bottom of the sea when he was unconscious. I don’t know if Gu Yue and them will be safe in the end.
Stand up Xia Qi immediately felt his physical condition.
There is a gray fog in Xia Qi’s body, but it’s almost healed, but his soul is still worse!
Xia Qi’s heart sank and his soul suffered, and it was the hardest to restore his strength. I’m afraid it will be greatly discounted for a long time!
"Find Gu Yue a line of people to say again first …"
There are many elixirs and herbs in Heaven Fairy House, but they have not recovered their souls. In Xia Qi, they quickly made a decision to find Gu Yue and his party first.
Thoughts move Xia Qi has left Heaven and Fairy House and appeared at the bottom of the sea.
At the moment, the huge water pressure rushed to Xia Qi, which made Xia Qi run quickly. Zhenyuan propped up a defensive mask to block the influx of seawater from all sides.
"I hope it’s not too far away from the former fighting place …"

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